15 Simple House Plans: Ideas for Sleek & Functional Designs

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover straightforward house plan ideas that maximize both function and style in your new dream home.

discover straightforward house plan ideas that maximize both function and style in your new dream
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Open-concept Studio With a Loft Bedroom

open concept studio with a loft bedroom

This design maximizes space by combining living and sleeping areas in one open layout. The loft bedroom provides a cozy retreat while maintaining an airy feel in the main living space.

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One-bedroom A-frame House

one bedroom a frame house

An A-frame house offers a unique one-bedroom layout with a distinctive triangular roof. The design provides a cozy and compact living space with a high ceiling for an airy feel.

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Shotgun-style House With Skylight

shotgun style house with skylight

The Shotgun-style house with a skylight offers a unique layout and abundant natural light.

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Two-bedroom Bungalow With Wrap-around Porch

two bedroom bungalow with wrap around porch

This bungalow offers a cozy living space with a charming wrap-around porch, perfect for outdoor relaxation and entertaining guests.

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Container Home With Rooftop Deck

container home with rooftop deck

This container home utilizes a rooftop deck for outdoor living space and entertaining, making the most of its compact design.

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Single-story, Two-bedroom Cottage With Bay Windows

single story two bedroom cottage with bay windows

Enjoy the charm of a single-story, two-bedroom cottage with bay windows, creating a cozy and inviting living space filled with natural light and picturesque views.

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Minimalist Tiny House On Wheels

minimalist tiny house on wheels

Compact and mobile, this tiny house on wheels is perfect for minimalist living on the go.

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Studio With a Central Courtyard Garden

studio with a central courtyard garden

This studio integrates a central courtyard garden into its design, bringing nature into the heart of the home.

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Barn-style Home With a Mezzanine Bedroom

barn style home with a mezzanine bedroom

A barn-style home features a mezzanine bedroom which is a cozy elevated sleeping area, providing an intimate space within the open floor plan.

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Geodesic Dome Home for Efficient Heating and Cooling

geodesic dome home for efficient heating and cooling

These unique homes have a spherical structure that helps distribute heat efficiently. They are perfect for those looking to save on heating and cooling costs.

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Earth-sheltered Home for Energy Efficiency

earth sheltered home for energy efficiency

To maximize energy efficiency, consider an Earth-sheltered home, which utilizes the natural insulation of the earth to regulate temperature.

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L-shaped Two-bedroom Ranch With Large Windows

l shaped two bedroom ranch with large windows

This type of home design maximizes natural light and provides expansive views of the outdoors through large windows.

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Compact Three-bedroom Home With Vertical Storage Solutions

compact three bedroom home with vertical storage solutions

Maximize space in a compact three-bedroom home with clever vertical storage solutions.

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One-bedroom Beach House On Stilts

one bedroom beach house on stilts

Set your sights high with a one-bedroom beach house on stilts that offers stunning ocean views.

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Modular Prefab Home With Flexible Room Dividers

modular prefab home with flexible room dividers

The modular prefab home features room dividers that can be easily adjusted to create different living spaces according to your needs. This flexibility allows you to customize the layout of your home based on your preferences and activities, making it a versatile and adaptable living environment.

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