15 Second Story ADU Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on April 15, 2024

This article will offer you inspiring ideas on how to maximize your property’s potential by adding a second story accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

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Modern Studio ADU | Sleek Minimalist Design

modern studio adu sleek minimalist design

An elevated sanctuary that marries clean lines with functional simplicity, this concept transforms compact living into a statement of modern elegance.

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Two-Story 1BR/1.5BA | Loft Style With Office Nook

two story 1br1.5ba loft style with office nook

Maximize a compact urban footprint with this vertical sanctuary that artfully blends a private bedroom suite atop a functional lower-level living space, complete with a cozy corner for remote work or creative pursuits.

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Eco-Friendly 2BR/1BA | Passive Solar Design

eco friendly 2br1ba passive solar design

Harnessing the sun’s energy, this design maximizes warmth in winter and coolness in summer, reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling for a sustainably comfortable home.

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Victorian Inspired 2BR/1.5BA | Vintage Charm

victorian inspired 2br1.5ba vintage charm

Imbued with ornate woodwork and period-appropriate fixtures, this design infuses historical elegance into modern living spaces.

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Two-Story 2BR/2BA | Roof Terrace Access

two story 2br2ba roof terrace access

Imagine waking up to the city’s skyline from your private roof terrace, a serene getaway atop your comfortable two-bedroom, two-bath living space.

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Scandinavian Minimalist 2BR/2BA | Ambient Natural Light

scandinavian minimalist 2br2ba ambient natural light

Maximize tranquility and space with wide, open-floor plans complemented by large windows that bathe each room in natural daylight.

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Artist Loft 1BR/1BA | Open Space With Skylights

artist loft 1br1ba open space with skylights

Flooded with natural light from skylights, this airy loft offers a spacious sanctuary for creativity and relaxation.

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Two-Story 3BR/2BA | Multi-Generational Living

two story 3br2ba multi generational living

This design harmonizes privacy and community, offering separate living areas on each floor, ideal for families across varied age groups living together.

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Urban Farmhouse ADU | 2BR/2BA With Vertical Garden

urban farmhouse adu 2br2ba with vertical garden

The Urban Farmhouse design combines rustic charm with sustainable living, featuring a lush vertical garden that brings a touch of greenery and improves air quality.

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Beach Cottage ADU | 1BR/1BA With Sun Deck

beach cottage adu 1br1ba with sun deck

Maximize coastal living by adding a sun-kissed deck to your second-story abode, perfect for soaking up the seaside ambiance.

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Two-Story Studio/1BA | Compact Urban Living

two story studio1ba compact urban living

Maximizing a petite footprint, this two-story studio pairs a cozy bedroom loft above with a functional living area below, perfect for bustling city life.

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2BR/1BA | Dual Balcony With Panoramic Views

2br1ba dual balcony with panoramic views

Maximize outdoor living with a dual-balcony design that offers expansive views and a breath of fresh air from multiple vantage points in your second-story ADU.

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Smart-Home Enabled 2BR/2BA | High-Tech Amenities

smart home enabled 2br2ba high tech amenities

Equipped with the latest smart technology, this design connects all household functions to a central system controlled through voice or smartphone, offering convenience and energy efficiency at your fingertips.

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Traditional Two-Story ADU | 2BR/1.5BA With Porch

traditional two story adu 2br1.5ba with porch

This design harmoniously blends the charm of classic architecture with the functionality of modern living, offering a quaint porch for lazy evenings and neighborly chats.

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Two-Story 1BR/1BA | Zen Retreat With Meditation Space

two story 1br1ba zen retreat with meditation space

Maximize tranquility; this space fuses a restful bedroom with a dedicated area for quiet reflection, emphasizing serenity above the hustle and bustle.

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