15 Single Story House Plans to Inspire Your Next Home Design

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover practical and stylish single-story house plan ideas to maximize space and enhance your living experience.

discover practical and stylish single story house plan ideas to maximize space and enhance your
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Modern Minimalist Design With an Open Floor Plan and Large Windows

modern minimalist design with an open floor plan and large windows

This design combines simplicity, spaciousness, and natural light to create a modern living environment.

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A Cozy Cottage With a Wraparound Porch and a Central Fireplace

a cozy cottage with a wraparound porch and a central fireplace

Picture yourself in a charming cottage enveloped by a porch, where a central fireplace adds warmth and coziness to the home.

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An Eco-friendly Bungalow With Solar Panels and a Green Roof

an eco friendly bungalow with solar panels and a green roof

This eco-friendly bungalow integrates solar panels and a green roof to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.

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A Craftsman-style Home With Custom Woodwork and Built-in Furniture

a craftsman style home with custom woodwork and built in furniture

This craftsman-style house boasts intricate woodwork and furniture seamlessly built into the design, creating a unique and cozy living space.

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A Mediterranean Villa With Stucco Walls and a Tiled Roof

a mediterranean villa with stucco walls and a tiled roof

Enjoy the charm of a Mediterranean villa, complete with stucco walls and a tiled roof for a timeless and elegant feel.

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A Beach House With an Elevated Foundation and Panoramic Ocean Views

a beach house with an elevated foundation and panoramic ocean views

This design offers a perfect layout to enjoy the beautiful ocean view from the comfort of your home. Elevating the house provides security and stunning vistas from every angle.

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A Ranch-style Layout With an Attached Horse Stable and Riding Ring

a ranch style layout with an attached horse stable and riding ring

This ranch-style layout features an attached horse stable and riding ring, perfect for equestrian enthusiasts.

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A Farmhouse With a Spacious Kitchen and Walk-in Pantry

a farmhouse with a spacious kitchen and walk in pantry

Picture a farmhouse where the heart of the home is a spacious kitchen and a convenient walk-in pantry to store all your cooking supplies.

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A Modular Home With Expandable Sections for Growing Families

a modular home with expandable sections for growing families

Modular homes with expandable sections allow for easy future expansion, making them ideal for growing families.

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An Artist’s Loft With High Ceilings and North-facing Skylights

an artists loft with high ceilings and north facing skylights

An artist’s loft with high ceilings and north-facing skylights provides ample natural light for creative work.

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A Tropical Bungalow With Open-air Living Spaces and Natural Ventilation

a tropical bungalow with open air living spaces and natural ventilation

Embrace the tropical vibes with a bungalow designed for effortless indoor/outdoor living.

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A Southwestern Adobe-style House With Thick Walls and Courtyards

a southwestern adobe style house with thick walls and courtyards

Thick walls in a southwestern adobe-style house provide natural insulation and help maintain a comfortable temperature. Courtyards in this design offer private outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

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A Scandinavian Inspired Home With Clean Lines and Functional Spaces

a scandinavian inspired home with clean lines and functional spaces

This home design is characterized by clean lines and functional spaces, embodying simplicity and elegance.

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A Tiny Home On Wheels for Mobile Living

a tiny home on wheels for mobile living

A tiny home on wheels offers mobility and flexibility for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle on the go.

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A Courtyard-centered House With Sliding Doors for Indoor/outdoor Living

a courtyard centered house with sliding doors for indooroutdoor living

Enjoy seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces with a courtyard-centered house featuring sliding doors.

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