15 Phil House Designs: Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Home

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover fresh and creative Philippine house design ideas to elevate your home’s style.

discover fresh and creative philippine house design ideas to elevate your homes style
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Tropical Modern: Open Layouts With Sliding Glass Doors, Indoor/outdoor Living Spaces

tropical modern open layouts with sliding glass doors indooroutdoor living spaces

Tropical Modern homes bring the outdoors inside with open layouts and large sliding glass doors that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Bahay Kubo Inspired: Modernized Version of the Traditional Filipino Hut, Using Sustainable Materials

bahay kubo inspired modernized version of the traditional filipino hut using sustainable materials

Bahay Kubo Inspired homes take on a modern twist, featuring sustainable materials like bamboo and cogon grass.

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Earthy Industrial: Combination of Raw Concrete Structures With Warm Wood Accents and Large, Airy Windows

earthy industrial combination of raw concrete structures with warm wood accents and large airy windows

Earthy Industrial homes feature raw concrete structures complemented by warm wood accents and large, airy windows, creating a harmonious blend of materials in the design.

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Spanish Colonial Revival: Red Tile Roofs, Stucco Walls, Wrought Iron Details

spanish colonial revival red tile roofs stucco walls wrought iron details

Characterized by red tile roofs, stucco walls, and wrought iron details, Spanish Colonial Revival homes bring a touch of old-world charm to modern living spaces.

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Zen Minimalist: Simple, Clean Lines With Natural Light and Open Spaces, Incorporating Elements Like Koi Ponds or Small Gardens

zen minimalist simple clean lines with natural light and open spaces incorporating elements like koi ponds or small gardens

Zen Minimalist homes feature serene designs with a focus on simplicity, ample natural light, and spacious interiors. These homes often include elements like koi ponds or small gardens to enhance tranquility and harmony within the living space.

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Filipino Farmhouse: Spacious Verandas, High Ceilings, and Local Wood, Tailored for Rural Settings

filipino farmhouse spacious verandas high ceilings and local wood tailored for rural settings

Filipino Farmhouse offers spacious verandas, high ceilings, and local wood, perfect for country living.

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Beachfront Bungalow: Elevated Structures With Wide Verandas, Overlooking the Sea, Using Corrosion-resistant Materials

beachfront bungalow elevated structures with wide verandas overlooking the sea using corrosion resistant materials

This design focuses on creating homes elevated above the ground with spacious outdoor areas to enjoy panoramic views of the seaside. Using materials that are resistant to corrosion ensures longevity and durability, perfect for coastal living.

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Eco-Friendly Container Home: Repurposed Shipping Containers, With Solar Panels and Rainwater Harvesting Systems

eco friendly container home repurposed shipping containers with solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems

Self-sustaining homes made from repurposed containers harness solar power and collect rainwater for eco-friendly living.

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Multi-Generational Living: Compounds With Separate Units Connected By Shared Social Spaces

multi generational living compounds with separate units connected by shared social spaces

Multi-Generational Living allows extended families to live together with separate living spaces. It fosters togetherness yet offers privacy within the same compound.

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Bamboo Palace: Extensive Use of Bamboo for Both Structure and Aesthetics, Complemented By Lush Gardens

bamboo palace extensive use of bamboo for both structure and aesthetics complemented by lush gardens

Bamboo Palace offers a blend of structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious environment with surrounding gardens.

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Art Deco Manila: Bold Geometric Designs With Vibrant Colors and Terrazzo Flooring

art deco manila bold geometric designs with vibrant colors and terrazzo flooring

Art Deco Manila homes stand out with their vibrant colors and iconic geometric shapes, all while boasting stylish terrazzo flooring that adds a touch of class to the overall aesthetic.

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Urban Retreat: Compact Design Featuring Rooftop Gardens, Maximizing Green Space in Small Lots

urban retreat compact design featuring rooftop gardens maximizing green space in small lots

Urban Retreats are designed to make the most of limited space by utilizing rooftop gardens, adding a touch of greenery in bustling urban areas.

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Heritage Mix: Fusion of Historic Filipino Architecture With Modern Materials and Technology

heritage mix fusion of historic filipino architecture with modern materials and technology

Modern homes blending traditional Filipino design elements with contemporary construction techniques and innovative technology. Traditional meets cutting-edge for a unique and culturally rich living experience.

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Off-Grid Cabin: Fully Sustainable Homes in Remote Locations Using Local Materials and Self-sufficient Systems

off grid cabin fully sustainable homes in remote locations using local materials and self sufficient systems

Off-Grid Cabins are designed for remote locations, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency, using local materials.

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Colorful Townhouse: Brightly Painted Exteriors With Ornate Wooden Trim and Compact, Efficient Interiors

colorful townhouse brightly painted exteriors with ornate wooden trim and compact efficient interiors

Colorful Townhouse offers brightly painted exteriors, ornate wooden trim, and compact, efficient interiors for a vibrant urban living experience.

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