The Top 5 Prefab Octagon Homes

prefab octagon homes

Are you looking for the most energy-efficient housing? These octagon prefab homes might be the right choice. Octagon houses are designed to have eight symmetrical …

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The Top 8 Prefab ICF Homes

prefab icf homes

These are the top ICF prefab homes from the most reputable manufacturers. Read our digest. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are a modern and more common …

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The Top 16 Prefab Off-grid Homes

off grid prefab homes

These are the top off-the-grid prefab homes that will help you get the most energy-efficient and self-sustaining home possible. Off-the-grid means that you’re unplugged from …

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The Top 22 Scandinavian Prefab Homes

scandinavian prefab homes

These are the top Scandinavian-style modular and prefab homes. Go for simplicity and functionality. Scandinavian prefab homes are typical to the region, and they are …

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The Top 21 One-Bedroom Prefab Homes

one-bedroom prefab homes

Looking for a tiny but beautifully designed home at an affordable price? Check out these one-bedroom prefab homes. There’s no denying that one-bedroom homes are …

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The Top 20 Tropical Prefab Homes

tropical prefab homes

Here’s our digest for tropical prefab homes and modular home manufacturers. Read on! It’s not just an architectural style — tropical prefab homes are made …

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The Top 20 Prefab Kit Homes

prefab kit homes

Building your own home, even without professional experience, is possible with prefab kit homes. This is the digest of the top prefab kit providers. You …

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The 8 Types of ADU

standard adu

Add another living space to your home for a perfect extra income. Here are the different types of ADUs you can consider. ADU or accessory …

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What Is an ADU? (Pros and Cons)

accessory dwelling unit

An ADU or an accessory dwelling unit is a small (usually prefabricated) housing unit built on the property of the primary home (like a backyard). …

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The Top 14 Prefab Barn Homes

top prefab barn homes

Barn-style homes or homes that are converted from a barn are getting more and more popular. You can get them in prefab too. Here are …

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The Top 13 Prefab Homes Under $50k

top prefab homes under 50k

Here are the top prefab homes under $50k and a list of their manufacturers. These homes are smaller, some tiny, but they are very affordable. …

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The Top 12 Prefab Homes Under $100k

top prefab homes under 100k

Here are the top prefab homes under $100k, and here’s what you’re getting for the price. Read on! The homes are cheaper than the top-of-the-line …

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The Top 15 Hurricane Proof Prefab Homes

top hurricane proof prefabs

Most prefab homes can withstand hurricanes due to their durable construction. Here are the top prefabs that are specifically rated to be hurricane-proof. Prefabricated homes …

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The Top 14 Luxury Prefab Homes

luxury prefab

Here are the top luxury prefab homes that prove manufactured housing is not only about cutting costs. Prepare to be amazed. Contrary to what some …

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The Top 12 Smart Prefab Homes

top smart prefab homes

Smart prefab homes are where the home manufacturing industry is going. Here is the up-to-date review on the top smart homemakers. It is no longer …

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The Types of Prefab Roof (Trusses)

prefab roof structure and trusses

A prefab roof is typically made of prefabricated trusses to meet the design and structure of the prefab building. Here’s everything you need to know …

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Living in the Prefab Home Communities

mobile home park

Want to embrace the sustainable prefab home lifestyle by joining a prefab home community? Here’s everything you need to know. The biggest benefit of living …

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What Are Prefab Floor Joists?

floor joists

Prefab floor joists make the base of the home’s floor. It is manufactured in the factory like all parts of the prefab.  The prefab floor …

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What Are Prefab Windows?

prefab window profiles

Prefab windows are manufactured in a factory to meet the client’s needs. It’s a faster way to make windows and deploy them on-site. It only …

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How to Design Your Own Prefab Home

prefab architecture

Yes, you can design a prefab home yourself. Or at least have your say in the customization of the manufacturing process. Here’s how it works. …

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How to Finance a Prefab Home? [Solved]

housing loan

FHA loans are the most popular option for financing a prefab home thanks to their favorable terms. Conventional construction loans otherwise work too. If you …

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