15 Beach House Plans: Captivating Ideas for Your Coastal Retreat

Last updated on May 25, 2024

Discover innovative beach house plan ideas that maximize views and embrace coastal living.

discover innovative beach house plan ideas that maximize views and embrace coastal living
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Elevated Cottage With Wraparound Balconies

elevated cottage with wraparound balconies

This design offers stunning views and amplifies the natural ventilation experienced by the residents. The wraparound balconies extend living spaces outdoors, perfect for those who enjoy the sea breeze.

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Modern Glass House With Retractable Walls

modern glass house with retractable walls

Enjoy the fresh sea breeze indoors with retractable walls of the Modern glass house, seamlessly merging interior and exterior spaces.

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Eco-friendly Bamboo Bungalow With Green Roof

eco friendly bamboo bungalow with green roof

The eco-friendly bamboo bungalow blends sustainability with beauty by incorporating a green roof that promotes energy efficiency and environmental harmony.

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Traditional Cape Cod With Panoramic Bay Windows

traditional cape cod with panoramic bay windows

This design offers stunning views of the beach.

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Mediterranean Villa With a Central Courtyard and Pool

mediterranean villa with a central courtyard and pool

This Mediterranean villa design features a central courtyard and pool creating a private oasis within the home. The courtyard provides a serene outdoor space accessible from multiple rooms, blurring the lines between interior and exterior living.

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Rustic Log Cabin Design With a Beach View Deck

rustic log cabin design with a beach view deck

This design combines the charm of a rustic log cabin with a beach view deck, providing a cozy getaway with a stunning view.

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Compact A-frame With Rooftop Terrace

compact a frame with rooftop terrace

The Compact A-frame with rooftop terrace provides a cozy yet stylish living space that maximizes views and space efficiently.

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Lighthouse-inspired Tower House

lighthouse inspired tower house

This unique beach house design resembles a classic lighthouse, featuring a tall tower structure. It provides stunning panoramic views of the coastline and surrounding areas from its elevated position. The architecture adds a whimsical touch to the beachfront property with its distinctive shape and maritime inspiration.

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Nautical-themed Home With Boat Storage Basement

nautical themed home with boat storage basement

Utilize the basement for boat storage in this nautical-themed home.

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Cyclone-proof Fortress Design With Reinforced Structures

cyclone proof fortress design with reinforced structures

Featuring reinforced structures to withstand cyclones and harsh weather conditions, this design prioritizes safety and durability for beachfront living.

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Understated Minimalistic Design With Hidden Sliding Doors

understated minimalistic design with hidden sliding doors

The underplayed sleek style of this design effortlessly marries form and function.

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Multi-level Treehouse With Views of the Shoreline

multi level treehouse with views of the shoreline

Nestled among the trees, this design features multiple levels and offers breathtaking views of the beach and shoreline from its elevated position.

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Colonial Style With Expansive Verandas and Outdoor Showers

colonial style with expansive verandas and outdoor showers

Ideal for beachfront living, Colonial-style beach houses feature expansive verandas and refreshing outdoor showers, offering a perfect blend of classic charm and seaside relaxation.

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Adobe Style With Stucco Walls and Terra Cotta Roofs

adobe style with stucco walls and terra cotta roofs

Adobe style beach house features stucco walls and terra cotta roofs, adding a touch of rustic charm and warmth to the coastal setting.

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Cottage With Convertible Spaces and Fold-away Doors

cottage with convertible spaces and fold away doors

Enjoy the beach breeze while seamlessly transforming your cottage’s spaces with innovative fold-away doors.

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