15 Awesome Split Level House Plans for Your Next Dream Home

Last updated on June 2, 2024

Split level house plans ideas offer unique design solutions for optimizing space and functionality in multi-level living environments, and you’re about to discover practical and stylish concepts to elevate your home.

Split level houses are like the cool kids in the architectural world, strutting around with their multi-leveled swagger. But let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the usual split level designs and they’re starting to feel like yesterday’s news.

So, buckle up because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through some brain-popping, fresh-off-the-press split level house plans. Get ready to uncover ideas that will transform your home from “meh” to marvelous.

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Modern Split-Level With Rooftop Terrace

modern split level with rooftop terrace

The Modern Split-Level with Rooftop Terrace offers a stylish outdoor space perfect for entertaining and enjoying the views. It provides a unique opportunity to maximize space and incorporate a trendy design element into your home.

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Rustic Farmhouse Split-Level

rustic farmhouse split level

A Rustic Farmhouse Split-Level embraces a cozy, countryside aesthetic within a multi-level layout. It combines traditional charm with a modern twist, offering a seamless blend of comfort and style for a warm and inviting ambiance.

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Eco-Friendly Split-Level With Solar Panels

eco friendly split level with solar panels

This split-level house maximizes energy efficiency with the use of solar panels. It’s a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

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Split-Level With Indoor Garden Atrium

split level with indoor garden atrium

Imagine a split-level home where a stunning indoor garden atrium takes center stage, bringing nature indoors for a serene living experience. The atrium, surrounded by windows and skylights, adds a touch of greenery and natural light to the heart of the home.

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Split-Level With Floating Staircase

split level with floating staircase

Gracefully connecting different levels, a floating staircase adds a touch of elegance and modernity to a split-level home design. This sleek architectural feature enhances the open concept feel of the space while serving as a stunning focal point.

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Loft-Style Split-Level With Open Floor Plan

loft style split level with open floor plan

The Loft-Style Split-Level with Open Floor Plan creates a spacious and airy feel with a design that allows for seamless flow between different areas of the house. It combines the charm of a loft with the functionality of a split-level layout, perfect for those who enjoy modern and versatile living spaces.

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Mid-Century Modern Split-Level

mid century modern split level

The Mid-Century Modern Split-Level design seamlessly blends retro vibes with contemporary living spaces. It features clean lines, large windows, and an open floor plan.

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Coastal Split-Level With Ocean Views

coastal split level with ocean views

This Split-Level design embraces the coastal aesthetic with stunning ocean views from every level, maximizing natural light and sea breeze flow throughout the home. Large windows and glass doors seamlessly connect indoor living spaces with outdoor decks, creating a serene beachside retreat.

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Split-Level With Private Home Office Zone

split level with private home office zone

This split-level house plan design sets aside an exclusive area for a home office, offering privacy and focus for remote work. It separates the workspace from the rest of the living areas, creating a dedicated zone for productivity.

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Multi-Generational Split-Level With Separate Entrances

multi generational split level with separate entrances

This split-level design features distinct entries for multiple families, providing privacy and autonomy. It offers separate living spaces while sharing common areas within the home.

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Split-Level With Walkout Basement

split level with walkout basement

Featuring a clever design, the Split-Level with Walkout Basement offers additional living space and easy access to the outdoors. This layout maximizes natural light and provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

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Urban Split-Level With Industrial Design

urban split level with industrial design

This Urban Split-Level boasts industrial design elements for a trendy city dwelling. Think exposed brick walls, metal accents, and open ductwork for that urban-chic vibe. Let your creativity flow in designing your own industrial-style haven in the heart of the city!

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Smart Home Split-Level With Integrated Technology

smart home split level with integrated technology

This split-level house seamlessly integrates smart technology for enhanced comfort and convenience. With automated lighting, climate control, and security systems, this innovative home offers a futuristic living experience.

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Split-Level With Sunken Living Room

split level with sunken living room

A Split-Level with a Sunken Living Room provides a unique and cozy space. The sunken design creates a separate area without dividing the space visually.

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Mountain Lodge Split-Level With Ski Storage

mountain lodge split level with ski storage

Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated ski storage area in your Mountain Lodge Split-Level home. Organize your gear effortlessly and keep your space tidy after a day on the slopes.

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