15 Duplex Floor Plans Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Design

Last updated on May 13, 2024

Discover innovative duplex floor plan ideas that maximize space and style in your next home project.

discover innovative duplex floor plan ideas that maximize space and style in your next home project
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Central Courtyard Design: Each Unit Wraps Around a Shared Central Courtyard for Outdoor Living Space

central courtyard design each unit wraps around a shared central courtyard for outdoor living space

Individual units arranged around a central outdoor space for shared relaxation and enjoyment.

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Stacked Layout: Horizontal Division With Separate Entrances, Maximizing Privacy and Space Efficiency

stacked layout horizontal division with separate entrances maximizing privacy and space efficiency

Ideal for those seeking privacy and efficient use of space, the Stacked Layout in duplex floor plans features separate entrances for each unit.

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Townhouse Style: Two-story Units Side By Side, Each With Private Front and Back Entries

townhouse style two story units side by side each with private front and back entries

Offering a layout with two-stories, units are positioned beside each other with separate front and back entries for increased privacy and autonomy.

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Mirror Image Plan: Symmetrical Design Where Each Side Is a Mirror Image of the Other but With Private Amenities

mirror image plan symmetrical design where each side is a mirror image of the other but with private amenities

In a Mirror Image Plan, duplex units are designed to offer symmetry while still providing private amenities for each side.

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Over-Under Split: One Unit On the Ground Floor and the Second Unit Above It, Each With Distinct Entrances

over under split one unit on the ground floor and the second unit above it each with distinct entrances

In an Over-Under Split duplex, one unit is on the ground floor and the other unit is above it, each with its own separate entrance.

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Crossed Plan: Intersecting Units With Shared Central Utilities but Individual Living Spaces and Exits

crossed plan intersecting units with shared central utilities but individual living spaces and exits

In a Crossed Plan, units have intersecting layouts and shared central utilities while maintaining private living spaces and exits.

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Vertical Split With Offset Levels: Each Unit Occupies Alternate Floors, Providing Sound Insulation and Privacy

vertical split with offset levels each unit occupies alternate floors providing sound insulation and privacy

Each unit in a Vertical Split with Offset Levels occupies alternate floors for enhanced privacy and reduced noise transfer.

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Bungalow Duplex: Single-story Units With Shared Walls but Separate Outdoor Spaces

bungalow duplex single story units with shared walls but separate outdoor spaces

Bungalow Duplex units offer the convenience of single-story living with shared walls and separate outdoor spaces.

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Garage Separation: Units Separated By a Shared Garage, Offering Noise Reduction and Privacy

garage separation units separated by a shared garage offering noise reduction and privacy

Units separated by a shared garage for noise reduction and added privacy.

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L-Shape Configuration: Units Placed in an L-shape to Maximize Garden or Courtyard Space

l shape configuration units placed in an l shape to maximize garden or courtyard space

In an L-Shape Configuration, units are arranged to maximize outdoor spaces. This design ensures each unit has access to ample garden or courtyard space. It is an excellent layout for homeowners who enjoy spending time outdoors. Perfect for creating private and enjoyable outdoor areas for relaxation and entertaining.

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Back-to-Back Design: Units Share a Back Wall but Have Individual Entries and Opposite Facing Views

back to back design units share a back wall but have individual entries and opposite facing views

Back-to-Back Design offers privacy with shared walls and individual entrances while providing opposite views for each unit.

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Zigzag Layout: Each Unit Fits Into the Zigzag Pattern, Maximizing Window Exposure and External Area Usage

zigzag layout each unit fits into the zigzag pattern maximizing window exposure and external area usage

Zigzag Layout maximizes window exposure and external area use for each unit in a creative and efficient design flow.

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Triangular Plot Design: Units Designed Into a Triangular Plot for a Unique Layout and Optimized Land Use

triangular plot design units designed into a triangular plot for a unique layout and optimized land use

Units in a triangular plot offer an original layout and make the most of the available land. Perfect for creating unique and optimized duplex homes.

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Skinny Duplex: Long, Narrow Units, Ideal for Narrow Plots, Each With Separate Vertical Access

skinny duplex long narrow units ideal for narrow plots each with separate vertical access

Skinny Duplex offers long, narrow units suited for slim plots, each accessible from its distinct vertical entrance.

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Rooftop Terrace Split: Units Split By Floors With Shared Access to a Spacious Rooftop Terrace

rooftop terrace split units split by floors with shared access to a spacious rooftop terrace

Residents in a duplex with a Rooftop Terrace Split enjoy the benefit of having shared access to a spacious terrace for outdoor enjoyment, offering a unique and attractive feature for relaxation and gatherings.

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