15 One Bedroom ADU Floor Plan Ideas for Your Next Home Project

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Learn how to maximize space and style with these creative one-bedroom ADU floor plan ideas.

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Vertical Tiny Home ADU 1BR/1BA Duplex Style

vertical tiny home adu 1br1ba duplex style

Maximize limited space by stacking two compact living areas, giving each resident a private, multi-level living experience in a slender footprint.

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Scandinavian Minimalist 1BR/1BA 400 Sqft

scandinavian minimalist 1br1ba 400 sqft

Maximizing functionality, the 400-square-foot plan features clean lines and open spaces, embodying a clutter-free lifestyle.

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Wheelchair Accessible 1BR/1BA Universal Design

wheelchair accessible 1br1ba universal design

This floor plan optimizes mobility with wider doorways, a roll-in shower, and ample turning radius in each room to accommodate wheelchair users with ease.

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Eco-Friendly 1BR/1BA With Green Roof

eco friendly 1br1ba with green roof

This layout marries sustainability with modern living, featuring a living roof that reduces energy costs and promotes biodiversity.

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Studio ADU With Sleek 1BR/1BA Open Concept

studio adu with sleek 1br1ba open concept

This floor plan maximizes space with a fluid layout that blends the bedroom area seamlessly into the living space, accentuated by modern finishes and ample natural light.

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Cottage Charm 1BR/1BA With Front Porch

cottage charm 1br1ba with front porch

Embrace the warmth of traditional living with a cozy design that features a welcoming front porch, ideal for morning coffees and neighborly chats.

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Urban Retreat 1BR/1BA With Rooftop Deck

urban retreat 1br1ba with rooftop deck

Maximize a small footprint by expanding upward, offering a serene escape with a rooftop deck perfect for urban stargazing and outdoor entertaining.

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Modern Atrium 1BR/1BA With Central Courtyard

modern atrium 1br1ba with central courtyard

The centerpiece of this floor plan is a serene courtyard, bringing natural light and a touch of nature into every corner of the home.

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Coastal Breeze 1BR/1BA With Sunroom

coastal breeze 1br1ba with sunroom

Maximize relaxation in your compact living space by integrating a sunroom—a tranquil spot to enjoy the warm glow of natural light and panoramic views that invite the seaside serenity indoors.

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Rustic Cabin 1BR/1BA With Loft Space

rustic cabin 1br1ba with loft space

Maximizing vertical space, the cabin-style ADU features a cozy loft bedroom overlooking a quaint living area defined by its warm wood finishes and rugged charm.

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artistic 1br1ba with gallery wall space

This floor plan cleverly dedicates a wall for displaying art, offering a creative space for homeowners to showcase their personal taste and collections.

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Zen-Inspired 1BR/1BA With Meditation Nook

zen inspired 1br1ba with meditation nook

This design fuses tranquility with functionality, spotlighting a dedicated nook for meditation that ensures peace without compromising living space.

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Farmhouse Fresh 1BR/1BA With Gable Roof

farmhouse fresh 1br1ba with gable roof

The farmhouse-inspired design marries rustic charm with modern amenities, featuring a classic gable roof that maximizes vertical space and adds a touch of country elegance.

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1BR/1BA ADU With Interchangeable Modular Design

1br1ba adu with interchangeable modular design

Embrace flexibility with a modular ADU that allows for easy updates and reconfiguration, catering to changing needs or preferences.

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High-Tech Smart Home 1BR/1BA With Integrated Systems

high tech smart home 1br1ba with integrated systems

This concept marries streamlined living with technology, featuring voice-controlled appliances, smart lighting, and energy management systems that promote efficiency in a compact space.

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