20 Shipping Container Pool Ideas for a Unique Splash

Last updated on June 26, 2024

Discover exciting and innovative ways to transform shipping containers into stylish, functional pools for your backyard oasis.

Tired of swimming in the same-old, same-old splasher’s paradise? Me too.

That’s why I’ve been scouring the internet not just for ordinary shipping container pool ideas, but for the wackiest, quirkiest, let’s-turn-it-up-to-eleven concepts out there.

Get ready to dive into some pool ideas so fresh, they might just leave you doing a backflip (and not just in the water).

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Rooftop Garden Pool

rooftop garden pool

Utilizing a shipping container pool for a rooftop garden pool brings a touch of elegance and tranquility to urban living spaces. This innovative concept combines the luxury of a private pool with the beauty of a rooftop garden. It offers a unique oasis in the sky while maximizing outdoor living in limited spaces.

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Infinity Edge Pool

infinity edge pool

An infinity edge pool gives the illusion of blending seamlessly with the horizon, creating a stunning visual effect that adds sophistication to any outdoor space. This design is perfect for homes with a beautiful view or for those looking to elevate their backyard oasis. The water flows over one edge, appearing to have no boundaries, providing a luxurious and modern feel to your swimming experience.

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Plunge Pool

plunge pool

A Plunge pool offers a great solution for smaller spaces or unique design requirements within the context of shipping container pool ideas. It provides a refreshing dip without the need for excessive square footage. The compact size makes it an ideal choice for a quick and cool escape.

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Tropical Oasis Pool

tropical oasis pool

Imagine having a slice of the tropics in your backyard with a tropical oasis pool. Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and exotic accents transport you to a paradise getaway. It’s like having your private resort just steps away from your door.

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Underwater Viewing Window Pool

underwater viewing window pool

Imagine swimming in a pool with a large glass window giving you an underwater view. You can watch the serene beauty of the water world below as you swim. It adds a unique and fascinating touch to your swimming experience.

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LED-lit Night Pool

led lit night pool

Picture a sapphire oasis glowing under the night sky. LED lights transform your shipping container pool into a mesmerizing spectacle after sunset. Set the mood with a customizable light display and swim under the stars in style.

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Solar-heated Pool

solar heated pool

Solar-heated pool uses energy from the sun to warm the water, staying environmentally friendly. This type of pool allows for comfortable swimming even during colder weather. It’s a cost-effective and sustainable way to enjoy a warm dip.

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Two-story Pool With Waterfall

two story pool with waterfall

Imagine a pool that spans across two levels with a majestic waterfall cascading between them. This unique design creates a stunning focal point in your backyard oasis. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury and relaxation to your outdoor space.

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Pool With an Integrated Deck

pool with an integrated deck

An integrated deck adds a seamless transition from pool to resting area. It provides a stylish touch to the pool design. Boosts overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of the pool space.

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Rustic Wood-accented Pool

rustic wood accented pool

Rustic wood-accented pool brings a cozy and natural feel to your backyard oasis. It combines the elements of wood and water for a unique and inviting aesthetic. The blend of rustic wood materials with the cool water creates a harmonious and relaxing outdoor space.

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Glass-bottom Pool

glass bottom pool

This pool features a section with a transparent floor, allowing swimmers to see below. Imagine the fun and thrill of swimming over a glass bottom offering a unique underwater view. This design adds an exciting aquatic experience to any backyard space.

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Pool With Swim-up Bar

pool with swim up bar

Imagine swimming up to a bar for a refreshing drink without leaving the cool waters of your pool. It’s a luxurious and convenient way to enjoy summer vibes with your friends and family. Elevate your pool experience by combining relaxation and entertainment effortlessly.

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In-pool Seating

in pool seating

In-pool seating offers a unique and relaxing way to socialize while cooling off. It provides a comfortable spot within the pool for lounging and catching up with friends and family. This feature adds a fun and luxurious touch to your shipping container pool experience.

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Themed Pool (e.g., Pirate, Jungle)

themed pool e.g. pirate jungle

Transform your shipping container pool into a thrilling pirate-themed oasis with unique decor and accessories. Dive into the jungle with lush greenery, exotic plants, and animal motifs surrounding your pool area for an adventurous vibe. Embrace the theme with creative touches like treasure chests, rustic wooden elements, and rope details to complete the immersive experience.

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Wave Pool

wave pool

A wave pool creates artificial waves for a beach-like experience. Perfect for surfing or just lounging by the shore. Imagine catching waves in your own backyard!

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Saltwater Pool

saltwater pool

Saltwater pools use a salt-chlorine generator. These pools require minimal maintenance and have softer water. Perfect for a beach-inspired backyard oasis.

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Pool With an Attached Jacuzzi

pool with an attached jacuzzi

One standout shipping container pool idea is adding an attached Jacuzzi for a luxurious touch. The Jacuzzi section allows for relaxation in warm, bubbling water alongside the refreshing pool. This feature brings a spa-like experience right into your backyard oasis.

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Smart-home Integrated Pool

smart home integrated pool

Access your pool’s features remotely, like adjusting temperature and turning on lights, with a Smart-home integrated pool. Stay updated on water quality and maintenance needs through real-time notifications. Seamlessly control your pool settings using voice commands or a mobile app.

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Pool With Water Slides

pool with water slides

Get ready for endless thrills with a shipping container pool combined with water slides. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of sliding into the cool waters right in your backyard oasis. Transform your pool area into a full-fledged water park for a fun-filled experience.

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Bioluminescent Pool

bioluminescent pool

Imagine a pool glowing softly at night like a magical underwater world. Picture the water shimmering with a beautiful otherworldly glow. With a bioluminescent pool, you can have a touch of enchantment right in your backyard.

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