15 Creative 2 Story ADU Ideas for Your Next Home Project

Last updated on April 5, 2024

Discover innovative two-story ADU designs that maximize living space and offer versatile functionality for homeowners.

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Two Story 1BR+Loft/2BA | Creative Loft Space

two story 1brloft2ba creative loft space

Maximizing vertical space, this ADU features a cozy loft bedroom overlooking a spacious living area, offering a blend of privacy and openness. The two full bathrooms provide convenience for both residents and guests, while the loft space engenders a versatile area for relaxation or creative pursuits. Its unique design embraces a contemporary lifestyle, with smart utilization of the limited footprint that an ADU provides.

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Modern Eco-Friendly 2BR/2BA With Rooftop Terrace

modern eco friendly 2br2ba with rooftop terrace

This concept emphasizes sustainability, featuring solar panels and green building materials that bolster its energy efficiency. The layout includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms, smartly designed to maximize living space without compromising on modern comforts. Its crowning feature is the rooftop terrace, offering outdoor living with views, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying the urban or suburban skyline.

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Two Story 2BR/1.5BA | Compact Urban Design

two story 2br1.5ba compact urban design

Maximizing limited city space, this two-story ADU features two comfortable bedrooms on the upper floor, offering private retreats for residents. The first floor houses a combined living and dining area with a convenient half-bath, keeping daily activities cohesive and accessible. With its smart design, this structure maintains a small footprint while providing all essential amenities for modern urban living.

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Two-Story Studio+/2BA | Multi-Functional Space

two story studio2ba multi functional space

The design incorporates a versatile lower level that can serve as a work-live area, complete with a bathroom for convenience and client visits. Upstairs, the private sleeping zone is complemented by another full bathroom, ensuring comfort and separation from the professional space below. Abundant storage solutions are seamlessly integrated into both floors, maximizing the utility of this compact, innovative domicile.

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Two Story 2BR/1BA With a Balcony

two story 2br1ba with a balcony

Maximizing vertical space, this design incorporates two bedrooms upstairs with a shared bathroom, providing privacy and efficient use of square footage. The highlight is a charming balcony accessible from the master bedroom, offering a private outdoor retreat and the satisfaction of indoor-outdoor living. Strategic window placement and the balcony integration allow natural light to flood the space, enhancing the home’s ambiance and energy efficiency.

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Craftsman Style 2BR/2BA With a Porch

craftsman style 2br2ba with a porch

Embracing the timeless charm of Craftsman architecture, this ADU features handcrafted woodwork and a welcoming front porch, perfect for relaxation and neighborhood engagement. The interior boasts two bedrooms and two bathrooms, combining functionality with the aesthetic warmth of natural materials. Large windows invite ample natural light, and built-in shelving enhances the space with both utility and a touch of artisan craftsmanship.

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Two Story 1BR/2BA With Home Office Nook

two story 1br2ba with home office nook

Maximizing vertical space, the design smartly incorporates a versatile home office nook on the ground floor. The second floor is devoted to a tranquil master suite, complete with an en-suite bathroom and ample closet space. Ample windows ensure the home office is bathed in natural light, promoting productivity without encroaching on living areas.

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Two Story 2BR/2BA With a Sunroom

two story 2br2ba with a sunroom

Maximize natural light and add a touch of tranquility to your living space with the inclusion of a sunroom in your two-story ADU design. This feature provides a seamless transition between indoor comfort and the beauty of the outdoors, offering a serene retreat for relaxation or a sunny nook for your morning coffee. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal and potential property value, catering to those who appreciate a harmonious blend of function and form.

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Contemporary 2BR/1.5BA With Open Concept

contemporary 2br1.5ba with open concept

Maximizing natural light and enhancing the sense of spaciousness, this design features large windows and minimal interior walls. The main living area flows seamlessly into the kitchen and dining space, facilitating conversation and social gatherings. Upstairs, two bedrooms are paired with a full bath, maintaining privacy while promoting a modern, cohesive living environment.

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Two Story 1BR/2BA | Vaulted Ceilings in Master

two story 1br2ba vaulted ceilings in master

The master bedroom’s vaulted ceilings infuse the space with an airy, expansive feel, transforming a typical ADU bedroom into a grand retreat. This layout smartly includes two bathrooms, ensuring both comfort and privacy for residents and guests. The architectural detail adds a touch of luxury and can enhance natural lighting, contributing to the ADU’s overall sense of spaciousness.

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Two Story 2BR/2BA Eco-Friendly With Solar Panels

two story 2br2ba eco friendly with solar panels

This design prioritizes sustainability, incorporating solar panel technology to harness renewable energy, reducing both environmental impact and utility costs. The layout optimizes living space across two floors, offering a pair of bedrooms and bathrooms ideal for small families or roommates valuing privacy. Ample natural light and energy-efficient appliances throughout the unit complement the eco-friendly theme while providing modern comforts.

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Traditional 2BR/2BA With a Reading Loft

traditional 2br2ba with a reading loft

This design uniquely merges classic charm with cozy living, featuring two well-appointed bedrooms alongside two full bathrooms for ample privacy and convenience. Upstairs, the reading loft offers a tranquil retreat for book lovers, overlooking the main living area and fostering a sense of openness. The exterior echoes timeless architecture with attention to detail, providing curb appeal that blends seamlessly into established neighborhoods.

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Farmhouse-Inspired 2BR/2BA With Mudroom

farmhouse inspired 2br2ba with mudroom

Tapping into rustic charm, this two-story design offers a functional mudroom, perfect for a household that values organization and a touch of country aesthetics. Its spacious bedrooms exude a cozy atmosphere, benefiting from the warmth typically found in farmhouse styles. Ample natural light and classic finishing details give the space a timeless appeal that complements both rural and urban settings.

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Two Story 1BR/1.5BA | Full Kitchen and Dining

two story 1br1.5ba full kitchen and dining

Maximizing the potential of a two-story ADU, this concept features a spacious 1-bedroom layout complemented by a generous 1.5-bath arrangement. A full kitchen and separate dining area offer the comforts of a primary residence, catering to those who enjoy entertaining or appreciate the ritual of sit-down meals. The second story provides privacy for the bedroom suite, creating a clear separation between living and personal spaces.

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Two Story 2BR/2BA | Artisan Crafted Features

two story 2br2ba artisan crafted features

Integrating artisanal craftsmanship, this two-bedroom, two-bath ADU offers bespoke details like handcrafted cabinetry and custom tile work. Every inch of the space radiates uniqueness, from the hand-laid parquet flooring to the specially designed light fixtures that complement the home’s aesthetics. The design not only maximizes functional living space but also serves as a showcase for local artisanship and bespoke design elements, giving the ADU a one-of-a-kind character.

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