What to Do with Old Lanyards: Creative Reuse and Recycling Ideas

Last updated on April 6, 2024

Discover creative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose or recycle your old lanyards.

Key takeaways:

  • Attach hooks to lanyards for versatile hangers.
  • Transform lanyards into bracelets and keychains.
  • Use lanyards to organize cables and chargers.
  • Turn lanyards into makeshift luggage tags.
  • Recycle lanyards through textile recycling programs or manufacturer take-back programs.
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Everyday Reuses for Lanyards

Transform your old lanyards into practical everyday tools. For instance, attach a hook to the end of a lanyard to hang items like plants, kitchen utensils, or lanterns, turning them into versatile hangers.

They also serve as excellent bookmarks; simply place the fabric part between the pages and let the clip dangle out – ideal for large textbooks or planners.

Think creatively: cut the fabric into strips to secure garden plants to stakes or fashion a makeshift clothesline while traveling.

The durability and length of lanyards make them useful for countless applications; look around your home for items needing organization or support, and let your imagination repurpose lanyards in novel ways.

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DIY Bracelets and Keychains From Lanyard Material

Transforming lanyard material into stylish, custom bracelets is an enjoyable and eco-friendly activity. To start, select a section of the lanyard with appealing colors or patterns. Carefully cut it to the desired length, allowing for a small overlap to secure it. Attach clasps by threading each end through the clasp and folding it back onto the lanyard, adhering with fabric glue or stitching for durability. For a twist, braid multiple strips together before adding the clasps for a textured effect.

For keychains, snip a shorter length and loop it around a key ring. Secure the ends together similarly to the bracelet method. Get creative by adding beads or charms through the lanyard before securing, giving your keychain a personal touch. These repurposed accessories can make thoughtful, handmade gifts or serve as a crafty way to carry a piece of memorable events and organizations with you.

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Using Lanyards to Organize Cables and Chargers

With a creative twist, those colorful straps can transform into handy cable organizers. Forget the tangle of wires in your drawers or on your desk. Simply wrap a lanyard around cords, using the clip to secure the loop. This not only keeps them untangled but also makes it easy to find the right cable at a glance, especially if you use different colors for different types of cables.

If you’re a traveler or on-the-go techie, you can loop a lanyard through the end of a charger or earbud set, and clip it onto the inside of a bag. This way, your chargers stay accessible, not buried at the bottom of a travel case or backpack.

For a more stationary solution, attach a hook to your desk or media center, and hang coiled cords on lanyards from the hook. You’ll create a tidy charging station with all cables in sight and sorted. Not only does this method reduce clutter, but it also minimizes wear and tear on cables that might otherwise get bent or damaged from improper storage.

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Lanyards As a Tool for Securing Luggage

Transforming your old lanyards into makeshift luggage tags is a savvy travel hack. Attach a lanyard to the handle of your suitcase and tie a loop at the end, making your bags instantly recognizable on the carousel. Better yet, weave several together to create a sturdy, colorful strap, adding a unique personal touch that stands out, and simultaneously guarding against accidental openings in transit.

If your lanyards are collectible or from special events, they can spark conversations with fellow travelers, turning a practical solution into a social opportunity. Additionally, use them to secure travel pillows to your carry-on, ensuring comfort is always within reach whenever needed.

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How You Can Recycle Your Old Lanyards

When it comes to recycling, delve into the material composition of your lanyards. Most are made of nylon, polyester, or woven fabric, all of which require specific recycling processes.

1. Textile Recycling Programs: Look for local textile recycling facilities. They have the capability to repurpose the material into new textile products.

2. Manufacturer Take-back Programs: Some lanyard producers offer recycling programs. Contact them to see if they’ll take back old products for recycling.

3. Specialized Recycling Bins: Certain regions provide recycling bins specifically for fabrics and textiles. Ensure your lanyards are clean and drop them off accordingly.

4. Crafting Circles: Check with local craft groups who might reclaim the material for their projects.

Remember, before recycling, remove any metal clips or plastic buckles as these need to be recycled separately. Always check local recycling guidelines to ensure you comply with their requirements.

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