15 House Colour Outside Ideas to Transform Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover vibrant and creative ideas for choosing the perfect exterior color for your house.

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Charcoal Gray With Creamy Trim

charcoal gray with creamy trim

Charcoal gray with creamy trim offers a modern and sophisticated look to your home’s exterior.

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Sage Green With Ivory Accents

sage green with ivory accents

Sage green with ivory accents brings a calming and elegant look to your home’s exterior. It combines a soft green hue with subtle white touches to create a harmonious and classic color scheme that adds charm to your house.

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Soft Peach With White Trim

soft peach with white trim

A soft peach exterior with white trim gives a house a warm and inviting look, perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

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Deep Blue With Gray Trim

deep blue with gray trim

Deep blue with gray trim brings a sophisticated contrast to the exterior of your home, creating a modern and elegant look.

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Terracotta Red With Sandstone Details

terracotta red with sandstone details

Terracotta red with sandstone details adds warmth and character to a home, creating a stylish and inviting exterior.

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Mustard Yellow With White Molding

mustard yellow with white molding

Mustard yellow with white molding creates a cheerful and inviting exterior.

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Earthy Brown With Forest Green Trim

earthy brown with forest green trim

For an earthy feel, consider brown with forest green trim for your home exterior.

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Slate Blue With Bright White

slate blue with bright white

Slate blue exterior paint paired with bright white accents offers a modern and clean look to your home’s facade.

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Pastel Lavender With Light Gray Accents

pastel lavender with light gray accents

Pastel lavender with light gray accents brings a soothing and sophisticated touch to the exterior of a house.

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Coral With Dove Gray Trim

coral with dove gray trim

A charming blend that adds a touch of sophistication to the exterior of your home – Coral with dove gray trim creates an elegant and unique look that stands out beautifully.

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Mint Green With Espresso Accents

mint green with espresso accents

Mint green with espresso accents adds a refreshing touch to your home’s exterior, creating a modern and stylish look.

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Warm Beige With Turquoise Details

warm beige with turquoise details

Warm beige with turquoise details brings a relaxing and tropical feel to your home’s exterior, adding a pop of color to the overall design.

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Smoky Black With Copper Trim

smoky black with copper trim

Combining smoky black as the main color with copper trim can create a sophisticated and modern exterior look to your home.

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navy with cherry red doors

Navy exterior with cherry red doors creates a bold and striking look, adding character and curb appeal to your home.

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Olive Green With Mustard Yellow Accents

olive green with mustard yellow accents

Unique twist on traditionally muted exteriors with a vibrant pop of mustard yellow for added character and style.

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