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How to Build a Guest House Cheap [8 Ideas]

accessory dwelling unit

So you want to extend your home into your backyard to accommodate your guests. It’s a great investment that increases your home value. But how do you do it cheaply?…

16 Smart Tiny House Loft Ideas

tiny house loft

If you’re considering getting a tiny house (or you’re living in one), chances are you’d want a loft. Take a look at these smart tiny house loft ideas and get…

Grain Bin House Ideas – How to Build One

Of all eco-friendly sustainable house types, the grain bin house is perhaps the most intriguing. It features a unique exterior and provides an option to save. Read on to find…

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The Top 24 Modern Prefab Cabins

prefab cabins modern

Exploring the realm of Modern Prefab Cabins, this article delves deep to list the best options because each offers unique,…

The Top 30 Prefab Log Cabins

prefab log cabins

Here are the top manufacturers of prefab log cabins. Read on to find your perfect getaway prefab in our digest!…

The Top 8 Prefab Duplexes

prefab duplexes

Here are the top prefab duplex homes you can have built and their manufacturers. Read on! If you’ve ever dreamt…

The Top 5 Prefab Treehouse Kits

prefab treehouse kits

Looking for an easy and hassle-free way to construct your own treehouse? Prefab treehouse kits might be the perfect solution…

The Top 11 Prefab Stilt Homes

prefab stilt homes

Here are the prefab stilt homes from the top most-trusted manufacturers. Read on! Stilt homes are not your usual manufactured…

The Top 20 Prefab Steel Kits

prefab steel kit homes

These are the most durable, functional, and fully customizable prefab steel kits. Read on! Metal building kits are high-quality prefab…

The Top 23 Prefab Ranch Homes

prefab ranch homes

Here’s our digest of beautiful and spacious prefab ranch homes from the most reputable manufacturers. Read on! Ranch-style homes are…

The Top 9 Prefab Mediterranean Homes

mediterranean prefab homes

These are gorgeous Mediterranean-style prefab homes from top manufacturers. Read on! Mediterranean home style is about a villa-look home with…

Recycle & Sustainable

The Top 16 Prefab Off-grid Homes

off grid prefab homes

These are the top off-the-grid prefab homes that will help you get the most energy-efficient and self-sustaining home possible. Off-the-grid…

The Top 22 Scandinavian Prefab Homes

scandinavian prefab homes

These are the top Scandinavian-style modular and prefab homes. Go for simplicity and functionality. Scandinavian prefab homes are typical to…

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