15 Ideas for Low Budget Simple Two Storey House Design

Last updated on June 2, 2024

Discover practical and affordable two-storey house design ideas that can turn your dream home into a reality without breaking the bank.

Ready to give your wallet a break while building that dream two-storey abode? Let’s dive into some fresh, unheard-of ideas that might just make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Brace yourself for creative twists and cost-savvy solutions that’ll turn home building from budget buster to budget buddy. This ain’t your typical Pinterest scroll—welcome to a whole new world of affordable design!

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Shipping Container Home

shipping container home

Shipping container homes repurpose large metal containers into livable structures with a modern, industrial aesthetic. They offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly housing solution for those looking to build a stylish two-story house on a budget.

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Tiny House On Stilts

tiny house on stilts

Elevating a tiny house on stilts provides a clever way to maximize space and create an airy living environment. The elevated design allows for versatile outdoor spaces underneath the house, expanding the living area without increasing costs.

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A-frame Cabin

a frame cabin

A-frame cabins offer a cozy and cost-effective two-story living space with a distinctive triangular roof design. These cabins are great low-budget options for a charming second home in the woods.

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Pre-fabricated Modular Home

pre fabricated modular home

Pre-fabricated modular homes offer affordable construction with quick assembly. These homes are built off-site in sections, making them easy to transport and piece together on low-budget projects.

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Barn-style House

barn style house

A barn-style house offers a rustic and charming living space perfect for a simple two-story design. Characterized by its pitched roof and open floor plan, this option is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Cob House With Loft

cob house with loft

The cob house with a loft offers a charming and cost-effective two-story living space. The loft provides additional room while maintaining a simple and budget-friendly design.

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Townhouse With Flat Roof

townhouse with flat roof

A townhouse with a flat roof design maximizes vertical space for a simple two-story home. The flat roof creates a modern aesthetic while keeping construction costs lower.

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Economical Brick and Mortar Duplex

economical brick and mortar duplex

An economical brick and mortar duplex offers a cost-effective housing solution by sharing a central wall between two separate living units. This design maximizes space and resources while maintaining a simple and practical layout for budget-conscious homeowners.

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Pole Barn House With Mezzanine

pole barn house with mezzanine

A pole barn house with a mezzanine offers a simple two-story design with an elevated platform for additional living space or storage. This design maximizes vertical space while maintaining a budget-friendly approach to home construction.

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Straw Bale House With Second-floor Balcony

straw bale house with second floor balcony

Straw bale house with second-floor balcony offers a unique and cost-effective way to create a charming two-story home. The straw bales provide excellent insulation while the balcony adds a lovely outdoor space.

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Compact Scandinavian Home

compact scandinavian home

A Compact Scandinavian home offers a simple design with a focus on functionality and minimalism while incorporating natural elements and plenty of light. This style is ideal for those looking to create a cozy and efficient two-story house without breaking the bank.

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Minimalist Concrete Block Home

minimalist concrete block home

Minimalist concrete block homes offer a sleek and modern design on a budget. The use of concrete blocks provides durability and low maintenance for the structure.

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Eco-friendly Bamboo Structure

eco friendly bamboo structure

Ideal for the environmentally conscious, the bamboo structure offers sustainability without compromising on style. This eco-friendly option provides a unique and cost-effective alternative for those looking to build a two-story home on a budget.

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Budget-friendly Duplex With Shared Central Wall

budget friendly duplex with shared central wall

A budget-friendly duplex with a shared central wall is a cost-effective housing option that maximizes space and resources for two separate living units. By sharing a central wall, this design minimizes construction costs without compromising on privacy or comfort for each household.

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Small Urban Infill House

small urban infill house

A small urban infill house maximizes space in city lots. It efficiently fits into tight urban environments.

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