Why Window Shutters Are Eco-Friendly

Last updated on April 30, 2024

Here’s why we consider window shutters to be eco-friendly. Read on!

Windows are some of the first lines of defense in any household against external elements. Aside from providing protection, they also help regulate your indoor temperature.

Because they’re an essential part of the house, homeowners must consider adding treatments to bring their windows to the next level. Fortunately, various options are available on the market, including window shutters.

Different designs are created for window shutters. After all, some of them are best installed indoors, while others are external shutters.

Most homeowners believe all window shutters are good for additional security, especially ground-floor windows. And it doesn’t hurt that they add more appeal to homes. However, they don’t know how much they contribute to eco-friendly houses.  

Considering climate change’s prevalence, many are starting to include the environment more in their everyday lives. Even the smallest gesture could affect your surroundings one way or another.

Fortunately, installing window shutters comes with various perks that benefit the environment, such as the following:

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Excellent Insulation

window shutters interior

One of the many hurdles homeowners must overcome yearly is the changing seasons. Because as time goes by, the temperature fluctuates between high and low. And it’s even worse for places that experience extreme temperatures, from sub-zero winter to scorching summer heat. The elements are any household’s worst enemy. After all, temperature changes can easily affect the house’s integrity, whether hot or cold.   

Old-fashioned homes using traditional construction materials are susceptible to this problem the most. Because on top of compromising the house, changing temperatures often deal a huge blow to indoor comfort. However, you might want to consider creating your own window shutters once you learn how effective they are at any time of the year.   

During summers, only turning on the air conditioning (AC) unit can resolve how hot the inside of the house gets. But as comfortable as that is, using the AC daily might not make you feel as good as soon as you see the bills. Fortunately, window shutters are designed to redirect sunlight from fully entering the room, thanks to the slats. You can even turn off the AC and open the windows since the breeze can still pass through.  

As for colder months, window shutters handle the heat and can even keep heat indoors. Because even though double-paned windows are installed, draught can still seep in and push your indoor heating over time to keep the house warm. But thanks to their slats, you only have to close your window shutters to discourage the cold from entering while retaining heat.  

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Great Light Regulation

window shutters bedroom

Light is often used to the household’s advantage because it can affect curb appeal. Because depending on the lighting, homeowners can easily change the mood as they wish, with low light for intimate or private settings. In contrast, brighter lighting emits an open and refreshing atmosphere. But instead of investing in adjustable lighting fixtures, having window shutters can already do the trick. 

By adjusting the angle of the slats, you can easily redirect the sunlight. Hence, you can change how much light you want inside the house, whether dim or bright. Moreover, you’ll rely on natural lighting more, drastically lowering your energy bills. And for those worried about ultraviolet (UV) rays, angling the slats will prevent sunlight from aiming directly at your furniture or the residents. 

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Low Maintenance

window shutters kitchen

Unlike curtains, window shutters are manufactured using PVC or wood. Considering how much fabric still needs to be washed, there’s no doubt how much it costs to clean the curtains once it’s time.

Meanwhile, the only thing you need to do for the window shutters is a light dusting. Hence, it’s safe to say that they’re perfect for homeowners with busy schedules who can’t get around doing household chores that often. 

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Long Lifespan

Under your constant care, high-quality window shutters can easily go over a decade. After all, fabric colors and quality fade after going through too many washes and receiving generous amounts of UV rays.

Despite how little maintenance they need, window shutters are already stained or coated in UV protection. Moreover, their aesthetic is often timeless, so you can pair them with any eco-friendly designs you have in mind to complete the picture. 

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The Takeaway

Installing window shutters is a wise choice for all households. Because aside from boosting your privacy and security, they even offer additional benefits that homeowners would love, especially those who are fond of lighting and are frugal.

However, there’s no question how many homeowners already lean towards green living since climate change is occurring. Fortunately, that’s another perk that comes with installing window shutters.

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