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Saul Cerni

This website is edited and supervised by Saul Cerni, a seasoned author, and editor quoted by the media numerous times (mentions include Realtor, BestLife, Redfin, Yahoo! Life, and more.)

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BuildGreenNH is a one-stop for all green and sustainable building resources in NH and nationwide. The site was first built in 2011 and re-established in its current form in 2019.

Our goal is to guide you through your journey of building a sustainable home from start to finish. We hope that you will find this site useful.

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How to Build a Guest House Cheap [8 Ideas]

accessory dwelling unit

So you want to extend your home into your backyard to accommodate your guests. It’s a great investment that increases your home value. But how do you do it cheaply?…

15 Smart Tiny House Loft Ideas

tiny house loft

If you’re considering getting a tiny house (or you’re living in one), chances are you’d want a loft. Take a look at these smart tiny house loft ideas and get…

Grain Bin House Ideas – How to Build One

Of all eco-friendly sustainable house types, the grain bin house is perhaps the most intriguing. It features a unique exterior and provides an option to save. Read on to find…


The Top 20 Prefab Kit Homes

prefab kit homes

Building your own home, even without professional experience, is possible with prefab kit homes. This is the digest of the…

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