15 Amazing L Shaped House Plans Ideas for You

Last updated on May 30, 2024

L-shaped house plans offer creative and functional design solutions for maximizing indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ever felt like L-shaped house plans were all starting to look like cookie-cutter clones? I hear you.

This article is here to shake things up — think surprising angles, sneaky craftiness, and maybe even a secret room or two.

Let’s dive in and cook up some zesty new designs you won’t find lurking on your aunt’s Pinterest board.

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Courtyard-centric Design With a Garden

courtyard centric design with a garden

With a garden at its heart, the courtyard-centric design brings nature indoors, creating a peaceful oasis. The garden view is central from every room, embracing serenity and green living.

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Open-concept Kitchen and Living Area With High Ceilings

open concept kitchen and living area with high ceilings

Imagine spaciousness and light filling your living space as you cook in your modern kitchen. High ceilings create an airy ambiance that connects the heart of your home.

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Two-wing Layout: One for Bedrooms, One for Living Spaces

two wing layout one for bedrooms one for living spaces

The two-wing layout separates private and social areas for optimal living convenience. This design offers a clear distinction between personal retreat spaces and entertainment zones.

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Indoor-outdoor Flow With Large Sliding Glass Doors

indoor outdoor flow with large sliding glass doors

The large sliding glass doors effortlessly connect the interior living spaces of an L-shaped house to the outdoor areas, promoting natural light and ventilation. This feature enhances the sense of space, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living areas.

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Integrated Patio and Pool Area

integrated patio and pool area

In L-shaped house plans, the integrated patio and pool area serve as a private oasis, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces. This area is perfect for relaxation and entertainment, offering a tranquil escape right at home.

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Sunroom Connecting the Two Wings

sunroom connecting the two wings

Enjoy the indoor-outdoor connection with a sunroom that links the two wings of the L-shaped house, providing a cozy retreat. The sunroom offers a bright and airy space to relax and enjoy the surrounding views, creating a seamless flow between the different areas of the home.

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Private Guest Suite in One Wing

private guest suite in one wing

The private guest suite in one wing offers a secluded space for visitors, ensuring their comfort and privacy during their stay at the L-shaped house. It provides a separate retreat within the layout, making guests feel welcomed and pampered with their own dedicated area.

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Home Office With Separate Entrance

home office with separate entrance

A home office with a separate entrance provides a designated space for work activities away from the main living areas. This setup allows for privacy and professionalism when receiving clients or colleagues without disrupting the household.

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Loft Area Above the Garage

loft area above the garage

The loft above the garage offers a flexible space for an additional bedroom, a home gym, or a cozy entertainment room. It maximizes space utilization in the house’s layout.

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Wrap-around Porch With Living and Dining Access

wrap around porch with living and dining access

Ideal for enjoying the outdoors, the wrap-around porch offers seamless access to both the living and dining areas, creating a harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This feature enhances the overall living experience by providing a versatile and spacious extension to the home.

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Double-height Living Room With Mezzanine

double height living room with mezzanine

A double-height living room with a mezzanine adds architectural interest to an L-shaped house plan, offering an airy and spacious feel. This feature allows for a visually stunning open concept design, creating a sense of grandeur and sophistication in the living space.

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Winter Garden Connecting Kitchen and Dining

winter garden connecting kitchen and dining

The winter garden serves as a tranquil extension of both the kitchen and dining areas, providing a cozy and light-filled space during colder months. Its seamless integration with the home’s interior creates an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and gatherings.

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Small Reading Nook in the L’s Corner

small reading nook in the ls corner

Tucked away in one corner of the L-shaped house, the small reading nook provides a cozy escape for bookworms to unwind. It offers a quiet space for relaxation and introspection within the flow of the home’s design.

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Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Zone

outdoor kitchen and entertainment zone

Adjacent to the wrap-around porch, the outdoor kitchen and entertainment zone provide the perfect setting for al fresco dining and gatherings. Complete with a built-in grill, bar seating, and a cozy fire pit, this space is ideal for enjoying outdoor living year-round.

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Garage With Rooftop Terrace and Garden

garage with rooftop terrace and garden

The garage with a rooftop terrace and garden offers an urban oasis for relaxation and social gatherings. This space maximizes the use of outdoor areas and adds a unique touch to the house design.

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