15 Low Cost Two Storey House Design Ideas

Last updated on May 13, 2024

Discover practical ideas for designing a low-cost two-storey house that optimizes space without draining your wallet.

discover practical ideas for designing a low cost two storey house that optimizes space without
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**Compact Cube Design**: Utilizes a Simple Square Footprint to Maximize Interior Space

Maximizes interior space with a straightforward square footprint design.

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**Vertical Tiny House**: Stacks Living Spaces Vertically, Reducing Land Costs

Designed to stack living spaces vertically to make the most of a small footprint, this concept helps cut down on land costs for a two-storey house.

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**Modular Two-Storey**: Features Prefabricated Modules for Cost-effective Construction

Modular Two-Storey: Utilizes prefabricated modules for efficient and budget-friendly construction.

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**Container Stack**: Repurposes Shipping Containers to Create a Two-storey Economical Home

Container Stack transforms shipping containers into a budget-friendly two-storey home by repurposing them for affordable living spaces.

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**Simple Gable Roof House**: Keeps Traditional Forms With Minimal Decoration to Reduce Costs

A Simple Gable Roof House maintains a classic look with basic adornments to keep costs down in your two-storey house design.

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**Slender Vertical Home**: Occupies a Small Plot With Taller, Thinner Design to Save On Land Costs

A Slender Vertical Home maximizes space on a small lot by building upwards. Smaller footprint, taller design. Ideal for cost-efficient land utilization.

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**Open Loft Design**: Uses an Open Second Storey Loft to Minimize Interior Walls and Reduce Costs

An open loft design concept integrates a second-storey loft space to minimize interior walls, creating a cost-effective and open living area.

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**Prefab Panel Home**: Constructs From Prefabricated Panels for Speed and Cost Savings

Utilizes prefabricated panels for quick and economical construction.

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**Minimalist Box House**: Emphasizes Simplicity and Minimal Materials in a Sleek, Box-like Form

The Minimalist Box House focuses on simplicity and minimalism, presenting a sleek, box-like structure ideal for a low-cost two-storey home.

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**Eco-Smart Home**: Integrates Low-cost, Eco-friendly Technologies for Energy Savings

By incorporating renewable energy sources and energy-efficient systems, an Eco-Smart Home focuses on reducing costs and environmental impact.

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**Core House Expansion**: Starts With a Small, Liveable Core With Options for Future Affordable Expansions

The Core House Expansion concept allows for easy, affordable future expansions without compromising on initial cost-efficiency.

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**Outdoor Integration**: Blends Outdoor and Indoor Spaces to Reduce Building Size and Cost

Open up your living space to the outdoors, seamlessly blending nature with your home.

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**High Ceiling Lower Floor**: Uses Space-saving Designs On the Upper Floor to Cut Costs

The high ceiling lower floor design maximizes space efficiency on the upper level, reducing construction costs.

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**Basic Balcony Home**: Incorporates a Simple, Functional Balcony On the Upper Floor

Ideal for enjoying fresh air and adding a touch of outdoor space to a low-cost two-storey house design.

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**Cost-Effective Duplex**: Shares Walls Between Two Units to Halve Land and Construction Costs for Each Unit

Each unit in this design serves as a mirror image of the other, sharing a central wall to save on construction and land costs.

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