15 Craftsman Style ADU Ideas for Your Home Expansion

Last updated on April 14, 2024

Discover how to blend the timeless charm of Craftsman architecture with the modern convenience of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) through inspired design strategies.

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Eco-Friendly Craftsman ADU With Green Roof

eco friendly craftsman adu with green roof

Outfitted with a living roof, this ADU merges classic design with modern sustainability, creating an oasis that reduces its environmental footprint.

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Two-Story Craftsman ADU for Growing Families

two story craftsman adu for growing families

Maximizing space and promoting family closeness, this vertical ADU design boasts multiple bedrooms and communal areas across its two floors.

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Compact Craftsman Studio With Loft Bed

compact craftsman studio with loft bed

Maximizing every inch, this snug studio leverages vertical space with a cozy loft bed, creating an efficient living area beneath.

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Craftsman ADU With Artisan Woodwork Interior

craftsman adu with artisan woodwork interior

Incorporating custom-crafted woodwork, this ADU offers a warm, nostalgic ambiance with detailed trim, built-in cabinetry, and hewn beams that evoke the timeless charm of traditional Craftsman design.

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Open-Concept Craftsman ADU With Vaulted Ceilings

open concept craftsman adu with vaulted ceilings

Maximize space and natural light with soaring ceilings that add an airy ambiance to this open-plan living ADU.

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Craftsman ADU With Home Automation Features

craftsman adu with home automation features

Blend timeless charm with modern convenience by integrating cutting-edge smart technology into a Craftsman-style auxiliary dwelling, enabling effortless control over lighting, climate, and security with the touch of a button.

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Multigenerational Craftsman ADU With Accessibility

multigenerational craftsman adu with accessibility

This ADU tackles the challenge of accommodating diverse age ranges, blending the classic Craftsman charm with features like no-step entries and wider doorways to make life comfortable for everyone.

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Craftsman ADU With Foldable Wall to Expand Living Space

craftsman adu with foldable wall to expand living space

Embrace flexibility in your Craftsman ADU by installing a foldable wall, effortlessly transforming your space to accommodate larger gatherings or intimate nooks as desired.

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Craftsman Garden Cottage ADU With Sustainable Materials

craftsman garden cottage adu with sustainable materials

Embrace eco-conscious living in a garden cottage that marries Craftsman charm with the latest in sustainable building practices.

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Craftsman ADU With a Rooftop Deck

craftsman adu with a rooftop deck

Maximize your outdoor living with a rooftop deck that offers stunning panoramic views and a refreshing open-air retreat atop your craftsman ADU.

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Craftsman Workspace ADU With Built-In Bookcases

craftsman workspace adu with built in bookcases

Maximize both productivity and charm by incorporating floor-to-ceiling bookcases for a library feel in your Craftsman ADU workspace.

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Craftsman ADU With Attached Greenhouse

craftsman adu with attached greenhouse

Bridging the charm of classic craftsmanship and the love for lush greenery, this ADU integrates a seamless transition from a cozy wood-finished living space to a sunlit sanctuary for plants.

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Historic Replica Craftsman ADU for Heritage Homes

historic replica craftsman adu for heritage homes

Modeling your ADU after a historic Craftsman preserves the charm and architectural integrity of established neighborhoods while providing modern living spaces.

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Craftsman ADU With Native Landscaping Designs

craftsman adu with native landscaping designs

Blending harmoniously with local flora, this accessory dwelling unit embodies a connection with its surrounding ecosystem, offering a serene, naturally integrated habitat.

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Mini Craftsman Mansion ADU With Miniature Detailing

mini craftsman mansion adu with miniature detailing

Embodying the charm of its full-sized counterparts, this downsized dwelling boasts intricate trims and handcrafted elements that pay homage to traditional Craftsman architecture.

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