15 Bungalow House Plans for Inspired Living

Last updated on May 25, 2024

Discover creative and practical bungalow house plan ideas that maximize space and style in this guide.

discover creative and practical bungalow house plan ideas that maximize space and style in this
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Coastal Retreat: Open Layout With Large Glass Walls for Sea Views

coastal retreat open layout with large glass walls for sea views

The Coastal Retreat design maximizes ocean views with spacious interiors featuring expansive glass walls.

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Urban Oasis: Compact Two-story Design With Rooftop Garden

urban oasis compact two story design with rooftop garden

This bungalow house plan offers a compact design with a rooftop garden for urban dwellers seeking a green oasis above the city hustle.

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Craftsman Charm: Traditional Wood Detailing and Built-in Furniture

craftsman charm traditional wood detailing and built in furniture

Craftsman Charm blends traditional wood details seamlessly into the overall design, enhancing the warmth and character of the bungalow home. Built-in furniture completes the look, optimizing space while adding a touch of classic elegance to the interior.

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Modern Minimalist: Clean Lines, Open Spaces, and Large Windows

modern minimalist clean lines open spaces and large windows

Modern Minimalist bungalow house plans feature clean lines, open spaces, and large windows, creating a sleek and spacious living environment.

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Eco-friendly Earth House: Integrated Solar Panels and Green Roof

eco friendly earth house integrated solar panels and green roof

Eco-friendly Earth House incorporates solar panels for energy and a green roof to promote sustainability.

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Farmhouse Fusion: Large Porches With a Modern Interior Layout

farmhouse fusion large porches with a modern interior layout

Farmhouse Fusion combines the charm of large porches with a modern interior layout, offering the best of both worlds in a single home design.

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Heritage Revival: Updated Vintage Features With a Contemporary Twist

heritage revival updated vintage features with a contemporary twist

Updated vintage features in a Heritage Revival bungalow blend old-world charm with modern aesthetics for a unique and timeless appeal.

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Rustic Hideaway: Use of Natural Stone and Wood With a Fireplace Centerpiece

rustic hideaway use of natural stone and wood with a fireplace centerpiece

Rustic Hideaway brings coziness by using natural materials like stone and wood, with a focal point fireplace.

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Tropical Paradise: Outdoor Living Spaces With Lush Garden Surroundings

tropical paradise outdoor living spaces with lush garden surroundings

Tropical Paradise bungalow house plans incorporate outdoor living areas within a vibrant garden setting. This design offers residents a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience surrounded by lush greenery for a tranquil environment.

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Lakefront Leisure: Maximizing Views With Wraparound Decks

lakefront leisure maximizing views with wraparound decks

Lakefront Leisure emphasizes expansive wraparound decks to optimize panoramic views of the water. These decks enhance outdoor living experiences and connect the interior seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The design prioritizes creating a serene and picturesque setting for relaxation and entertainment.

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Artistic Loft: Open Spaces With Studio Areas for Creativity

artistic loft open spaces with studio areas for creativity

Artistic Loft: Space optimized for creative work and living, promoting artistic expression.

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Mountain Cabin: A-frame Design With Loft Bedrooms

mountain cabin a frame design with loft bedrooms

Mountain Cabin: Loft bedrooms in a charming A-frame design provide cozy sleeping spaces with a touch of rustic elegance.

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Desert Modern: Reflective Materials and Shaded Patios

desert modern reflective materials and shaded patios

Utilizing reflective materials and shaded patios, the Desert Modern bungalow design aims to create a cool and comfortable living space while blending seamlessly with its arid surroundings.

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Holiday Haven: Simple, Functional Design With Guest Accommodations

holiday haven simple functional design with guest accommodations

Ideal for hosting guests, the Holiday Haven bungalow offers simple yet functional design with separate guest accommodations.

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Scandinavian Simplicity: Light, Airy Spaces With Functional Minimalism

scandinavian simplicity light airy spaces with functional minimalism

Scandinavian Simplicity offers light, airy spaces with functional minimalism, creating a sense of calm and serenity in your bungalow home.

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