Top 10 Types of Sustainable Homes

Last updated on April 30, 2024

You’ve heard about sustainable homes. And now is the time to get to know what types and options of them are available and which of them would suit you. Read on!

Sustainable building has been associated with modern homes in the recent past. Indeed, someone who decides to build their own home from the ground up is likely to choose sustainable design and construction. It’s isn’t just a fancy trend, it’s an economically wise decision – sustainable homes are cost-efficient.

So when we start playing with the thought of building such a home, it’s important to know your options. What are these homes and what makes them sustainable?

What is a sustainable home?

It’s a house made of sustainable (recycled, upcycled, reused) materials, and that implements the latest energy-efficient technologies as well as smart solutions. Such a household makes use of renewable energy sources as well. So a solar panel or a wind turbine is a common companion in the backyard.

And then there are 10 different types of houses that we can define as sustainable. These are based on the manufacturing process, materials, purpose of use, as well as design styles:

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Prefabricated Homes

prefab house

People prefer sustainable prefab houses because they require no use of inefficient and costly materials like concrete, bricks, and sand. The prefabricated house is manufactured from modules that are assembled on the spot. There is the availability of different types of panel houses and modular houses you can choose from. However, before you build a prefabricated house, you need to think about some factors like location, costs, and house style.

As far as the style goes, among popular designs like a prefab dome home or A-frame house, you can consider designing a home yourself. After that, you can have the calculation of the budget you need to invest in. With a decent budget, you will have the ability to build a top house and therefore acquire a luxurious and beautiful prefabricated house.

The other important thing you need to check while building the prefabricated building involves the location. Selecting the right place is essential and will need you to think about whether the location will be great for you and your needs. It will also affect the resell value.

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Finding the Best Contractor


Designing and manufacturing of prefabrication houses will involve more tasks. Therefore, what you will need is getting a qualified contractor or prefab manufacturer to work on your construction. When hiring the prefab house supplier or manufacturer, you need to pick the one who is specialized in the manufacturing and designing of sustainable homes that will be eco-friendly.

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Prefabricated House Design


The process of building a prefabricated house will require the preparation of a design plan by yourself and letting the builder understand your expectations. It is important to give detailed information to the prefab house builder concerning the idea of how your home should be built as your construction site or home.

The information will assist them in calculating the materials that ought to be supplied for your house building. However, there is still a need for designing and manufacturing the prefab houses that will suit your preferences and needs when you are not able to do it by yourself.

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Prefab Component Transportation


Different prefab houses are well built on-site with different components that are shipped from the site of the company. Thus when building on your own, it is vital to place an order of the components from the best manufacturer and, after that, consider the shipping of them to your site. However, with a professional manufacturer of prefabricated buildings, the firm will ship it to you.

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Kit Homes


A kit home is the type of building that is assembled on the site. You can even buy these kits online in popular stores like Amazon.

The pre-configuration of the house frame is done in the factory and after that delivered in packages. Depending on the customer’s wish, you will get the kit homes that were customized. The building of kit homes will allow flexibility when it comes to maintenance costs. What is more, you will find that the process of construction is more natural.

You will get different benefits from the construction of the kit home. The essential ones include:

  • Less time spent on-site will get all the necessary parts of the house kit to build the structure. You will get the pre-cut pieces and the kits coming with well-detailed assembly instructions. This will, therefore, reduce your time of putting together the structure.
  • Minimal waste using the traditional method to build the house. You will get a limited wastage of wood due to the pieces left after cutting. This will, therefore, make the home kits to be more economical due to the minimization of materials used.
  • Reduced need for skilled employees. All that will be required is the work of putting together a straightforward structure.
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Small Modular Homes

small mobile home

The main reason why people are attracted to small prefab houses is their efficiency. You will get the heating efficiency since the tiny home has less indoor space. Additionally, you will require less building materials for the small houses, which are prefabricated. The construction of small homes is easier compared to other houses.

  • The flexibility of design. You will only need to choose the best house design that will suit your requirements. Consider the floor plans of a wide range to customize your needs.
  • Reduction of building time. Small prefab homes will need less time compared to the one for building the convention homes.
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Modern Modular Homes


Different manufacturers today are working hard to meet the needs of customers of getting their modular homes modernized. This ensures they are beautiful due to the use of modern exterior finishes and geometric design. The open design ensures the efficient use of space and maximizing natural light indoors.

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Small Prefab Cottages

prefab cottage

Prefab cottages give you the opportunity to have a vacation home at a fraction of the cost. They are constructed and designed with the quality and sustainability of modern homes. The little prefab cottage is an economical choice. All you have to do is acquire the land to establish it on.

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Prefabricated Cabins

Prefabricated cabin building happens in sections, modules, and panels before being moved to the site for assembling.

Manufacturing is in a climate-controlled setting. Prefab cabins are space-efficient and carefully built. Building in the factory and assembling on the site is quite fast.

These manufactured cabins strictly follow the federal codes. Labor and money saving techniques apply in the building.

Modular homes, mobile homes, and manufactured homes are types of prefabricated cabin homes. They experience less cracking, are highly sealed and leaves no waste on the site.

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Modern Mobile Homes

sustainable mobile home

Modern mobile homes allow for customization, and thus, maintains your style. The homes maintain awesome aesthetics while keeping everything affordable.

The sustainable homes are of high quality, fire resistance, durable, and energy-efficient. They adhere to federal regulations and codes.

Manufactured modern mobile homes are the improved version for the ancient mobile homes. They are either single, double, or triple wide. Manufactured homes can be made to look like site-built homes.

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Portable Homes

portable home

Portable homes are built offsite. The designs vary. It is because they allow for customization based on your needs.

The building is through joining multiple pieces in home building facilities. Portable mobile homes are built and designed to be movable.

They are very flexible and affordable. Portable homes get delivered to you for immediate use.

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Modern Steel Homes

modern steel house

Highly flexible in terms of design makes steel homes the perfect choice. You are free to build more than one level home.

Though cost-effective, your budget, the size to build and complexity will determine the total cost. The steel manufactured homes have excellent insulation and are well built.

The building standards of the area regulate modern steel home manufacturing.

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Self-Sustaining Homes


These self-sustainable homes get preference in many dwellings. They are independent in terms of electricity, cooling, heating and much more.

Their configuration employs absolute customization. They are system homes. If you need one, then your location, climate, needs, and other concerns will influence the design.

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Modular Home Prices

home price

Modular homes tend to be affordable than site-built homes. The fast building, being energy efficient and quality guarantee affordability.

The cost varies depending on the size, amenities to include, design and location. You pay per square foot. A typical 1,800 square foot modular home will cost you $180,000 to $360,000.

Of course, cheaper options are available depending on the square footage.

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Prefab Homes Under $100k

You will get hundreds of Prefab Homes Under 100k. Your options with this budget widen, and you will get several square footage homes.

Within the 100k budget, you get up to 2,000 square feet. There are also multiple styles and designs to accommodate.

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Modular Homes Under $50k

The options are limited below the 50k budget. If you are on a budget, a modular home below 400 square feet will accommodate your 50k.

You will enjoy a well-designed and quality house with the style you prefer.

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The Cheapest Way to Build a House

The cheapest way to build a house is by adopting the use of sustainable construction and making use of prefab options. You need to know the option that suits you.

Have a budget and an expert to guide you. Choose an economic design, size, and materials – lastly, research, research, and research.

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