These 20 Modern Houses in Grey Will Dazzle You

Last updated on July 9, 2024

Get inspired by modern grey house ideas that will transform your living space into a sleek, stylish haven.

Tired of the same old modern grey house designs? Trust me, I know the feeling.

Sticking with grey doesn’t mean you have to stick with boring. I’ve been scouring the depths of design genius to conjure up some fresh, fun, and ridiculously unique ideas.

Ready to blow the dust off the playbook and give your modern grey home a serious makeover? Let’s dive in and get inspired!

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Charcoal Grey Exterior Walls

modern house charcoal grey exterior

The modern house features sleek charcoal grey exterior walls that exude a contemporary and sophisticated look. This color choice adds a touch of elegance and complements the overall design harmoniously. Charcoal grey brings a sense of modernity while still offering a timeless appeal to the house’s facade.

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Silver Grey Rooftop

grey modern house with silver rooftop

The silver grey rooftop adds a sleek touch to the modern house, complementing the overall color scheme. It reflects sunlight and helps regulate indoor temperature. Its contemporary appearance enhances the house’s curb appeal.

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Grey Concrete Floor Finish

grey modern house concrete patio floor

The grey concrete floor finish adds a sleek and contemporary touch to modern homes. It provides a neutral base that complements various interior and exterior design styles. The cool tones of the grey concrete floor create a chic and sophisticated ambiance on the patio.

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Matte Grey Cabinetry

modern grey kitchen cabinets

Matte grey cabinetry brings a sleek and modern look to the kitchen area. Its smooth finish adds a contemporary touch to the overall design scheme. The muted grey color complements various interior styles effortlessly.

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Ash Grey Textiles

modern grey house patio furniture

Ash grey textiles bring a subtle elegance to the modern grey house, adding depth and texture to the interior and exterior design. They complement the overall color scheme seamlessly, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look. From outdoor furniture to throw pillows, ash grey textiles infuse a sense of tranquility and modernity into the space.

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Slate Grey Kitchen Countertops

slate kitchen countertops

Slate grey kitchen countertops add a sleek modern touch to the kitchen space. The grey tones complement various kitchen designs seamlessly. The durability and easy maintenance of slate make it a practical choice for busy kitchens.

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Light Grey Wall Paint

modern grey sunroom

Light grey wall paint adds a subtle touch of sophistication to modern homes. It complements various design elements and furniture choices. This hue creates a sense of airiness and spaciousness in rooms.

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Steel Grey Window Frames

modern grey house with accent window frames

Steel grey window frames add a sleek touch to the modern grey house, creating a cohesive look with the exterior walls. These frames beautifully complement the overall color scheme, adding a stylish and contemporary feel to the home. The steel grey finish of the window frames provides a subtle yet striking contrast, enhancing the architectural design of the house.

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Smoky Grey Tiling

modern grey shower tiles

Smoky grey tiling adds a stylish touch to bathrooms and kitchens. It exudes a contemporary vibe while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. The shades of grey create a modern and versatile look suitable for various design styles.

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Pewter Grey Shower Walls

pewter shower tiles

Pewter grey shower walls add a sophisticated touch to modern bathrooms. The color exudes elegance and pairs well with various hardware finishes. The sleek appearance of pewter grey creates a contemporary and stylish ambiance in the shower space.

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Graphite Grey Accent Wall

modern grey house with accent wall

The Graphite grey accent wall adds a touch of sophistication to the outdoor space. It serves as a focal point, creating visual interest and depth. This darker shade contrasts beautifully with the lighter grey tones of this modern house exterior.

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Grey-hued Wooden Flooring

modern grey house wooden patio

The grey-hued wooden flooring infuses a sense of modern sophistication into the home’s aesthetic. Its sleek design complements various interior and exterior styles effortlessly. This flooring option adds a touch of elegance while maintaining a contemporary appeal.

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Grey and White Furniture

modern grey house patio with white and grey furniture

Grey and white furniture adds a sleek and contemporary touch to modern homes. The combination of these neutral tones creates a calming and sophisticated ambiance. It complements the overall grey color scheme while adding contrast and visual interest to the living space.

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Gunmetal Grey Light Fixtures

modern grey house porch with lighting fixtures

Gunmetal grey light fixtures provide a sleek and modern look to the space. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall design. Their metallic finish complements the grey color scheme beautifully.

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Grey Stone Fireplace

modern grey house with outdoor fireplace

The grey stone fireplace adds a sleek and modern touch to the living space. It serves as a focal point, creating a cozy ambiance. The natural texture of the grey stone brings a sense of warmth to the room.

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Dark Grey Stair Railings

modern grey house with black stair railings

Dark grey stair railings add a sleek and modern touch to your home’s interior. The contrast between the dark grey railing and light surroundings creates a striking visual effect. They provide a stylish and sturdy support for anyone using the stairs.

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Soft Grey Living Room Rug

modern home living room rug

A soft grey living room rug adds warmth and coziness to your modern grey-themed home. It provides a plush surface for your feet and helps tie the room together. The subtle color complements the overall design scheme beautifully.

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Grey Brick Facade

modern grey house brick facade

The grey brick facade adds a touch of modern sophistication to the house exterior. It blends beautifully with the overall grey color scheme, creating a cohesive and stylish look. The texture and color variations in the bricks provide visual interest and depth to the facade.

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Grey Velvet Sofa

modern living room velvet grey sofa

A grey velvet sofa adds sophistication and elegance to a modern home’s living room. It provides a luxurious touch and offers comfort for relaxation and entertainment. The plush texture of the velvet complements the contemporary grey color scheme perfectly.

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Grey Marble Backsplash

modern outdoor kitchen with grey marble backsplash

The Grey marble backsplash adds elegance to the outdoor kitchen, blending modernity with sophistication. It creates a sleek and seamless look in the space, enhancing the overall design aesthetic. The marble’s grey tones complement the contemporary style of the house, making it a standout feature.

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