4 Reasons Your Office Space Needs Natural Light

Last updated on March 22, 2022

Your office space needs more natural light and here is why. Here are four reasons why you should work to increase the amount of daylight coming into your workspace.

The work environment that employees go to each day can have an impact on many different aspects. Employers should think of the office as an extension of the home and create a comfortable workspace for their teams.

After all, workers spend more awake time at the office than at home, so why not make it a space they want to go to each day? Employees have expressed a desire to get up and go to the office. They believe it’s where they can do their best work rather than slum it through another day, barely meeting deadlines. 

Employers that put themselves in the shoes of their team members would see that adding more comfort and ease for them during the workday could improve their performance.

There are many more reasons why offices should incorporate more natural light into their workspaces, so let’s take a better look:

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Improves Engagement and Productivity

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Employees motivated to give their best performance at work end up being more engaged and, in the end, improve the company’s revenue.

While motivation can be done in many forms, one of the most significant driving factors for employees would be the open, well-lit areas surrounding them. Humans are spontaneously drawn to nature and instinctively feel the benefits when employers increase natural light at work.

When receiving exposure to more natural light during the day, team members may have a better night’s rest, feeling refreshed the next day. Sleep is necessary for bodily systems to rest and recharge before tackling another full day of official duty. 

Employees who work in a natural light space may soak up more essential vitamin D than other workers, improving sleep and, in turn, overall health.

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Saves on the Utility Bill

Most office buildings use some form of lighting to increase security at night and to light up areas of the office where there’s less natural light during the day. It could mean that some spaces are lit for many hours a day, using more electricity than employers would want. 

Money spent on the utility bill can be used elsewhere in the company, and any employer will grab the opportunity to save even a fraction of that expense.

With more natural light flowing through the workspace during the day, switching on extra lighting may not be necessary for teams.

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Teams Are Happier and Healthier

Team members who work in spaces with more natural sunlight are, in general, happier and healthier than their counterparts working in artificially lit environments.

The natural light streaming through the windows and skylights can inspire employees to take frequent breaks to gather their thoughts by spending a few minutes outside. Increasing physical movement promotes more oxygen to flow through the body, which means sharper minds.

Depression and anxiety may be present in team members who are not as exposed to natural light. This could be the reason why some would be booked off from work more often. Frequently feeling unwell can affect their morale and performance, leading to decreased productivity.

On the other hand, companies that care about the well-being of their staff will have more loyal employees, resulting in lower staff turnover. Adding more natural light to the work area could be one of the ways employers can address team member wellness.

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Adds to the Resell Appeal of the Space

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As businesses grow and expand, it may be necessary to move to a bigger office or adjust the workspace according to their needs. When the original space has welcoming windows with a beautiful outside view, it will attract the ideal buyers, and the company shouldn’t have any difficulty selling.

Open office spaces that invite natural light in and provide the best working environment for employees are more likely to sell.

Companies that recognize the importance of having access to natural light will jump at the chance to acquire a facility that offers it. Eco-friendly options are gaining popularity, with more and more people preferring to use natural, sustainable solutions for common daily issues.

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Combining the Benefits

Although some may think that giving employees too much freedom and comfort could harm their performance, the facts are clear. Happy and healthy employees tend to work harder, provide better results, and participate more in company activities, especially when exposed to natural light in their workspaces.

Companies need to consider all the benefits of adding more natural light, including a significant increase in their bottom line while having an office that can potentially turn into an excellent investment.

Team members looking forward to their workday could potentially be significant assets to the company. They’re less often ill, have more drive, and have a can-do attitude—all achieved by the simple addition of natural light to their workspace.

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