15 Genius Country House Plans Ideas You’ll Love

Last updated on June 6, 2024

Looking for country house plans ideas? This article shares creative and practical concepts for designing your dream rural retreat.

Listen up, future country house dwellers! Forget those run-of-the-mill Pinterest boards and outdated magazines.

I’m here to fling open the doors to some seriously fresh and funky country house plans. Let’s toss tradition out the window and dream big, unconventional, and possibly a little bit quirky.

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Rustic Farmhouse With Wraparound Porch

rustic farmhouse with wraparound porch

This country house plan features a charming wraparound porch that adds a cozy and inviting touch to the rustic farmhouse design. It provides the perfect space for relaxing outdoors and enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

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Modern Barn-style With Open Living Spaces

modern barn style with open living spaces

Modern barn-style country house plans feature spacious open living areas perfect for entertaining and family gatherings, combining the charm of a traditional barn with contemporary design elements. With high ceilings, exposed beams, and large windows, these homes offer a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for residents and guests alike.

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Victorian Cottage With a Turret

victorian cottage with a turret

A Victorian cottage with a turret adds a whimsical touch to the country house design, providing a charming focal point and architectural interest. The turret typically features decorative details like curved windows and a conical roof, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the home.

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Log Cabin With Large Stone Fireplace

log cabin with large stone fireplace

A log cabin with a large stone fireplace exudes a cozy ambiance, combining rustic charm with warmth and comfort. The focal point of the cabin, the fireplace adds character and a touch of traditional elegance to the space.

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Coastal Country House With Nautical Decor

coastal country house with nautical decor

The Coastal country house with nautical decor captures a seaside vibe through its design elements, bringing a touch of waterfront living to the countryside. This theme integrates maritime-inspired colors, textures, and accents to create a beach retreat ambiance within a country setting.

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Mediterranean Villa With Terra Cotta Roof

mediterranean villa with terra cotta roof

The Mediterranean villa features stucco walls, wrought iron details, and lush landscaping. Its terra cotta roof adds a touch of old-world charm and warmth to the home’s exterior.

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Eco-friendly Design With Solar Panels

eco friendly design with solar panels

Utilizing solar panels in an eco-friendly country home reduces utility costs and minimizes environmental impact. Harnessing solar energy to power household needs is a sustainable choice for modern living.

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Minimalist Country Retreat

minimalist country retreat

A minimalist country retreat harmonizes simplicity and nature, focusing on clean lines and uncluttered spaces. It embraces sustainability by using natural materials and energy-efficient design elements.

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Classic New England Saltbox

classic new england saltbox

A Classic New England saltbox is a charming home design featuring a sloping roof that extends to the first floor at the back, adding character and space. It brings historical flair and a cozy feel to any country setting, perfect for those who appreciate traditional American architecture.

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Timber-frame Home With Cathedral Ceilings

timber frame home with cathedral ceilings

Timber-frame homes feature exposed wooden beams and high cathedral ceilings, creating a spacious and airy atmosphere. The design allows for beautiful, open living areas with a touch of rustic charm.

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French Country Estate With Formal Gardens

french country estate with formal gardens

French country estate with formal gardens pairs elegant architecture with meticulously landscaped gardens for a sophisticated and grand living experience. A touch of old-world charm and refined outdoor spaces add a luxurious touch to this estate, making it a perfect retreat for those who appreciate classic beauty.

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Scandinavian-inspired With Natural Light

scandinavian inspired with natural light

Scandinavian-inspired country house plans prioritize natural light, creating bright and airy spaces. Large windows, light color schemes, and minimalistic design elements characterize this style.

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Traditional Southern Home With Verandas

traditional southern home with verandas

Traditional Southern homes feature charming verandas that offer a perfect spot for relaxation and socializing. These iconic architectural features provide a welcoming outdoor space for enjoying the warm climate.

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Tudor-style With Exposed Beams

tudor style with exposed beams

Tudor-style homes feature exposed beams in their design for a classic and elegant aesthetic. The beams add character and charm to the interior and exterior spaces.

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Prairie-style With Flat, Extended Rooflines

prairie style with flat extended rooflines

Prairie-style homes feature low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves. The extended rooflines create a horizontal emphasis, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

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