20 Green Modern Exterior House Paint Ideas

Last updated on June 9, 2024

Discover vibrant and sustainable green modern exterior house paint ideas that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Looking to jazz up your home’s exterior with a splash of green but tired of the same old moss, olive, and mint? You’re in luck!

Step into my color kitchen where we whip up fresh, funky ideas that make your neighbors green with envy. Let’s break out of the usual palette and dive into some totally unexpected shades and combos that’ll make your house the envy of the block.

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Sage Green With White Trim

sage green with white trim

Sage Green with White Trim adds a touch of elegance to a modern exterior. The combination creates a charming and inviting facade. It brings a sense of freshness and sophistication to your home’s exterior design.

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Olive Green With Charcoal Accents

olive green with charcoal accents

Olive Green with Charcoal Accents adds sophistication to the exterior of a modern house. The combination creates a dynamic and contemporary look that stands out. The olive green base provides a warm backdrop for the striking charcoal accents, elevating the overall aesthetic of the home.

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Mint Green and Gray Combo

mint green and gray combo

This fresh and sophisticated color scheme combines mint green and gray for a modern exterior. Mint green adds a touch of vibrancy, while gray provides a sleek contrast. The combination creates a contemporary look with a hint of playfulness.

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Forest Green and Natural Wood Trim

forest green and natural wood trim

The Forest Green and Natural Wood Trim combination creates a harmonious blend of nature-inspired hues on the exterior of a modern house. The deep green pairs elegantly with the warmth of natural wood accents, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. This color scheme exudes a sense of earthy sophistication while providing a contemporary look to your home.

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Seafoam Green With Dark Blue Shutters

seafoam green with dark blue shutters

Seafoam Green paired with Dark Blue Shutters offers a fresh and coastal vibe to your modern exterior. This color combo brings a charming and unique look to your home’s facade. The contrast between the two hues creates a visually appealing and stylish appearance.

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Lime Green and Black Detailing

lime green and black detailing

Lime Green with Black Detailing creates a bold and modern look for exteriors, adding a vibrant pop of color against a sleek backdrop. The combination brings a touch of energy and sophistication to the overall design, making the house stand out with its edgy and contemporary style. Black accents complement the lime green hue, adding contrast and definition to the architectural features, resulting in a visually striking and dynamic appearance.

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Hunter Green With Copper Elements

hunter green with copper elements

Hunter Green with Copper Elements offers a sophisticated and timeless look to modern exteriors. The rich green hue combined with copper accents adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the façade. This color scheme is perfect for homeowners looking to achieve a classic yet contemporary style.

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Moss Green and Cream

moss green and cream

Moss Green and Cream blend harmoniously to create a soothing and timeless exterior color scheme. The moss green adds a touch of nature, while the cream provides a classic and elegant backdrop. This combination is perfect for homeowners seeking a subtle yet refined look for their modern home.

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Pistachio Green With Bamboo Accents

pistachio green with bamboo accents

Pistachio Green with Bamboo Accents offers a serene and nature-inspired exterior look. The combination brings a refreshing and modern feel to the house. Bamboo accents complement the pistachio green paint, creating a unique and harmonious design.

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Emerald Green and Gold Highlights

emerald green and gold highlights

Emerald Green paired with Gold Highlights creates a luxurious and sophisticated look for your home exterior. The deep green hue adds a touch of elegance, while the gold accents bring a sense of opulence and refinement to the overall design. This color combination is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their modern house paint choice.

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Teal Green With White and Silver Trim

teal green with white and silver trim

This color scheme offers a refreshing and chic look to any modern home exterior. The teal green base combines elegantly with white and silver trim for a sophisticated appearance. It adds a touch of brightness and allure to the overall aesthetic of the house.

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Chartreuse Green and Dark Brown

chartreuse green and dark brown

Chartreuse Green and Dark Brown create a bold and striking contrast on a modern exterior. The vibrancy of the green is complemented by the depth of the brown, adding dimension to the overall look of the house. This color combination is perfect for homeowners looking to make a statement with their home’s exterior.

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Army Green With Stone Features

army green with stone features

Army Green with Stone Features offers a rugged yet sophisticated look for modern exteriors. The earthy tones of the army green complement the natural textures of stone accents. This combination creates a unique and visually appealing facade for your home.

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Avocado Green With Light Gray Touches

avocado green with light gray touches

Avocado Green with Light Gray Touches gives a refreshing and modern look to a house exterior. The combination adds depth and sophistication to the overall design. Light gray accents complement the vibrant avocado green, creating a balanced and stylish appearance.

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Turquoise Green and Beige Highlights

turquoise green and beige highlights

The Turquoise Green and Beige Highlights combination adds a refreshing and modern contrast to the exterior of a home. Turquoise brings a pop of color while beige provides a subtle and elegant touch. This color scheme can create a vibrant and welcoming look for your house.

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Fern Green With Metallic Accents

fern green with metallic accents

Fern Green with Metallic Accents adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the exterior of a house. The combination brings a sleek and contemporary vibe to the overall design. It creates a striking visual impact that catches the eye and sets the home apart from others on the block.

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Pear Green With Slate Gray

pear green with slate gray

Pear Green with Slate Gray offers a fresh and sophisticated look for a modern exterior. The combination provides a calming and elegant aesthetic to the house’s facade. It creates a harmonious contrast that is visually appealing and timeless.

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Celery Green and Soft White

celery green and soft white

Soft white accents complement the refreshing celery green, creating a harmonious exterior palette. The combination exudes a fresh and inviting vibe to passersby. This color scheme adds a modern touch to any home design.

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Pine Green With Brick Enhancements

pine green with brick enhancements

Pine Green with Brick Enhancements offers a classic and elegant look to modern exteriors. The combination brings a warm and inviting feel to the house. The rich green color complements the natural tones of brick beautifully.

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Lichen Green With Glossy Black

lichen green with glossy black

Lichen Green with Glossy Black creates a modern and sleek exterior look for your house. This color combination adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. It’s a unique choice that will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

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