How to Get More from Your Prefab Garage: 4 Easy Additions to Make

Last updated on March 29, 2024

Ever peeped at your prefab garage and thought, “Man, this space has got more potential than a rocket waiting for liftoff”? Well, get ready to strap in and level up that box of bolts with some smooth additions.

We’re not just talking a coat of paint – nah, we’re diving into some ripper upgrades that’ll have your garage going from basic to boss without busting the bank or your back.

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Flex the Workspace with Epoxy Flooring

Flex the Workspace with Epoxy Flooring

Up first, let’s talk about laying down some serious style and durability to your trusty prefab garage. How? By slinging a coat of epoxy on that floor.

If you’re unfamiliar, epoxy is like the superhero of flooring—slicker than your average paint and tougher than a two-dollar steak.

But why should you care? Well for starters, it’s spill-proof and super easy to clean. Dropped a gallon of oil or dribbled some brake fluid? No sweat! It wipes off cleaner than a new dime.

Plus, it’s good news for your tools – they’re less likely to go into freefall when you drop ’em – and the same goes for those who prefer their garage to be a home gym mecca!

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Illuminate the Possibilities with LED Lights

For our next trick, let’s shed some lumens on how to bright outshine the sun right inside your prefab wonder. Yup, we’re talking about swapping those old-school bulbs for some snazzy LED lights – an update so good, it could turn a cave into Times Square.

Why LEDs? They’re one of the best energy-saving options around—meaning your wallet won’t scream every time you flick that switch. These bad boys last longer than your favorite jeans and they don’t get hotter than summer asphalt, reducing the risk of you singeing your knuckles when working late night on your four-wheeled love affair.

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Ascend to Convenience with a Liftmaster Garage Door

Ascend to Convenience with a Liftmaster Garage Door

Alright, hold onto your socket wrenches because we’re about to elevate your prefab game with some techy goodness. Introducing the mighty addition of a Liftmaster garage door opener – it’s like having Jarvis from Iron Man, but for your garage.

Switching to one of these gizmos isn’t just for showing off to the neighbors (although, yeah, that’s defo a perk). It’s about cruising into Convenience Avenue. Imagine rolling up after a long day and your garage door unfurls before you like the red carpet at the Oscars—without you so much as lifting a finger.

But get this; not only does it open doors like magic, you can program a Liftmaster garage door opener to sync with your smart home system or smartphone app. Forgot if you closed the door on leaving?

A quick check on your phone lets you breathe easy. Plus, nobody wants to mess around in bad weather trying to manually wrestle open their prehistoric garage entry. With this upgrade, it’s all smooth operations regardless if it’s raining cats or dogs out there.

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Charge up Your Space with a Solar Panel Setup

Now, let’s flip the script and talk energy independence because we’re about to catch some rays – solar-style. Decking out your prefab garage with its own solar panel setup isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s like giving your garage its own mini power plant.

Why should you harness the sun’s mighty mojo? For one, it can slice down that electric bill to almost bupkis when it comes to powering up your garage ops. From those new LED lights to firing up tools, if the sun’s got your back, you’re golden.

Another sweet perk is getting off-the-grid cred. It feels kinda rad not being tethered to city power lines all the time – and hey, in case of blackouts or zombie apocalypse scenarios (kidding…sorta), you’ve still got juice for days.

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The Takeaway

Alright, turbo-charged toolheads and savvy space optimizers – you’ve now got the lowdown on cranking your prefab garage up to an 11. Slap these nifty upgrades in place, and you’ll be coasting in a domain that’s slicker, smarter, and sun-powered.

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