The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way

Last updated on June 19, 2023

Ready to make your home spotless and sustainable at the same time? Read this article for some of the best green cleaning tips and tricks.

Home cleaning has a lot of undeniable benefits. For many people, it’s a therapeutic and mindful way to process emotions, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety for many people. Keeping your space squeaky clean is also proven effective in minimizing the risks of disease-causing bugs and allergens.

But being committed to cleaning your home regularly may not be enough sometimes. Adopting eco-friendly cleaning habits, like using natural household cleaning products, can go a long way in our collective quest to help the environment. 

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Switch to Natural Cleaning Alternatives

What type of household cleaning products you use can also play a pivotal role in achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle and being kinder to our planet. According to BetterCleans, using eco-friendly cleaning products for your home is safer and more sustainable. Unlike commercial, chemical-based cleaners:

  • They do not contain ingredients that may compromise your and your loved one’s health. Exposure to toxic cleaners can cause adverse reactions, including respiratory issues and contact dermatitis.
  • They are cheaper, especially if you have the time to DIY homemade natural cleaning solutions using stuff you already have in your pantry.
  • They do not put your pet’s health at risk. Most store-bought cleaning products with bleach, ammonia, and formaldehyde have been linked to cancer, kidney damage, and anemia.
  • They reduce single-use plastic bottles and excessive plastic packaging, which do not decompose and end up in our already overflowing landfills.

Fortunately, there are now many sustainable brands that are producing eco-friendly home cleaning products. The options are endless, but you still have to be vigilant in checking the product labels and company background to ensure their claims are valid.

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DIY Homemade Cleaning Solutions

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of natural ingredients that offer powerful cleaning and disinfecting properties for every nook and cranny of your home. Absolute Domestic’s Manly cleaners recommend some excellent examples.

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Lemon is a fantastic cleaning agent. It has antiseptic and antibacterial benefits and can serve as a natural odor neutralizer, too. It’s a versatile natural cleaner and can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cleaning and polishing copper pans and pots. Dip a slice of lemon with baking soda or salt and use it to scrub the surface gently.
  • Disinfecting and getting rid of the nasty smell on wooden chopping boards or sink after prepping fish or meat. Rub a slice of lemon on the surfaces. 
  • Removing stains on plastic containers. Mix fresh lemon juice with baking soda and rub on the stain.
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Baking Soda

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is a mild abrasive that can be used in cleaning stains, surface rust, and grease. It’s a super cool multipurpose house cleaner that can make your job easier. You can make baking soda paste or spray-on cleaning solution to do many cleaning tasks naturally, such as:

  • Whitening your toilet bowl
  • Deep cleaning your kitchen oven
  • Getting rid of any unpleasant smell in your fridge 
  •  Removing disgusting odors, brightening colors of clothes, and as a natural fabric softener
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And who would dare not mention vinegar when talking about natural cleaning agents? Vinegar is a gentle acetic acid and natural antibacterial that can be used in many different ways in home cleaning.

  • Deep clean your dishwasher by putting two cups of vinegar in a bowl placed on the top rack. Run a cycle as usual to eliminate germs and foul smells.
  • Descale your kettle by boiling equal parts of vinegar and water. Rinse once it cools down and see scale deposits lifted.
  • Neutralize powerful odors from cooking by simmering a pan with water and vinegar. 
  • Remove yellow stains on white fabrics by spraying vinegar and water solution on the affected area. For pure whites, you can also soak overnight in vinegar and water.
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Reuse Paper Bags, Magazines, and Newspapers

We accumulate a lot of paper products from the things we buy or give to us that get thrown away without any second thought. But the paper has many incredible uses, especially as an eco-friendly cleaning tool. 

Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Use old newspaper with rubbing alcohol or vinegar and water solution in scrubbing or wiping dry mirrors and other glass surfaces.
  • Shred paper materials as an eco-friendly liner for your pet’s litter box. It’s great for absorbing the funky smells.
  • Reuse paper packaging to pick up and clean kids or pets’ messy accidents.
  • Clean barbecue grill with recycled paper soaked in water. 
  • Deodorize your shoes by putting crumpled paper inside.
  • Reuse paper as kitchen rugs.
  • Instead of using new paper towels, use recycled paper to wipe spills and grease in the oven.

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