Learn How to Display Plants in the Garden in a New Way

Last updated on May 9, 2024

Here are a few fresh ideas on how you can feature plants in your garden. Read on!

Are you looking for a creative way to display plants in your garden? You don’t have to stick with the same old, boring planters and pots.

There are many ways to show off the beauty of plants in your outside space. Here are some ideas for how to display plants in your garden in a new, eye-catching way! 

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Using Garden Structures

garden pergola

Garden structures are a great way to spice up your outdoor space. Consider adding an archway or trellis of some kind, and train climbing plants up them.

It also allows you to showcase Monstera Dubia and other plants that love to climb, like Hoya Australis and Philodendron Bipennifolium. Integrating these plants with structures can create a stunning focal point and add an element of surprise to your garden design.

A pergola is another structure that can be used to display plants – either by planting climbers through it or by hanging baskets of flowers on it for added color.

Even something as simple as adding raised beds to create different levels in your garden can give additional interest when displaying plants. As professionals at https://www.hpotter.com/blog/garden-structures/ note, garden structures can add a sense of sturdiness and cohesion to your garden space. It’s also a great way to add vertical interest and use up otherwise underutilized space. 

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Upcycling Old Furniture

recycled chair garden planter

If you have any old furniture lying around that you don’t use anymore, don’t just throw it away – repurpose it! A wooden chair can be a great way to display plants. Just fill the seat with potting soil and start planting!

An old dresser or sideboard can also make for an interesting planter. Paint it to give it a new lease of life and then fill each drawer with a different plant for variety.

There is also a huge range of upcycled furniture available online – from old wheelbarrows to birdcages. These make for interesting and unique ways to display plants in the garden. 

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Container Gardening

container gardening

Container gardening is another great option for displaying plants in your garden. It’s easy to find fun, unique containers at various prices from home improvement stores or online retailers.

Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could even make your containers from recycled items such as plastic bottles or tin cans. Planting flowers in window boxes, hanging baskets, or even old tires, is a great way to freshen up your garden and add some unique touches. 

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Vertical Gardening

vertical garden

If you don’t have much space in your garden for plants, vertical gardening can be the answer. This type of gardening involves using walls, fences, or other structures to hang potted plants or planters on, freeing up precious ground space.

You can also use wooden pallets as a cheap and easy way to create vertical growing spaces – just stack them up against one wall and fill each level with potting soil! There are various types of specially designed plant hangers available online which can make this task easier.

Vertical gardening is not only an interesting way to display plants in the garden but also a space-saving solution. 

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Living Walls

vertical garden

If you are looking for a real show-stopper in your garden, consider a living wall. This involves creating a vertical surface made up of plants and containers.

You can use anything from old tires to wooden pallets and hanging pots to create an eye-catching feature in your garden. Living walls can provide both privacy and decoration – depending on what type of plants you choose – while requiring minimal maintenance. 

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Ask a Friend for Help

Finally, if you’re feeling stuck for ideas for how to display plants in the garden, why not ask a friend or family member for help? They might have seen something interesting at a garden center or online that could provide some inspiration.

Alternatively, you could look into hiring a professional gardener who can use their knowledge and experience to make suggestions on how to best display your plants. 

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Why Is It Important to Display Plants in the Garden?

Not only does it add color and interest to your outdoor space, but displaying plants can also attract birds, bees, and other beneficial wildlife into your garden.

It can also help to create a calming atmosphere and provide shade or shelter from the sun. So no matter what type of garden you have, there are plenty of ways to display plants for maximum effect.

Some people might even choose to take it a step further and create an entire garden display with different plants and structures. Whatever you decide, get creative and make your garden truly unique!

By using one or more of these ideas, you can display plants in your garden attractively and creatively. Whether you’re looking for a way to add height, structure, or color, there’s something here that will fit the bill!

So get out there and start experimenting – you’ll be surprised at just how much impact some well-chosen displays can make. Happy gardening!

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