15 Carriage House ADU Ideas for Your Next Home Project

Last updated on April 15, 2024

Discover practical carriage house ADU designs that maximize space and add value to your property.

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Eco-Friendly Carriage House With Solar Panels

eco friendly carriage house with solar panels

Harnessing renewable energy, this carriage house slashes utility costs with a sleek array of solar panels atop. Its design emphasizes sustainability, merging high-efficiency fixtures and recycled materials for minimal environmental impact. The result is a harmonious blend of modern living and conscientious construction, suitable for the eco-aware homeowner.

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Minimalist Studio Carriage House Design

minimalist studio carriage house design

A minimalist studio design focuses on maximizing space with clean lines and uncluttered interiors. It incorporates built-in furniture and multipurpose fixtures to keep the living area open and adaptable. Neutral color palettes and natural light are harnessed to foster a serene, airy atmosphere.

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Carriage House With Home Gym Conversion

carriage house with home gym conversion

Maximize your carriage house’s livability by integrating a dedicated space for health and fitness. Outfitting the area with essential exercise equipment transforms it into a convenient, private gym. Vibrant wall colors and ample lighting energize the space, making workouts more inviting.

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Modern Farmhouse Carriage House Motif

modern farmhouse carriage house motif

Envision a blend of rustic charm and clean lines where exposed beams meet shiplap walls. Picture a soothing neutral palette dotted with industrial lighting and barn-style doors. The essence of countryside serenity is captured for those who appreciate a mix of tradition and modernity in their living space.

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Carriage House With Rooftop Garden Space

carriage house with rooftop garden space

Transform the roof of your carriage house into a lush oasis for relaxation and urban agriculture. This elevated garden not only boosts your home’s aesthetic appeal but also promotes better insulation and biodiversity. It serves as a private retreat for contemplation or social gatherings, amidst a thriving canopy of greenery.

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Carriage House As a Home Art Studio

carriage house as a home art studio

Transforming your carriage house into an art studio provides a dedicated space for creativity to flourish, undisturbed by the household’s hustle and bustle. Large windows can bathe the interior in natural light, perfect for artists keen on color accuracy. The existing carriage doors offer ample room to move in large canvases or sculptures, making it a versatile choice for various art forms.

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Smart Tech-Enabled Carriage House

smart tech enabled carriage house

Equipping the space with voice-activated devices transforms mundane tasks into a seamless experience. Automated lighting, heating, and security systems offer both convenience and energy efficiency. The integration of smart appliances provides unparalleled control, creating a living area that responds to your every command.

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Sleek Carriage House With Glass Walls

sleek carriage house with glass walls

Imagine walls that blur the boundaries between indoors and out, crafting a constant visual connection to nature. This design invites natural light to flood the interior, amplifying the sense of space within a compact footprint. At night, the transparent facade transforms the ADU into a glowing beacon, harmonizing with the starlit sky.

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Cozy Carriage House With Fireplace Nook

cozy carriage house with fireplace nook

Nestled into the design, a snug nook with a welcoming fireplace becomes the focal point for relaxation and warmth. This space effortlessly transforms the carriage house into a retreat, ideal for chilly evenings or simply unwinding with a good book. Adding a touch of rustic charm, the fireplace area invites a rare coziness, distinguishing this living space from your average ADU.

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Multi-Generational Carriage House Setup

multi generational carriage house setup

This type of carriage house is crafted with an adaptable layout to accommodate family members of all ages, featuring safety rails, non-slip floors, and wider doorways. The design includes private areas for independent living while ensuring communal spaces are central and accessible for family bonding. It supports the changing dynamics of family life, enabling both privacy and connection within a shared property.

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Carriage House With Hidden Storage Solutions

carriage house with hidden storage solutions

Maximizing every square inch, this concept employs clever nooks and multifunctional furniture, transforming the carriage house into a haven of organization. Think staircases with drawers and seating that doubles as storage, ensuring that the living space remains uncluttered. Seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, these design elements keep your belongings out of sight but always within reach.

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Carriage House Transformed Into a Music Studio

carriage house transformed into a music studio

Outfitted with soundproof walls and high-quality acoustics, this musical haven allows for both energetic jam sessions and focused production work. The interior boasts a mix of functional spaces, including a recording booth, mixing desk, and a cozy lounge area for creative breaks. Strategically placed instrument racks and wall-mounted guitar holders maximize the space, ensuring every square foot inspires musical innovation.

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Nautical Themed Carriage House Interior

nautical themed carriage house interior

Anchors aweigh in a sea-inspired oasis, where hues of blue and sandy tones create a calming retreat. Deck out the space with maritime accents such as porthole windows and rope trimmings to invoke the feel of a captain’s quarters. This coastal sanctuary serves as a serene harbor for guests looking to navigate their own urban seascape.

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Carriage House With Murphy Bed for Space Saving

carriage house with murphy bed for space saving

A Murphy bed transforms a carriage house ADU into a versatile abode, offering a comfortable sleeping area by night and freeing up valuable square footage by day. This ingenious design choice maximizes the usability of compact spaces, catering to both rest and productivity. With a simple lift, the room instantaneously converts, proving functionality doesn’t have to sacrifice style or comfort.

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Cottage Style Carriage House With Vintage Charm

cottage style carriage house with vintage charm

Embrace yesteryear’s warmth with antique fixtures and heirloom-quality textiles defining this homely space. Whitewashed wood and soft, lace curtains marry nostalgia with comfort, creating an idyllic retreat. Delicate floral patterns and classic rocking chairs invite relaxation in this time-honored setting.

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