The Top 5 Prefab Treehouse Kits

Last updated on July 3, 2023

Looking for an easy and hassle-free way to construct your own treehouse? Prefab treehouse kits might be the perfect solution for you!

The idea of having a treehouse has been enticing for kids and adults alike. The concept of being high up among the branches, enjoying nature and feeling like a bird is truly exhilarating.

However, building your own treehouse can be daunting as it requires substantial carpentry skills and effort leading many to abandon the dream altogether. But what if we told you that there’s a solution that allows you to have an amazing treehouse without all the hassle?

Prefab treehouse kits are taking over by storm, making it easier than ever before to construct your very own treetop realm in no time!

In this blog post, we’ll explore everything about prefab treehouse kits from their benefits, options available in the market right now and how they stack up against traditional build methods.

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Geronimo Treehouse Platform Kit

Geronimo Treehouse Platform Kit prefab treehouse kit

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Services and products:

  • Patented and engineered tree-friendly platform design
  • Fully tree-supported platform with minimal tree intrusions
  • 12+ years of healthy tree growth without compromising structural integrity
  • Small kit parts for easy transportation and minimal impact on tree roots and surrounding environment
  • Choice of 12-foot square or 12-foot octagonal support structure, engineered to hold more than 16,200 pounds and fit around trees with diameters ranging from 12 to 38 inches, and up to a 15-degree lean.

This company offers a unique and patented treehouse kit that is designed to be fully tree-friendly and support healthy tree growth. Their engineered platform only has two intrusions into the tree, allowing for 12+ years of growth without compromising structural integrity.

With their personalized options and peace of mind engineering, customers can have confidence in their purchase while minimizing environmental impact.

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Prairie Treehouse – Equilibrium Home

prairie treehouse

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Services and products:

  • Equilibrium Homes
  • Tetratruss modular treehouse foundation system
  • Insulated panel system
  • Treehouse tours
  • Zero impact, architecturally elegant building method

Equilibrium Homes is a treehouse kit manufacturer that offers the unique and architecturally elegant Equilibrium System for building zero-impact homes on all terrains, not just trees. One of their featured models, the Prairie Treehouse in Woodside, features a 50-foot-long bridge connecting to a floating open deck and floor-to-ceiling windows to fully immerse you in nature.

They also offer composting toilet options and fold-out hide-a-beds for convenience and comfort.

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Prefab Treehouse Plans by Stilt Studios

Prefab Treehouse Plans by Stilt Studios. prefab treehouse kit

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Services and products:

  • Prefab treehouses
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Accessible luxury design
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Decreased harm impacts of tourism development

Stilt Studios is a Bali-based prefab architecture company founded in 2019 by Florian Holm and Alexis Dorneir. The company aims to make sustainable, luxury architecture more accessible while reducing the harmful impacts of tourism development in Indonesia through their innovative prefab treehouses and plans.

Stilt Studios’ solution involves using elevated structures that can be assembled quickly without complex skill sets or damage to their site.

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Magical Maine Treehouse Kit

nelson treehouse


Contact phone: (301) 831-2309

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Services and products:

  • Prefabricated components for treehouses
  • Shop drawings for streamlined reassembly onsite
  • Mock-ups for complex treehouse parts
  • Ring beams for completing circle-shaped walls
  • Expert prefab crew for crafting and assembly

This company is a reputable and experienced manufacturer of treehouse kits that prefabricates almost all components. Their skilled team meticulously crafts each piece, ensuring everything fits perfectly for streamlined reassembly onsite.

With their expertise, they create stunning treehouses like the Magical Maine Treehouse with turret walls, winding staircases, and numerous windows framing sweeping views of the surrounding forests and lakes.

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Octagon Treehouse Kit by Treehouse Supplies, Inc.

Octagon Treehouse Kit by Treehouse Supplies, Inc. prefab treehouse kit

Contact phone: (830) 408-9644

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Services and products:

  • Octagon Designs
  • Customization options
  • Different building methods
  • Treehouse kits for kids and adults
  • Additional products and services for treehouse construction

This company offers customizable octagon treehouse designs that can cater to both kids and adults, providing a great way for families to enjoy the outdoors.

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