15 Creative 2 Story House Plans Ideas for Your Dream Home

Last updated on June 1, 2024

Looking for some inspiration on two-story house plans? You’ll discover practical layout ideas and design tips for every taste and budget.

Ever get bored of cookie-cutter 2 story house plans? Yeah, me too.

My mission: bring you fresh, zesty ideas with a twist. Think outside the box—like, way outside.

Ready to be wowed? Dive into unconventional brilliance.

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Open-concept Main Floor With Loft-style Second Floor

open concept main floor with loft style second floor

The open-concept main floor seamlessly flows into a loft-style second floor, creating a spacious and airy ambiance. This design fosters a sense of connectedness and allows for abundant natural light throughout the home.

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Two-story Glass Wall Living Room With Balcony

two story glass wall living room with balcony

A two-story glass wall living room with a balcony fills the space with natural light and offers a breathtaking view. It creates a captivating focal point in the home, blending indoor and outdoor living seamlessly.

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Split-level Design With a Sunken Family Room

split level design with a sunken family room

This design features multiple levels with the family room positioned lower than the surrounding spaces, creating a cozy and intimate gathering area separate from the rest of the house. The sunken family room adds depth and dimension to the overall layout, enhancing the visual interest and flow of the living space.

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Dual Master Suites, One On Each Floor

dual master suites one on each floor

Enjoy the luxury of having two master suites, one on each floor, for added convenience and privacy. Ideal for accommodating multiple family members or guests with comfort and style.

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Wrap-around Porch With Upper Deck

wrap around porch with upper deck

The wrap-around porch with an upper deck adds charm and provides additional outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining. Perfect for enjoying scenic views and extending the living area of a two-story house.

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Modern Farmhouse With Cathedral Ceilings

modern farmhouse with cathedral ceilings

Modern farmhouse design includes cathedral ceilings for a spacious and airy feel on both floors. This feature adds a touch of grandeur and charm to the overall aesthetic of the house.

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Central Courtyard With Garden Views From Both Levels

central courtyard with garden views from both levels

This design incorporates a serene outdoor space at the heart of the house, visible from both the first and second floors. The central courtyard provides a relaxing garden view throughout the home, promoting a peaceful and natural ambiance.

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Integrated Indoor-outdoor Living Spaces

integrated indoor outdoor living spaces

Integrated indoor-outdoor living spaces seamlessly blend the interior and exterior of the house, creating a harmonious flow between the two areas. This design concept enhances the living experience by connecting residents with nature and allowing for effortless entertaining in both spaces.

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Two-story Library With a Spiral Staircase

two story library with a spiral staircase

A two-story library with a spiral staircase adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to your home. It provides a unique focal point and creates a stunning architectural feature.

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Inverted Layout With Living Areas On the Second Floor

inverted layout with living areas on the second floor

Living areas positioned on the second floor offer increased privacy and panoramic views. This layout allows for more natural light and better ventilation, creating a unique living experience.

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Rooftop Terrace Off the Second Floor

rooftop terrace off the second floor

Enjoy panoramic views and outdoor relaxation with a rooftop terrace off the second floor. Perfect for entertaining or unwinding with a view.

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Second-floor Bridge Connecting Bedrooms

second floor bridge connecting bedrooms

A second-floor bridge connecting bedrooms adds a unique architectural element to the house plan, creating a seamless flow between sleeping quarters. It offers convenience for families by allowing easy access between rooms while maintaining privacy and individual spaces.

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Double-height Entry Foyer With Skylight

double height entry foyer with skylight

A double-height entry foyer with a skylight adds an impressive and airy feel to a two-story home. Natural light floods in from above, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance in the main entrance.

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Multi-generational Living With Separate Entrances

multi generational living with separate entrances

Experience harmonious living with the convenience of separate entrances for different generations. Enjoy privacy and togetherness in one home design.

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Detached Garage With Second-story Studio Apartment

detached garage with second story studio apartment

The detached garage with a second-story studio apartment offers extra space and can provide rental income or accommodate guests. It’s a versatile addition that adds value to the property and increases living options.

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