15 Two Storey Modern House Design Ideas

Last updated on May 24, 2024

Discover innovative design ideas for two-storey modern houses that maximize both style and functionality.

discover innovative design ideas for two storey modern houses that maximize both style and
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Minimalist Monochrome: Sleek, Clean Lines With a Black and White Color Scheme

minimalist monochrome sleek clean lines with a black and white color scheme

Modern house design can embrace simplicity with a black and white palette. Sharp lines and minimalist approach create a sleek and sophisticated look. With a monochrome theme, the space exudes a sense of elegance and timelessness. Think clean, bold, and effortlessly stylish for a striking visual impact.

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Glass-Walled Marvel: Extensive Use of Glass Walls for Natural Light and Open Feel

glass walled marvel extensive use of glass walls for natural light and open feel

Glass-Walled Marvel: Maximize natural light and create an airy ambiance with abundant glass walls.

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Eco-Friendly Oasis: Solar Panels, Green Roofs, and Natural Building Materials

eco friendly oasis solar panels green roofs and natural building materials

Utilizing solar panels for energy efficiency, implementing green roofs, and using natural building materials to reduce environmental impact.

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Floating Staircase Design: Prominent, Artistic Staircases Acting As a Central Feature

floating staircase design prominent artistic staircases acting as a central feature

Floating staircases are impressive architectural elements that add drama and sophistication to modern homes. These staircases create a focal point and give a sense of lightness and openness to the space they occupy. They are designed to look like they are floating, often using transparent materials like glass or minimalist structures. Adding visual interest and a touch of artistic flair, floating staircases elevate the overall look of a two-story modern house.

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Industrial Chic: Exposed Steel Beams, Ductwork, and Brick Combined With Modern Finishings

industrial chic exposed steel beams ductwork and brick combined with modern finishings

Exposed steel beams, ductwork, and brick give a modern touch to the house’s interiors.

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Open-Concept Living: Fewer Walls to Create Flowing, Interconnected Spaces

open concept living fewer walls to create flowing interconnected spaces

Open-Concept Living allows for seamless movement between rooms filled with natural light, enhancing the sense of space in a two-storey modern house design.

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Water Feature Integration: Incorporating Indoor Waterfalls or Fountains As Focal Points

water feature integration incorporating indoor waterfalls or fountains as focal points

Adding indoor waterfalls or fountains can bring a sense of tranquility and luxury to the modern two-story house design.

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Dynamic Angles and Edges: Sharp Angles in the Architecture to Create a Futuristic Look

dynamic angles and edges sharp angles in the architecture to create a futuristic look

Angular structures add a futuristic touch to the overall design. Incorporating sharp lines and edges create a sense of innovation and modernity. The dynamic angles elevate the visual appeal of the house, giving it a unique and contemporary feel.

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Courtyard Core: Central Courtyard Visible From Various Points Inside the Home

courtyard core central courtyard visible from various points inside the home

Imagine a beautiful inner courtyard visible from multiple angles inside the modern two-storey house, bringing nature and light into the heart of the home.

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Rooftop Terrace: Functional Rooftop Living With Gardens, Dining, and Relaxation Areas

rooftop terrace functional rooftop living with gardens dining and relaxation areas

Utilizing rooftop space for leisure activities and greenery incorporation.

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Smart Home Technology: Fully Integrated Systems for Lighting, Security, and Entertainment

smart home technology fully integrated systems for lighting security and entertainment

Smart Home Technology transforms your house into a modern, efficient living space by automating lighting, security, and entertainment systems.

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Natural Elements: Wood and Stone Extensively Used to Add Warmth and Texture

natural elements wood and stone extensively used to add warmth and texture

Wood and stone add natural warmth and texture. Wood flooring brings a cozy feel, while stone accents add rustic charm and durability. Natural elements create a harmonious blend of modern design with earthy aesthetics.Enhance a modern two-story house with the timeless beauty of wood and stone.

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Multi-Level Gardens: Cascading or Tiered Gardens Interfacing With Living Areas

multi level gardens cascading or tiered gardens interfacing with living areas

Cascading gardens at different levels outside your modern two-story house make a unique and visually appealing green space that seamlessly connects with your living areas.

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Artistic Façade: Creative and Unconventional Exterior Designs Using Modern Art Elements

artistic facade creative and unconventional exterior designs using modern art elements

An artistic facade integrates modern art elements into the exterior design, creating a visually striking and unique home appearance.

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Sliding Wall Systems: Flexible Walls to Easily Customize and Expand Living Spaces

sliding wall systems flexible walls to easily customize and expand living spaces

Sliding Wall Systems provide the flexibility to adapt and enlarge living areas seamlessly. A fantastic solution for creating versatile spaces in a two-storey modern house design.

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