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How to Build a Guest House Cheap [8 Ideas]

accessory dwelling unit

So you want to extend your home into your backyard to accommodate your guests. It’s a great investment that increases your home value. But how do you do it cheaply?…

16 Smart Tiny House Loft Ideas

tiny house loft

If you’re considering getting a tiny house (or you’re living in one), chances are you’d want a loft. Take a look at these smart tiny house loft ideas and get…

Grain Bin House Ideas – How to Build One

Of all eco-friendly sustainable house types, the grain bin house is perhaps the most intriguing. It features a unique exterior and provides an option to save. Read on to find…

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The Top 16 Prefab Off-grid Homes

off grid prefab homes

These are the top off-the-grid prefab homes that will help you get the most energy-efficient and self-sustaining home possible. Off-the-grid…

The Top 22 Scandinavian Prefab Homes

scandinavian prefab homes

These are the top Scandinavian-style modular and prefab homes. Go for simplicity and functionality. Scandinavian prefab homes are typical to…

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