6 Reasons Why a Portable Garage is a Good Idea

Last updated on July 7, 2022

Don’t have a garage but need to shelter your car? A portable garage is a good idea and here are 6 reasons why. Read on!

Flexibility and mobility seem to be crucial in the 21st century. We want everything to be easily adaptable to our needs, and we are not willing to resign from certain conveniences when we move. For this reason, such a solution as a portable garage is getting more and more popular. 

If you pick a model made with durable, high-quality materials, it will do well even in harsh weather conditions and serve its purpose as efficiently as a traditional garage. Before you consider such a purchase, you would certainly like to know why it is a good idea to have it. 

To make you more aware of the advantages of a portable garage, we have listed the most significant of them below. We hope our concise guide will be helpful to you!

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What Is a Portable Garage?

prefab portable garage

Before we proceed to explore the benefits you get from a portable garage, let us explain what it is in the first place. This solution is an outdoor structure usually built from a steel frame covered with a fabric cover.

Prefab garages serve as dependable storage space for cars, motorcycles, vans, tractors, or any other kind of vehicle, and they require very little maintenance. But unlike a garage addition, it is temporary for which you don’t need a permit.

It can be used for bulk storage as well, so if you need a temporary space to store some equipment or materials (during home renovations, for example), a portable garage may prove excellent.

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It Is Fast and Easy To Install

When you compare it to a permanent structure, a portable garage is amazingly easy and fast to install. You need just a few simple tools that vary depending on the size of the temporary storage you want to build. Normally, you would just need some screwdrivers, wrenches, cordless drills, a mallet, and a step ladder. In most cases, portable buildings are lightweight and require following just a few simple instructions to be installed.

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You Can Use It Anywhere

As a portable garage is quick and easy to assemble, you can use it anywhere you need. You do not have to worry about foundations, ground excavations, or professional installation. For this reason, you can have additional storage space on various kinds of surfaces, such as gravel, grass, pavement, and more.

Similar to other temporary buildings, all that a portable garage typically needs is an anchoring system and correct assembly to be ready to use. 

Whenever you come to the point that your vehicle or equipment should be stored somewhere else, you can easily disassemble the whole structure and build it again in another place. For instance, it proves useful when you have to move to another location or when you decide to expand your house and rearrange your property. 

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It Efficiently Protects Your Vehicles and Belongings

To keep your car or another vehicle in good condition, you need to protect it properly against unfavorable weather conditions. Keep in mind that rain, hail, snow, or even too much sunlight can do a lot of harm to it, causing rust, dents, fading, and other kinds of damage.

Thanks to an all-steel frame and tough fabric, portable garages are adjusted to withstand difficult weather conditions. In this way, they offer not only easily accessible and convenient but also highly effective coverage for your vehicles and belongings. With such a solution, you will not have to deal with a heavy tarp whenever you want to store your vehicle, getting proper protection for it at the same time.

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It Is Cost-Effective

If you do not want to spend too much money on your new storage solution, you probably will be very pleased to hear that a portable garage costs significantly less than a permanent structure. If you were to construct a brick-and-mortar garage, you would have to invest in heavier materials and more advanced tools, take care of building permits, and probably also get professional help. It significantly increases the overall cost, and it constitutes a serious long-term investment.

With the minimal tools and materials that a portable building requires, it is a basically unproblematic storage solution. Also, as you need just to follow a few simple steps to assemble it, most likely, you will be able to do it by yourself, without having to call for a specialist. It is a practical, durable, and useful storage space at a relatively low price. 

What is more, thanks to choosing this modern solution instead of a traditional garage, you can avoid such additional costs as property taxes, renovations, maintenance fees, and most garage cooling options.

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It Can Serve Multiple Purposes

A portable garage is very versatile and can have various functions. You can use it privately, but it is also commonly chosen for municipal or commercial purposes as they provide convenient, easily accessible storage whenever and wherever necessary. Here are some of the valuables that you can store there:

  • Personal vehicles. Obviously, one of the main purposes of a portable garage is to keep your vehicle safe. If you invest in a bigger model, you can store there both the car you drive daily and some extra vehicles for seasonal use.
  • Seasonal gear. If you already have a permanent garage, it may be a fantastic idea to purchase a portable one to get additional space to store, for instance, seasonal gear. You can keep such equipment as snowmobiles, ATVs, lawnmowers, and others. 
  • Commercial or municipal supplies and vehicles. If you need any vehicles for your business or you are in charge of them in your municipality, a portable garage can prove useful as well. You can also store some essential supplies or simply provide yourself with an additional versatile workspace.
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Permits Are (Usually) Not Necessary

Another advantage of a portable garage is that you do not need any legal permits to install it in most cases. It is because it does not require foundations, and it is not a permanent building. In this way, you can lower the cost of getting a garage even more, and you can shorten the time and effort necessary to obtain it. However, just in case, you should always make sure that your local bodies allow you to install such a temporary structure without any permits. 

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The Takeaway

The times we live in often require a lot of mobility and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. For this reason, versatile and flexible solutions are highly appreciated, one of them being a portable garage. You can store your vehicles and other equipment or supplies in such a structure, making them safe from rain, excessive sunlight, snow, etc.

A garage dehumidifier can go a long way in preventing mold from growing on your stored items during the rainy season.

On top of that, you can easily assemble a portable garage with just some basic DIY skills – you do not need any professionals to do it for you. It does not cost you much, and it can be used for multiple purposes – not only private ones but municipal or commercial ones as well. What is more, it saves you not only money but often also the time and effort associated with getting a permit. With so many benefits, it can certainly prove useful for you!

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