14 Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Ideas – All You Need to Know

Last updated on February 7, 2022

Let’s explore the benefits of a geodesic dome greenhouse in bite-sized bits. Here’s all you need to know to build or get one for your sustainable lifestyle. Read on!

Geodesic domes are inexpensive, energy-efficient, and stronger compared to other greenhouse structures. You can build it from scratch so you can make it as big or as small as you want.

Some companies even make pre-fabricated domes for those who can’t build their own. There’s a lot in our list of ideas to choose from that would fit any budget.

So let’s go ahead and explore all the best greenhouse ideas out there. You’ll be glad you did. Check these out!

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What is the Geodesic Greenhouse?

What is Geodesic Greenhouse
Source: youtube.com

A geodesic greenhouse is simply a greenhouse that has a dome construction. It helps improve the conditions for plants, especially in colder climates. The air inside the dome is separated from the outside – it makes light energy go through but traps the heat.

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Geodesic Greenhouse Kit

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Kits for your greenhouse should be able to provide a reliable ecosystem that plants would love in order for them to grow healthy and strong. It creates efficiency and at the same time affordable and durable.

Building a dome using a kit is a middle ground option between building it from scratch and buying a prefab one. Here are some popular kits:

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Climate Controlled Dome Greenhouse Kit

Climate Controlled Kit
Source: youtube.com

It might seem out of the ordinary but you can actually get a climate-controlled dome greenhouse. It lets you create the ideal climate all year round because you can control the ventilation, humidity, temperature, everything you need to grow your plants.

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Small Geodesic Greenhouse

Small Greenhouse
Source: youtube.com

If you want to have a greenhouse but you’re tight on budget or don’t have enough space, a smaller dome is a viable option. It still has the same features as a regular geodesic, only smaller and cheaper.

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Glass Dome Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse
Source: youtube.com

Greenhouse domes made out of glass are like the premium version of greenhouses. They’re more durable and is built to last. It is used if you want to grow plants all year round as they let more sunlight through.

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DIY Geodesic Greenhouse

Diy Greenhouse
Source: youtube.com

Some companies sell geodesic greenhouses that are pre-made, but another option is building it from scratch to save money. They’re actually easy and you can fully customize the looks of your dome. Above is one of the videos that show a walkthrough of such a project. Instructables have an amazing detailed project too.

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How to Build a Geodesic Greenhouse

How To Build A Geodesic Dome
Source: youtube.com

Building a dome may seem hard but it’s actually the opposite. It’s easy to assemble, inexpensive, and really strong. They can even be moved once built. The steps are pretty simple, here’s an overview:

  • Make triangles from heavy papers
  • Make hexagons and pentagons
  • Connect
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PVC Dome Greenhouse

Pvc Dome
Source: youtube.com

This is probably the cheapest yet durable greenhouse out there and you can even build it in one day. It’s fun and easy to assemble and you can make it as big or as small as you want. It still has the same benefits as a greenhouse that helps plants grow during the winter season.

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Geodesic Greenhouse Plans

Source: youtube.com

Having a plan would make life easier for you when getting a greenhouse. You can plan out carefully the materials, money, and space you need and you can always adjust it before even building one. It’s a practical way to get into domes.

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Four Seasons Dome Greenhouse

Four Seasons
Source: youtube.com

Growing plants all year round is possible with a 4 seasons greenhouse dome. Since it’s a dome, it’s versatile and can be movable when needed. This is a great choice in areas that has a longer cold season or hard to grow plants.

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Dome Greenhouse Sizes

Source: youtube.com

Dome greenhouses come in different sizes. It depends on your budget and space. A smaller greenhouse is cost-efficient and ideal for 1 or 2 people, it’s usually around 15 square feet while bigger ones are 18 feet and up.

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Prefabricated Dome Greenhouse

Source: youtube.com

Prefabricated dome greenhouses have their own advantages. First, they’ll be pre-made in a factory and deliver it to your site and you can build it on your own making it cost-effective. It’s ideal for people who want to have a greenhouse quickly but don’t have the time to build one from scratch.

These are the most popular manufacturers:

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Geodesic Greenhouse Polycarbonate

Source: youtube.com

Polycarbonate is the main material for geodesic greenhouses. It is suitable for domes made out of wood as sealing them would be much much easier. Polycarbonate can be molded and let light through more efficiently than most glasses.

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Solar Dome Greenhouse

Source: youtube.com

If you live in a place where summer is much longer, a solar greenhouse may prove really beneficial. It is a very energy efficient and great money-saving tool because you rely on the sun on for power.

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