Sunshine Mobile Homes Cost: Prices and Guide

Last updated on March 30, 2024

Investing in Sunshine mobile homes becomes a more attractive option because of their cost-effective and eco-friendly features.

Striving for affordable, eco-conscious living? Sunshine Mobile Homes certainly offer an intriguing proposition. Delving into the price list, you’ll find an enticing array of options tailored to fit various budget scopes.

Not only do these modular residences offer competitive pricing, but they also shine in implementing sustainable features for a greener, healthier living space.

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Sunshine Mobile Homes’ pricing while also exploring the many benefits of choosing such an energy-efficient, cost-effective housing solution.

The estimated price range for these homes is between $74 and $96 per square foot. These estimates are all-inclusive, covering the cost for manufactured home modules from Sunshine Homes as well as shipping and necessary site preparations such as clearing the site, laying a foundation, and preparing utilities.

Pricing ranges:

  1. The Arc 7000 / ARC1470-7000 (3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 924 Square Feet): $74,680 – $106,692
  2. Prime / PRI1668-1005 (2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 998 Square Feet): $92,950 – $128,355
  3. Prime / PRI1680-1001 “The Pintail” (3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,185 Square Feet): $92,950 – $128,355
  4. Prime / PRI3252-2001 (3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,440 Square Feet): $110,800 – $149,520
  5. Prime / PRI3270-2024 (3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,778 Square Feet): $136,000 – $179,400

Key takeaways:

  • Base price includes standard features, additional upgrades add to cost.
  • Factors affecting prices: model, size, customization, location, regulations.
  • Consider delivery, setup, permits, market conditions when budgeting.
  • Sunshine Homes are cost-effective compared to traditional homes.
  • Homes have eco-friendly features, energy efficiency, and warranty coverage.
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Sunshine Mobile Homes Price List Overview

sunshine mobile homes price list overview

Understanding the pricing of Sunshine Mobile Homes involves recognizing the various elements that can affect the final cost. These homes come in a range of sizes and layouts, each with a base price that reflects the core structure and standard features. It’s important to know that the advertised price typically does not include costs for additional options or upgrades, which can significantly alter the total expense. Furthermore, geographical location can impact prices due to varying transportation fees, installation costs, and local regulations.

When examining the price list, consider these crucial points:

  • The base price corresponds to the home’s fundamental design and features.
  • Customizations, such as luxury finishes or appliances, will add to the overall cost.
  • The total price will also encompass delivery, setup, permits, and any site preparation required.
  • Local market conditions and regulations may influence final pricing.

Keep these considerations in mind when reviewing Sunshine Mobile Homes’ price list to form a realistic budget for your new home.

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Factors Influencing Sunshine Mobile Homes Prices

Prices of Sunshine Mobile Homes are subject to a variety of determinants that can impact the final cost to buyers:

1. Model and Size: Larger models with more square footage and additional features naturally command higher prices than smaller, more basic units.

2. Customization: Buyers opting for personalized touches such as unique countertops, flooring, or high-end appliances can expect an increase in price proportional to the level of customization.

3. Location and Shipping: The distance between the manufacturing site and the final home site contributes to the cost through shipping fees.

4. Market Conditions: Local real estate market trends can influence home prices, as higher demand in an area may lead to increased costs.

5. Regulatory Requirements: State and local building codes and regulations may necessitate specific modifications or construction standards, impacting the overall price.

6. Site Preparation and Installation: The complexity of preparing the home site, including foundation laying, utility connections, and landscaping, also plays a role in the total cost.

Understanding these factors can help buyers set realistic budgets and make informed decisions when considering a Sunshine Mobile Home.

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Base Prices of Sunshine Mobile Homes

Understanding the base price of Sunshine Mobile Homes is crucial as it forms the foundation of your budgeting plan. This figure typically covers the cost of the home itself, constructed to the manufacturer’s standard specifications. Here’s what you should know:

  • Standard Features: The base price includes the home’s basic structure, plumbing, standard fixtures, and finishes.
  • Floor Plan Impact: Different floor plans come with varying base costs; larger homes with more bedrooms or baths will generally be pricier.
  • Regional Pricing: Depending on your location, prices can fluctuate due to transportation costs, local regulations, and market demand.
  • Price Lists: Retailers often have updated price lists reflecting the base prices of available models, providing a starting point for comparison shopping.

Remember, the base price is just the beginning—additional customization will add to the overall cost.

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Additional Costs for Customization and Upgrades

While base prices set the foundation, your unique vision for a mobile home often involves additional expenses. Customizing a layout or opting for premium finishes can elevate the functionality and aesthetic of your space, aligning it with personal preferences.

Consider these potential customization and upgrade costs:

  • Upgrade to High-End Materials: Swapping standard fittings for luxury countertops or flooring can incur significant expenses.
  • Adding Custom Features: Features like fireplaces, skylights, or bespoke cabinetry enhance living spaces but add to the total cost.
  • Exterior Add-ons: Decks, porches, or carports contribute to curb appeal and utility but need extra budgeting.
  • High-Efficiency Systems: Investing in advanced HVAC systems or energy-efficient appliances pays off long-term but requires upfront capital.
  • Enhanced Insulation: Better-quality insulation improves energy efficiency, increasing initial costs but reducing bills over time.

Engage with a Sunshine Homes representative to help you navigate these options within your budget, ensuring that your investment reflects your lifestyle and preferences.

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Sunshine Homes Price Variation By Model and Size

Prices for Sunshine Homes vary significantly based on model and size, catering to various budgets and space requirements.

The smaller single-section models offer an economical choice for individuals or couples, with fewer bedrooms and a compact layout.

Multi-section units, such as double-wide or triple-wide homes, provide more space and amenities, which correspond with a higher price point.

Luxury models feature premium materials, modern designs, and additional features like fireplaces or deluxe bathrooms, reflecting their top-tier pricing.

Square footage directly impacts cost; larger homes require more materials and labor, elevating their overall price.

The architectural complexity of a model also plays a role; designs with intricate rooflines or multiple dormers may cost more than simpler structures.

Understanding these price drivers can help potential buyers align their preferences with their budget when considering a Sunshine Home.

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Cost Comparison: Sunshine Mobile Homes Vs. Traditional Homes

Understanding how Sunshine Mobile Homes stack up against conventional homes financially can guide buyers in making an informed decision:

  • Affordability: Generally, mobile homes are less expensive per square foot compared to traditional stick-built houses, allowing for a more budget-friendly entry into homeownership.
  • Land Cost: Traditional home prices often include the cost of the land. Mobile homes can be placed on leased land, reducing the upfront investment.
  • Resale Value: Brick-and-mortar homes typically appreciate in value over time, while mobile homes may depreciate. It’s important to consider long-term financial implications.
  • Construction Time: Mobile homes are pre-fabricated and can be ready for living much more quickly, potentially saving on construction loan interest.
  • Insurance and Taxes: Insuring a mobile home can be less expensive than a traditional home, and property taxes may be lower as well.
  • Maintenance: The cost of maintaining a mobile home can be lower due to their compact design and modern construction methods that minimize wear and tear.
  • Energy Efficiency: New mobile homes, including those from Sunshine, can be designed to be energy-efficient, providing ongoing savings on utility bills.

By comparing these financial factors, prospective homeowners can weigh the immediate and long-term cost benefits of choosing a mobile home over a traditional home.

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Financing Options for Sunshine Mobile Home Purchases

Securing the funds for a Sunshine Mobile Home is an accessible process, with options designed to suit a range of financial situations. Traditional mortgages might not always apply, but here are some routes potential buyers can explore:

  • Chattel Loans: These are personal property loans specifically for mobile homes not permanently affixed to land. They usually have shorter terms and higher interest rates compared to traditional mortgages.
  • Personal Loans: If the purchase price is within personal loan limits, this unsecured loan option provides flexibility without requiring collateral.
  • Manufacturer Financing: Sunshine Mobile Homes may offer financing plans directly, simplifying the process with packages tailored for their homes.
  • FHA Loans: The Federal Housing Administration insures certain loans for mobile homes, offering low down payments and favorable terms.
  • VA Loans: For veterans and service members, these loans can offer favorable terms with low-interest rates and no down payment requirements.
  • USDA Loans: For qualified buyers in rural and some suburban areas, these loans can provide a no down payment option with low-interest rates.

Potential buyers should compare rates, terms, and eligibility requirements from multiple lenders to find the best financing solution for their needs.

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Delivery and Installation Costs

When it comes to taking the final step in making your Sunshine Mobile Home a reality, delivery and installation are pivotal. While the journey from the factory to your chosen site is a carefully orchestrated process, it’s important to understand the associated costs.

  • Distance Matters: The farther the home needs to travel, the higher the transportation fees. This is due to the logistical challenges and costs of moving oversize loads.
  • Site Access: The ease with which a truck and trailer can access your site affects costs. Factors such as narrow roads or obstacles can increase price.
  • Foundation and Set-Up: Establishing a stable foundation is essential. Costs can vary based on the type of foundation you choose and the complexity of the installation.
  • Utility Connections: Water, electricity, and sewage hookup fees should be factored in. This includes the cost of materials and labor.
  • Permits and Inspections: Don’t overlook the price of local permits and mandatory inspections, which ensure your home is set up to code.
  • Potential Additional Equipment: Cranes or additional heavy machinery required for positioning your home add to the overall expense.

Remember, it’s always wise to discuss these costs with your retailer upfront to get a comprehensive understanding of the total investment needed to ready your Sunshine Mobile Home for move-in day.

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Warranty and Service Coverage for Sunshine Mobile Homes

Purchasing a Sunshine Mobile Home includes a warranty to protect your investment. Here are key points about coverage to keep in mind:

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: This typically covers defects in workmanship and materials for a specified period post-purchase.
  • Structural Warranty: Some models come with a longer warranty for the structural integrity of the home.
  • Appliances and Systems: Check if warranties for built-in appliances and essential systems like HVAC are included.
  • Service Agreements: Additional service agreements may be available for purchase, covering maintenance and repairs beyond the standard warranty.
  • Transferability: If you sell your mobile home, the warranty may be transferable to the new owner, enhancing resale value.
  • Claims Process: Familiarize yourself with how to file a warranty claim; timely and proper documentation is often required.
  • Exclusions: Be aware of what is not covered; typical exclusions can include weather damage, normal wear and tear, or problems arising from improper maintenance.
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Seasonal Offers and Discounts On Sunshine Mobile Homes

Keeping an eye out for seasonal promotions can lead to significant savings when investing in a Sunshine Mobile Home. Manufacturers and dealerships often introduce special offers during certain times of the year, such as:

  • End-of-year clearance events to make room for new inventory
  • Spring sales aligning with the start of the building season
  • Discounts during major holidays or home expos

These offers may include reduced pricing on select models, upgraded features at no additional cost, or financial incentives like lower down payments. It’s advisable to subscribe to newsletters from local dealers or follow them on social media to stay updated on the latest deals. Remember, these specials are typically available for a limited time, so acting promptly when you spot an attractive offer could result in considerable cost reductions.

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Quality & Safety of Sunshine Mobile Homes

Sunshine Mobile Homes are constructed in compliance with the federal HUD Code, which sets standards for design, construction, strength, and durability. The adherence to these regulations ensures that residents enjoy a reliable level of quality and safety in their homes.

Key aspects that contribute to the safety of these homes include:

  • Wind Safety: Specific models are engineered to withstand high wind speeds, making them suitable for areas prone to severe weather.
  • Fire Resistance: Materials used in construction are tested for fire resistance, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents.
  • Structural Integrity: Each home undergoes rigorous inspections to guarantee that structural elements meet strict guidelines for stability and endurance.
  • Quality Materials: Sunshine Mobile Homes use quality building materials sourced from reputable suppliers, which contribute to both the longevity and safety of the home.
  • Built Indoors: The construction process takes place in a controlled factory setting, eliminating weather-related issues and ensuring a precise build.
  • Certified Electric and Plumbing: All electrical and plumbing systems are installed by certified professionals, minimizing risks related to faults or malfunctions.

By prioritizing these safety features, Sunshine Mobile Homes offers residents peace of mind, knowing their investment is both safe and durable for the long term.

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Affordability of Sunshine Homes

The cost-effectiveness of Sunshine Homes emerges as a significant advantage for homebuyers seeking value without compromising quality. These homes offer a lower price per square foot compared to traditional site-built homes, making them a viable alternative, especially for first-time buyers and those on a tight budget.

  • Economies of scale: The controlled factory environment streamlines construction, reduces waste, and lowers overall costs.
  • Material savings: Bulk purchasing of materials contributes to lower costs for the end consumer.
  • Design efficiency: Modular and manufactured home designs focus on space utilization and functionality, providing maximum value for the living area provided.
  • Reduced labor costs: Skilled factory workers and an assembly-line production approach minimize the labor expenses associated with building a home.
  • Shorter build times: Faster completion not only means quicker occupancy but also reduces interest payments during construction for those financing their purchase.
  • Minimal unexpected expenses: The predictability of the construction process helps avoid cost overruns that frequently occur with traditional home-building projects.

Sunshine Homes strives to make homeownership accessible and affordable, broadening the options for those looking to invest in their future without the financial strain associated with custom-built houses.

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Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient Features of Sunshine Homes

Sunshine Homes integrates a range of eco-friendly and energy-efficient features to lower environmental impacts and reduce homeowners’ utility costs:

  • Insulation: Enhanced insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings to retain temperature and reduce energy consumption.
  • Windows: Double-paned or triple-paned windows that provide thermal insulation and minimize heat loss.
  • Energy Star Appliances: Use of appliances that meet or exceed federal guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • LED Lighting: Installation of LED bulbs that require less power and have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Programmable Thermostats: These allow residents to control heating and cooling settings, optimizing energy use based on time of day and occupancy.
  • Low-Flow Water Fixtures: Faucets, toilets, and showerheads designed to conserve water while maintaining performance.
  • Sustainable Materials: Use of recycled, locally sourced, or sustainable materials in construction to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Tight Construction: Precision building techniques that minimize gaps and drafts, enhancing overall energy efficiency.
  • Roofing: Reflective roofing materials that deflect sunlight and decrease cooling needs in warmer climates.
  • Renewable Energy Options: Compatibility with solar panel installation for clean, renewable energy generation.

These attributes reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship and offer homeowners long-term financial benefits through reduced energy and water usage.

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Contact an Authorized Sunshine Homes Retailer

Identifying your closest authorized retailer is a crucial step in the sunshine mobile home buying process. These professionals are well-versed in the complete catalog of models, including base prices and customization options.

  • They can guide you through the different floor plans, helping you determine which home suits your lifestyle and budget.
  • Retailers facilitate the process of obtaining financing, navigating the application with preferred lenders for the best rates and terms.
  • They’re instrumental in managing the delivery and installation of your new home, ensuring local regulations and codes are met.
  • Discuss warranty coverage and any service plans that can protect your investment and offer peace of mind.
  • Seasonal promotions and model-specific discounts may be available exclusively through these retailers.

Reach out to schedule a consultation, where you’ll get personalized service tailored to your unique needs.

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Manufactured Home Floor Plans From Sunshine Homes

Sunshine Homes offers a variety of floor plans to meet diverse needs and preferences. These floor plans are meticulously designed to maximize space and create comfortable living areas:

  • Single-section homes are ideal for individuals or small families, with compact designs that efficiently utilize space.
  • Multi-section homes provide larger living areas, with options ranging from two to four bedrooms, suitable for growing families or those desiring more room.
  • Open-concept layouts in many models foster a spacious feel, promoting social interaction and flexibility in furniture placement.
  • Master suites with attached baths and walk-in closets offer a retreat-like experience in select floor plans.
  • Kitchen options range from galley styles to large islands, catering to casual dining or entertaining needs.

Each layout is customizable, allowing homeowners to align their space with their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

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Modular Homes By Sunshine Homes

Sunshine Homes has harnessed the efficiency of off-site construction to offer modular homes that blend comfort, style, and durability. Unlike traditional stick-built houses, these factory-built homes are completed in sections and transported to the final location where they’re assembled on a permanent foundation.

  • Precision Engineering: Modular homes are designed and built in a controlled environment, which minimizes waste and maximizes quality control.
  • Customization: Customers can tailor their homes to fit their needs, selecting from various floor plans, finishes, and fixtures.
  • Speed of Construction: The building process for modular homes is typically quicker than on-site construction due to simultaneous site work and home fabrication.
  • Cost-Effective: Factory efficiencies and bulk material purchases often result in cost savings for the homebuyer.
  • Strength and Durability: Each segment is engineered to withstand transport and craning onto foundations, often resulting in a structurally superior home.

These attributes underscore Sunshine Homes’ commitment to providing homeowners with sustainable, affordable, and high-quality housing solutions.

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Sunshine Homes in Your State

To ensure you get the most relevant information and service, start by exploring Sunshine Homes’ network of authorized dealers in your area. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Accessibility: Look for dealers close to your location to simplify site visits and consultations.

Local Regulations: Dealers understand the zoning laws and building codes specific to your state, ensuring your home meets all requirements.

Climate Adaptability: Homes can be customized for local weather conditions, ensuring durability and comfort.

Community Integration: Expert advice on how to best integrate your Sunshine Home into the local community aesthetic and infrastructure.

Support Local Businesses: By purchasing from an in-state dealer, you’re contributing to the local economy.

After-Sales Services: Proximity to dealers means easier access to after-sales support and warranty services.

To find a dealer near you, use the Sunshine Homes’ dealer locator on their website or check local listings for manufactured home sales in your region.

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Why Choose a Manufactured Home By Sunshine?

Sunshine manufactured homes come with a multitude of benefits to cater to the diverse needs of homeowners:

Affordability: Typically less expensive than traditional houses, these homes provide a cost-effective living solution without compromising on comfort and style.

Quality Construction: Built in a controlled factory setting, the construction standards for these homes are stringent, ensuring a high-quality finish and structural integrity.

Customization: Prospective homeowners enjoy the flexibility to personalize their spaces, from floor plans to fittings and finishes.

Quick Assembly: Since these homes are pre-fabricated, the time from order to move-in is significantly reduced compared to that of building a conventional home.

Energy Efficiency: With modern insulation and energy-saving options, these homes reduce utility bills and environmental footprint.

Resale Value: With the growing popularity of sustainable living options, the resale market for manufactured homes is becoming more favorable.

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Find a Sunshine Home in Your State

To locate a Sunshine Home within your geographic area, utilize the company’s online dealer locator tool – a convenient way to find authorized retailers near you.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the Sunshine Homes website and navigate to the ‘Find a Home’ section.
  • Enter your state or zip code in the search field provided.
  • Browse through the list of available dealers and home centers displayed.
  • Contact details will be available, enabling you to reach out directly for inquiries or to schedule a visit.
  • Review their inventory online, if available, to streamline your search before making an appointment.
  • Local dealers often know about regional building codes, site preparation needs, and can assist you with the selection of the model that fits your requirements and budget.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to exploring various Sunshine Home options available in your state.

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How much is a new mobile home in Florida?

The average cost of a new single-wide mobile home in Florida ranges from $30,000 to $80,000, while a double-wide mobile home typically costs between $60,000 and $150,000.

What is the arc 7000 ARC1470 7050?

The Arc 7000 / ARC1470-7050 is a meticulously crafted home by Sunshine Homes, featuring 924 square feet of space with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

How much does a new mobile home cost in Ireland?

The cost of a new mobile home in Ireland ranges from 60,000 to 120,000 Euros, dictated by the make, model, and specification of the unit.

What are the key features of sustainable mobile homes?

Sustainable mobile homes feature energy-efficient design, use of renewable materials, reduced water usage through fixtures and fittings, green energy sources like solar panels, and a small ecological footprint.

What factors influence the cost of a mobile home in the United States?

The cost of a mobile home in the United States is influenced by factors such as size, location, manufacturer, customization options, and whether the home is new or used.

How are mobile homes in Ireland adapting to sustainable living standards?

Mobile homes in Ireland are adapting to sustainable living standards by implementing energy-efficient appliances, solar energy systems, improved insulation, and wastewater management systems.

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