15 Ideas for Using an Exterior Design App

Last updated on June 7, 2024

Looking for exterior design app ideas? You’ve come to the right place for creative, useful, and fun options to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level!1. **Landscape Designers – Bring Greenery to Life** Apps like iScape and Home Outside allow you to visualize landscaping ideas, from flower beds to water features. Think of it as a digital sandbox for your outdoor dreams.2. **Color Selection – Hue Got This** Exploring new paint colors for your home’s exterior? Apps such as Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap can help you preview how different shades look on your walls without lifting a brush. It’s like playing with a giant, virtual paint swatch.3. **Architectural Overhaul – More Than a Facelift** With Houzz or Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden, you can tinker with architectural elements like roof styles, window placements, and even add new structures. If only renovating the actual house was as quick!4. **Deck and Patio Planners – The Outdoor Living Room** Use apps such as Deckorators or DIY Deck Designer to draft the perfect deck or patio. These apps allow you to be the star of your own backyard design show.5. **Outdoor Lighting – Bright Ideas** Playing with lighting can transform your home’s exterior and apps like Philips Hue or Lutron Caseta give you the chance to test various lighting setups. Because nobody wants their house to look like a spooky haunted mansion… unless it’s Halloween, then go nuts!6. **Fencing and Boundaries – Good Fences Make Good Neighbors** Apps like myLawn by Scotts and Fence Estimator help you test different fencing options. Who knew making sure your dog doesn’t escape could be so artistic?You’ll find some of these apps feature augmented reality (AR) so you can see changes in real-time through your phone’s camera. It’s almost like magic, but better – you don’t need to know any spells.

You’ve seen it all—paint swatches, 3D renderings, and virtual tours. Bored yet?

Well, buckle up! I promise no déjà vu here.

Let’s dive into some wild, new ideas for exterior design apps. Fresh twists, coming right up!

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Augmented Reality Lawn Planners

augmented reality lawn planners

Augmented reality lawn planners provide a futuristic way to visualize and design your outdoor space. They offer a sneak peek into how your garden will look with different elements and landscaping features.

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AI-driven Garden Design Recommendations

ai driven garden design recommendations

This feature suggests optimal plant arrangement based on the environment. It provides tailored gardening options using artificial intelligence.

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Virtual Paint and Siding Simulator

virtual paint and siding simulator

Visualize different paint colors and siding options on your home before making a decision. Easily experiment with various styles and combinations for a fresh and personalized exterior look.

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Custom Lighting Design With Night Mode Preview

custom lighting design with night mode preview

Experience a virtual nighttime ambiance with the ability to customize lighting designs effortlessly. Visualize your exterior space with different lighting options for a stunning evening effect.

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Smart Furniture Placement and Fitting Tool

smart furniture placement and fitting tool

Quickly arrange and fit furniture in your virtual exterior design with precision and ease using this smart tool. Say goodbye to moving heavy items around, and hello to effortlessly visualizing your dream outdoor space layout!

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Seasonal Plant and Flower Guide

seasonal plant and flower guide

Explore a feature in the app that suggests plants and flowers based on the current season to keep your exterior vibrant year-round. Get expert guidance on what botanicals thrive in your area each season.

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Energy-efficient Landscape Design Suggestions

energy efficient landscape design suggestions

This feature provides green solutions for yard layouts to maximize energy conservation. It suggests planting positions and materials to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter.

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3D Walk-around Visualization

3d walk around visualization

The 3D walk-around visualization lets you virtually explore and experience your exterior design from different angles with lifelike details. It offers a realistic understanding of how your outdoor space will look and feel before making any physical changes.

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Interactive Roof Material Tester

interactive roof material tester

Easily test varied roof materials in real-time via an interactive tool. Get a quick visual on how different materials look on your house.

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Water Feature and Pool Planning Tool

water feature and pool planning tool

Imagine easily planning your dream backyard oasis with a virtual tool that helps you design the perfect water features and pool layout. Visualize different pool shapes, sizes, and water elements to create a stunning outdoor space effortlessly.

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Sustainable Materials Selector

sustainable materials selector

The Sustainable materials selector in the app lets you choose eco-friendly options for your exterior design projects. It helps you make environmentally conscious choices without compromising style and quality.

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Mood Board Creator for Exterior Styles

mood board creator for exterior styles

The Mood board creator for exterior styles helps visualize design elements before implementation. It allows users to mix and match colors, textures, and materials for cohesive outdoor aesthetics.

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Noise Reduction Landscape Ideas

noise reduction landscape ideas

Create outdoor spaces that minimize noise disturbances with strategic landscaping elements, ideal for designing peaceful and serene environments. Incorporate features like hedges, trees, and water features to block unwanted sounds and enhance the overall tranquility of your exterior design.

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Outdoor Art and Decor Visualizer

outdoor art and decor visualizer

Quickly visualize how different art pieces and outdoor decor items will look in your exterior spaces. Easily experiment with various designs and placements without making any permanent changes. Discover the perfect accents to elevate your outdoor areas effortlessly.

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DIY Project Planner and Cost Estimator

diy project planner and cost estimator

Quickly estimate costs and plan your DIY projects seamlessly. Stay within budget and execute your exterior design plans effortlessly.

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