15 Single Car Garage ADU Ideas for Maximizing Your Space

Last updated on April 15, 2024

Transform your single-car garage into a functional and stylish ADU with these creative ideas that maximize space and comfort.

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#1: Incorporate a Murphy Bed for Space-saving Sleeping Arrangements

1 incorporate a murphy bed for space saving sleeping arrangements

A Murphy bed transforms into a daytime wall unit, affording maximal floor clearance for other activities within the ADU.

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#2: Install a Compact, European-inspired Kitchenette

2 install a compact european inspired kitchenette

A trim, chic kitchenette brings a touch of European flair, meshing style with function in your compact ADU.

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#3: Fit in a Fold-down Desk/workspace

3 fit in a fold down deskworkspace

A fold-down desk transforms a quaint living area into an efficient home office at a moment’s notice.

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#4: Plan for a Modular Storage System

4 plan for a modular storage system

A modular storage system maximizes space by allowing shelves and cabinets to be rearranged according to changing needs.

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#5: Use Skylights for Natural Lighting

5 use skylights for natural lighting

Skylights infuse the compact ADU with an airy brightness, cutting down on the need for artificial lights during the day.

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#6: Design a Vertical Garden On One Wall

6 design a vertical garden on one wall

A wall-mounted garden breathes life into the space, offering a lush, green backdrop and freshening the air.

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#7: Include a Built-in Bench With Storage

7 include a built in bench with storage

A dual-purpose built-in bench offers a comfy seating option while hiding your clutter out of sight.

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#8: Put in a Pull-out Pantry to Save Space

8 put in a pull out pantry to save space

A pull-out pantry tucks away your kitchen essentials while keeping them accessible, streamlining storage in tight quarters.

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#9: Introduce a Wall-mounted Folding Dining Table

9 introduce a wall mounted folding dining table

A wall-mounted folding dining table can transform mealtime in your ADU, providing a full dining experience that tucks away after use to keep your space neat and orderly.

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#10: Add a Petite Wood Stove for Cozy Heating

10 add a petite wood stove for cozy heating

A compact wood stove not only warms the space efficiently but also adds a touch of rustic charm to your garage ADU.

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#11: Implement a Convertible Sofa-bed Lounge Area

11 implement a convertible sofa bed lounge area

A sofa that transforms into a bed provides a cozy spot for relaxation during the day and a comfortable sleep solution at night, optimizing the living space in a small ADU.

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#12: Use Pocket Doors to Maximize Internal Space

12 use pocket doors to maximize internal space

Sliding into the walls, pocket doors are a clever way to preserve valuable square footage in your ADU’s layout.

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#13: Install a Hanging Bike Rack to Free Up Floor Space

13 install a hanging bike rack to free up floor space

A ceiling-mounted bike rack streamlines storage, keeping the floor uncluttered and your bicycle within easy reach.

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#14: Plan for a Hidden In-wall Ironing Board

14 plan for a hidden in wall ironing board

A cleverly concealed in-wall ironing board offers a practical laundry solution without sacrificing precious space.

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#15: Set Up a Small-scale Hydroponic Farm for Fresh Herbs

15 set up a small scale hydroponic farm for fresh herbs

Cultivate your culinary greens in a compact, water-efficient indoor garden requiring minimal square footage.

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