What Are Metal Building Home Kits?

Last updated on March 29, 2024

A metal building home kit is a set of modules, materials, tools, and instructions that allow you to build a home on your land. It’s a great way to save time, money, and you can even do it all yourself.

Homeowners are always looking for ways to build more affordable homes for themselves and their families, and many of them are turning to metal home building kits. These can be more cost-effective overall and are much greener compared to using more traditional methods and materials to build a home. With reduced maintenance needs, you can have customizable floor plans and extra durability. These concepts are making metal home kits a popular alternative to traditional construction means.  

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Why Metal? 

metal house frame

Using metal, especially steel, in a building is not a new concept. Using them to build modern homes became popular in the last thirty years or so. In 1993, lumber prices more than doubled in the U.S, and there was a rise in panic for the residential construction industry, so they looked for alternative options. Steel was the solution they found. It’s still being used today and is considered the best alternative for quality residential building projects. 

In most cases, when someone starts to consider buying a house, the first thought that comes to mind is about the price. How much can I afford? This is probably the number one reason people are choosing metal building frames over other options. Steel buildings are not only more time-efficient and convenient to build, but they are also cheaper and generally easier to maintain. Unlike some other building options, steel is quite commonly thought of as a one-time cost, meaning that it will last a lot longer than other materials. It’s durable, even under very extreme weight or weather conditions and rarely needs maintenance or repairs. This indicates the cost of keeping a steel house is pretty low.   

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What is Included in a Kit? 

metal house roof

You can opt to buy metal building kits over having an architect or contractor design a plan for your house, and most metal building home kits include: 

  • Steel framing parts
  • Doors, windows & skylights 
  • Metal siding and roofing materials 
  • Framed openings for doors and windows 
  • Roof trusses 
  • Fasteners and anchor bolts 

These materials are pre-fabricated already and are manufactured, so precisely, you won’t have to worry about any costly excess material or have to deal with construction delays. You simply need to follow the assembly instructions kit. You can check this out for more information about assembling your metal building home kit. 

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Why Are People Choosing Metal Homes? 

modern metal home

Here are some of the more in-depth reasons why more and more people are choosing to use metal building home kits: 

  • There is a reduced cost. As mentioned before, saving money is the main reason why people choose this option. While the initial difference in price can seem quite big, you are really saving money overall in other areas. 
  • You can save on design. Most suppliers have design options for you and engineer the building for you, too, saving you from having to hire any designers, architects, or engineers yourself. 
  • The third cost-saving benefit is the cost of construction. Most house kits are designed with the idea that you can do it yourself, but even if you did decide to hire someone to help erect your house for you, the cost is roughly 50% less than a wooden construction. This is because all the parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly. 

Other than these points, steel homes are also pest-proof, rot-proof, and fire-proof. Metal buildings are flame retardants, and this could also save you money in insurance premiums. They are green because the components are factory-made, there is almost no material waste, and a majority of the steel is recycled.  

You could also benefit from precise engineering. Everything about metal homes is strong. The studs and joists are also lightweight, and the walls are completely straight. Unlike wooden frames that can warp and crack over time, steel will stay straight and true, which means no having to fix any big problems that can happen over time.  

You’re also benefiting from having custom finishing specific to your needs and your tastes, as well as energy-saving measures. Everything is manufactured for you before time. Metal houses are more energy-efficient than wood-framed houses because they offer more room for insulation. You can use thicker insulation in the walls and roof, as opposed to much thinner insulation used in other homes. So, you’re also making your home more soundproof too by using thicker insulation. 

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The Takeaway

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder more and more new homeowners are deciding to use metal building home kits. They can save time right now, money in the long run, and you and your family are able to do your part by minimizing construction waste. 

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