The Top 36 Prefab Plunge Pools

Last updated on November 19, 2023

Dive into the convenience of prefab plunge pools because this article will highlight the best options in the market, chosen for their quality, style, and affordability.

Experience a cool dip without the construction chaos of traditional pools. Prefab plunge pools, offering easy installation and refreshing relaxation, are diversifying home wellness options.

Explore the best options from the most trusted manufacturers in our digest. Read on!

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Plungie USA

Plungie USA Prefab Plunge Pools


They offer:

  • Precast concrete plunge pools
  • Advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • National concrete swimming pool solution
  • Streamlined production and on-site build times
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies and award-winning design.

The Prefab Plunge Pools manufacturer is a renowned firm in America that specializes in designing, engineering, and producing precast concrete pools. Their unique manufacturing strategies enable a rapid and highly efficient pool construction process.

The company produces its pools in Texas, leveraging advanced technologies for nationwide delivery.

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Soake Pools

Soake Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Manufacture of plunge pools with therapeutic health benefits, usable all year round.
  • Variety of sizes for the plunge pools.
  • Customizable tile options for the pool interior.
  • Customizable material options for exposed outer walls.
  • Production of design-focused pools, inspired by nature, to blend with outdoor environments.

The company manufactures Prefab Plunge Pools designed to provide users with year-round benefits of both a cold water plunge pool and a hot tub.

Their pools come in multiple sizes with limitless tile options and can be customized with various materials such as rock, slate, or tile.

The company emphasis is on designing pools that blend seamlessly with outdoor spaces, adding a design focal point and creating a zen-like experience.

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Plunge +

Plunge + Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Prefabricated Plunge+ Pools
  • Customization services for pools
  • Fast installation of pools
  • Premium, durable materials for pool construction
  • Low maintenance pools

Plunge+ manufactures durable, precast concrete plunge pools that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Their pools are customizable and designed with high-quality materials for easy maintenance, making both installation and long-term upkeep efficient.

Additionally, they offer reduced construction periods, taking merely weeks rather than months, and require less maintenance owing to their size.

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Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Precast concrete pools
  • Plungie Max (20 ft x 10 ft)
  • Plungie Original (15 ft x 8 ft)
  • Streamlined pool production and building process
  • Delivery to location

The manufacturer specializes in precast concrete plunge pools, with notable models like the 20′ x 10′ Plungie Max and the 15′ x 8′ Plungie Original.

Their pools are designed for rapid installation, offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy their pools within weeks rather than months.

The operational efficiency is accomplished by a reengineered, streamlined production process with emphasis on high-quality results.

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Plungie Pools at Poolwerx

Plungie Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Production and sale of precast concrete plunge pools
  • Manufacturing and designing pools for smaller spaces (Studio model)
  • Offering pools with advanced design and engineering
  • Delivery of practical pool designs with substantial bench space
  • Partnership with Poolwerx Forest Lane for faster and easier pool ownership

Poolwerx Forest Lane offers quality, award-winning precast concrete plunge pools in partnership with Plungie Pools.

They promise a quick and easy pool installation process.

Their product range includes the Studio model, a compact pool designed for small spaces, with dimensions of 12ft by 7ft and a volume of 2,100 gallons.

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Sacred Pools

Sacred Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


They offer:

  • Manufacture of L-edge Pool
  • Manufacture of Sacred Circle Pool
  • Custom tiled pool interior delivery
  • Plaster or pebbled pool interior options after delivery
  • Customizable interiors (seating, platform steps, benches) supported by stainless rods.

The Prefab Plunge Pools manufacturer specializes in producing two types of standardized swimming pools: the rectangular L-edge Pool and the circular Sacred Circle.

They offer customizability in interior pool surfaces such as tile, plaster, or pebble options and customizable insertable stainless rod supports, allowing for interior pool configurations such as body contour seating and stone or tile platforms, steps, and benches.

The company’s focus is on comfort, function, and design.

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Pool Warehouse

Pool Warehouse Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Pool Kit Shapes
  • Pool Installation Services (Including videos, pictures, and manuals)
  • Customizable Pool Sizes and Designs (Including square, rectangle, and L-shaped plunge pools)
  • Small Pools/Plunge Pools (Including small square, L, and Roman pool kits)
  • American-Made Pool Kits with top-of-the-line equipment and a 20-year warranty

The company specializes in manufacturing American-made prefab plunge pools, designed for small backyards and low maintenance costs. Its products range from square and rectangular plunge pools to more uniquely shaped mini kidney and L-shaped pools.

The company assures top-of-the-line equipment with each kit, extending a 20-year warranty on its pool liners and offers financing options. It also provides comprehensive customer support with installation videos, manuals, and images.

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Proper Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (254) 535-2419

They offer:

  • Prefabricated plunge pools
  • Consultation for understanding suitability
  • Partnerships with contractors, home builders, pool professionals, and developers
  • Collaborations with developers, architects, landscapers, and builders
  • Designed and built services in Texas

Proper Plunge Pool LLC is a Texas-based company specializing in the manufacture of prefab plunge pools. The company seeks to engage with various industry professionals, including contractors, home builders, pool experts, and developers.

Their pools, which are designed and built in Texas, are marketed towards those wanting a quick and effective plunge pool solution.

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Leisure Pools USA – The Palladium Plunge Pool


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Compact styled Palladium Plunge™ Pools
  • Tiered Steps & Seats
  • Flat Bottom Pool options
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Automatic Pool Covers

The company manufactures prefab plunge pools in two sizes, Palladium Plunge™ 16 and Palladium Plunge™ 20, with compact styling and full features.

The pools come with wrapped bench seating, tiered steps and seats, and a flat bottom.

They also offer a variety of color options and accessories including underwater lighting, automatic pool covers, and stainless steel pool fittings.

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The Little Pool Co

The Little Pool Co Prefab Plunge Pools


They offer:

  • Manufacture of transportable instant fiberglass pools
  • Varied pool shapes
  • Multiple pool color options
  • Selection of ideal exterior colors
  • Above ground installation option

The Little Pool Co., an Australian based company, specializes in producing transportable, instant fiberglass pools designed for simplicity and affordability.

With the aid of leading pool manufacturers and respected industry engineers, they’ve created a unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton pool, designed for easy installation even in smaller spaces or sites with limited excavation options.

The company offers various shapes, colors, and exterior options, making it convenient for customers to personalize their backyard oasis.

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21 Day Pools

21 Day Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Concrete plunge pool installation
  • Custom concrete plunge pool creation
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Top-quality materials
  • Unparalleled customer service

21DayPools, based in Fort Worth, TX, specializes in the installation of concrete plunge pools. The company prides itself on expert craftsmanship, using top-quality materials, and providing unparalleled customer service. They aim to cultivate client trust by simplifying the pool installation procedure and offering a desirable installation schedule.

Their custom concrete plunge pools are designed for durability, low maintenance, and personalized aesthetics.

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Carolina Plunge Pools

Carolina Plunge Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


They offer:

  • Authorized dealer and installer for premium pre-cast concrete and fiberglass plunge pools
  • Design and engineering of strong, beautiful plunge pools
  • Transparent cost information
  • Fast delivery and professional installation services
  • A variety of plunge pool models including Plungie Pool, The Max, Original, Studio, and The Little Pool Co

Carolina Plunge Pools specializes in the provision of premium pre-cast concrete and fiberglass plunge pools. As an authorized dealer and installer, the company prides itself in delivering high quality products from top-notch manufacturers.

They emphasize simple processes, transparent costs, speedy delivery, and professional installation to maximize customer satisfaction.

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Palmingo Pools

Palmingo Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


They offer:

  • Production and sale of plunge pools in various materials: fiberglass, concrete cast, shipping container, and stainless steel.
  • Installation options for the pools: in-ground, in-slope, or semi-elevated, with the stainless steel option also allowing for full suspension or rooftop placement due to its lighter weight.
  • Plunge pools with an integrated Smartphone Controlled System.
  • Plunge pools equipped with a UV/Ozone or Salt Sanitizer.
  • Plunge pools designed with a Year-Round Heater and an Automatic Cover.

The company manufactures different types of prefab plunge pools, which are petite luxury pools up to 10’x20′ in size with a consistent depth. They offer fiberglass, concrete cast, shipping container, and stainless steel variants, each with a different price point. The pools are designed to be installed in-ground, in-slope, or semi-elevated, with the stainless option being lightweight enough for full suspension or rooftop placement. The company emphasizes smarter investment, suggesting that their plunge pools, equipped with various high-end features, offer better value than a large gunite pool with base-level functionality.

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Allcast Precast Concrete Plunge Pools

Allcast Precast Concrete Plunge Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (201) 706-2608

They offer:

  • Design and engineering of precast concrete plunge pools
  • Manufacturing of concrete plunge pools
  • Transportation and installation of purchased pools
  • Production and supply of various shapes of pools (round, rectangular, square)
  • Provision of services across multiple regions (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, regional Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia)

Allcast Precast is a firm that specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of precast concrete plunge pools. The company operates from its factory located on the Sunshine Coast and distributes its products in multiple locations, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and the Gold Coast, as well as in regional areas of several Australian states.

Over the past seven years, Allcast Precast has broadened its offering to include round, rectangular, and square plunge pools, with a unique in-ground placement that potentially offers savings on pool fencing and allows for uninterrupted views.

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SP Pools

SP Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Pre-manufactured complete swimming pools including pump room and accessories
  • Customizable features for concrete pools
  • Rapid installation service with minimal noise and disruption
  • Quality assurance and waterproof testing for every pool
  • Sizeable production capacity with immediate supply facilities and delivery anywhere.

S-POOL is a game-changer in the concrete pools industry, specializing in the pre-manufacturing of swimming pools and pump rooms.

This company is known for rapidly producing high quality, fully fabricated pools that are ready to install at the customer’s home, resulting in a reduction in installation time from months to merely a few days.

Leveraging patented technology, S-POOL offers customized features, fortified quality assurance, and efficient production capabilities, reshaping the conventional pool installation process while maintaining significant savings for the customer.

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SwimEx Plunge Pool

SwimEx Plunge Pool Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (800) 877-7946

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Prefabricated plunge pools
  • Plumbing kit for installation
  • Pre-plumbed spa jets for hot plunge pools
  • Filtration system with each pool
  • Various energy options for cold plunge pools (such as various electric chiller units) and hot plunge pools (such as 5.5kW electric heater)

SwimEx is a manufacturer of prefab plunge pools, offering products equipped with features such as a plumbing kit, pre-plumbed spa jets, floating thermal cover, perimeter seating, walk-in steps, and handrails.

Their pools, available in one-piece or sectional construction for easy installation, come in five different sizes to accommodate 2-6 people.

Notable components include a filtration system, various cold plunge options, and a 5.5kW electric heater for the hot plunge.

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Dunk Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Luxury pool experience provided by dunk™ Pools
  • Health and lifestyle benefits through custom all-in-one pool systems
  • Versatile pre-fabricated pools customized to individual needs
  • Relocatable and efficient pool systems
  • Pool equipment and Spa products

Dunk™ Pools is a manufacturer of luxurious, customizable, and efficient prefab plunge pools aimed at improving quality of life and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Their unique selling proposition lies in their custom all-in-one pool systems, emphasizing their versatility and mobility compared to traditional pool systems.

With products covering pools, spas, and equipment, they offer one of the most comprehensive pre-fabricated pool system selections in North America.

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River Pools and Spas

River Pools and Spas Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (304) 391-1635

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Fiberglass pool manufacturing
  • Inground pool installation
  • Precast concrete pool manufacturing
  • Prefab pool delivery
  • Above-ground pool installation

The company is a manufacturer of prefab pools, specifically specializing in fiberglass and precast concrete pools.

As inground pool experts, they offer insights into the benefits of these types of pools over traditional on-site ones.

Highlighting the quick, reduced mess installation process, the company aims to provide customers with a more convenient pool installation experience.

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Plunge Pools Direct


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Australian-designed Concrete Plunge Pools
  • Multiple shapes/sizes of Plunge Pools
  • Equipment Packages and Upgrades
  • Pool capacities varying from 2,200 to 14,000 litres
  • Option for pools with or without seating

The manufacturer specialises in the production of Australian-made Concrete Plunge Pools, available in multiple shapes and sizes.

The company offers various equipment packages and upgrades, with capacity ranging from 2,200 to 14,000 litres.

Pricing is dependent on the type of interior chosen and the pool model.

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Arvidson Plunge+ Pools

Arvidson Plunge+ Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


They offer:

  • Prefabricated plunge pools with impeccable engineering and effortless elegance
  • Fast installation service taking only days once permitted
  • Highly customizable pools offering a wide range of upgrades
  • Pool durability to withstand harsh Illinois winters and severe summer storms
  • Reduced maintenance requirements due to smaller pool size

Plunge+ is a manufacturer of precast concrete plunge pools, primarily targeting customers in the greater Chicagoland area with small backyards.

The company highlights the pools’ easy installation, ability to withstand harsh weather, low maintenance requirements, and customization options.

Plunge+ pools are designed to enhance backyards with their elegant, luxury aesthetic and durable, premium materials.

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The Little Dipper

The Little Dipper Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (502) 425-5718

They offer:

  • Prefabricated pools with a build and install time of less than 30 days.
  • Customizable pool designs and sizes.
  • Permitting, landscaping, and building services for pool installation.
  • Versatile pools options used for cocktails or as a large hot tub.
  • Precast pools in temperature-controlled environments for precision.

The manufacturer provides a fast, cost-effective alternative to traditional pools with its product, “The Little Dipper“. The company asserts the process from designing to installing the pool takes less than 30 days.

Their prefab plunge pools, versatile for use as cocktail pools or large hot tubs, are precast in a temperature-controlled environment for precision.

The Little Dipper’s dimensions are 8ft W x 18ft 6″ L x 4ft 8″ D.

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Atlas Pools of Central FL


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Custom Plunge Pool Installation
  • Tailored Construction Process for Custom Pools
  • Smaller Scale Pool Solutions
  • Stylish Aquatic Accent Creation
  • Personalized Estimate for Plunge Pool Designs

Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. is a family-owned business established in the 1970s that specializes in custom plunge pool installations.

They offer a tailored construction process, providing time, resources, and expertise to deliver stylish and versatile installations to home and business owners.

The company, known for its affordable and space-efficient aquatic solutions, is based in Orlando and serves Central Florida.

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Aquamarine Pools & Spas

Aquamarine Pools & Spas Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (800) 432-8994

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Manufacturing of AVIVA Pools and Latham Pools lines of fiberglass plunge pools
  • Backyard plunge pool installation services
  • Free, no obligation pool quotes
  • Multiple pool financing options
  • Regular swimming pool specials

Aquamarine Pools is a manufacturer of the AVIVA Pools and Latham Pools lines of fiberglass plunge pools.

They offer an array of pool models and provide pool installation services with multiple financing options.

Serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, they are recognized leaders in the swimming pool industry.

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KP Contracting Plunge Pools

KP Contracting Plunge Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Plunge pool installation
  • Customizable pool sizes and shapes
  • Precast plunge pools
  • Partnerships with top manufacturers for quality assurance
  • Comprehensive design-to-installation process

KP Contracting is a company specializing in transforming backyards into luxurious spaces by installing plunge pools. Offering a range of sizes and shapes, they focus on quality and work closely with reputable manufacturers.

Their comprehensive service takes customers from design to installation, ensuring an efficient and satisfactory outcome.

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Local Roots Landscaping Plunge Pools

Local Roots Landscaping Plunge Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (803) 716-2979

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Soake Pool manufacturing
  • Soake Pool installation
  • Outdoor living solutions
  • Landscaping services
  • Outdoor architecture customization

Soake Pool is a manufacturer of small, precast plunge pools designed to cater to homeowners’ preferences. The company’s product is space-efficient, providing year-round enjoyment without the extensive space requirement of traditional pools.

In addition to the production of pools, this firm collaborates with Local Roots Landscaping, a full-service landscaping provider that specializes in integrating Soake Pools into comprehensive outdoor living solutions.

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Serenity Pools

Serenity Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (865) 860-7464

They offer:

  • 7ft x 13ft Concrete Pool named ‘The Nantucket’
  • The ability to convert ‘The Nantucket’ into a hot tub
  • 9ft x 16ft Concrete Pool named ‘The Vineyard’
  • 9ft x 21ft Concrete Pool named ‘The Cape’
  • Customized pool designs with a patented design system

The referenced company produces various sizes and types of precast concrete plunge pools. Their smallest pool, named the Nantucket, measures 7ft by 13ft and is designed for compact spaces.

The company’s most popular model, the Vineyard, is a 9ft by 16ft pool while their largest pool, the Cape, measures 9ft by 21ft, and is considered the largest precast plunge pool in the market.

All their pools feature a patented design for rapid and customized installations.

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Precast Pools

Precast Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Contact phone: (570) 753-3344

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Quality construction with high density precast concrete
  • Affordable luxury pools with significant cost-savings
  • Utilization of high-end Spanish tile and imported stone
  • Pools designed for integration with surrounds, whether in-ground or above-ground
  • Fast installation process completed in under 72 hours

The Prefab Plunge Pools manufacturer delivers high-end custom concrete pools at affordable prices.

They source quality construction materials in Australia, reducing risk and limitation with a controlled precast concrete process.

With the application of luxury internal tiling, the manufacturer also ensures a fast installation period, promising completion in under 72 hours.

The company is well-versed in producing pools that integrate with various surroundings and offer an option for installation either in-ground or above-ground.

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Cool Pool FL


They offer:

  • Prefabricated fiberglass plunge pools production
  • Design service for custom plunge pools
  • Pre-engineered plunge pools manufacturing
  • Supply of plunge pool accessories and add-ons
  • Installation service of prefab pools

This manufacturer specializes in the production of Prefab Plunge Pools, particularly their featured product, the Milan.

The Milan is a pre-engineered fiberglass pool, designed to provide an optimal cooling experience during hot summer conditions.

Their product line exhibits a focus on refreshing experiences and quality engineering.

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Wet Edge Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Prefabricated Composite Pool Building
  • Portable Spa Services
  • Standard Plunge Pool Products
  • Infinity Edge Plunge Pool Products
  • Rehabilitation/Recovery Plunge Pool Products

The company is a successful manufacturer of Prefab Plunge Pools, recognized with three gold medals at the SPASA awards. Their product range includes various designs of plunge pools – from standard versions to luxury models with infinity edge or a concealed gutter. They also offer a distinct Rehabilitation & Recovery plunge pool, suitable for sports clubs and training facilities. Besides, the company provides interactive 3D models and augmented reality services to visualize their products in customers’ backyards.

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Villa Plunge Pools

Villa Plunge Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Manufacture and sale of Allcast Precast pools
  • Production and supply of Plungie Pools
  • Provision of Plunge Pools Direct services
  • Manufacture and distribution of Polyworld pools
  • Development and sale of Villa Hot Tubs

The company, unnamed but located at 15 Helmshore Way Port Kennedy WA 6172, is a provider of prefab plunge pools. It offers a wide variety of pools, including small and large round, square, rectangular, as well as shipping container pools and hot tubs. It operates weekdays 9am-4pm, and weekends by appointment, having won the 2023 SPASA Gold and Silver Award of Excellence.

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Perrydise Pools & Spa


They offer:

  • Precast concrete swimming pools
  • Advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • High-performance ecoFINISH interior coating
  • Included multi-colored LED light and skimmer box
  • Pre-plumbed and fitted filtration, safety suction, and heating line provisions

The manufacturer specializes in precast concrete swimming pools, priding itself as the pioneer of such products.

With advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, they provide pre-engineered, high-quality concrete pools that reduce on-site works.

Standard features of their pools include an engineered concrete shell, ecoFINISH interior coating, LED lights, pre-plumbed and fitted filtration, and heating line provisions.

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Hobert Pools: Dallas Plungie Pools & Frisco Concrete Pool Builder


Contact phone: (972) 690-8118

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Production of precast, prefabricated concrete plunge pools
  • Quick and easy installation services
  • Production of versatile and budget-friendly Plungie Pools
  • Innovative product solutions for swimming pools
  • Process solutions giving builders more control over projects.

Plungie Pools, an Australian-based company, manufactures a range of award-winning, precast, prefabricated concrete plunge pools known as Plungies.

They offer a fast, easy, and cost-effective solution for customers seeking a premium concrete swimming pool and allow builders increased project control.

Plungie Pools are recognized for their high quality, versatility, speed of installation, and affordability.

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Outdoor Dreams Plunge Pools

Outdoor Dreams Plunge Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Designing and building outdoor spaces
  • Specializing in plunge pools
  • Offering turn-key service for fully completed outdoor escapes
  • Controlling all facets of process without involving multiple contractors
  • Implementing holistic project approach

Outdoor Dreams is a design/build firm based in Richmond, serving Central Virginia. They specialize in building luxury plunge pools and creating comprehensive outdoor spaces, including patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fireplaces.

Offering turn-key service and dealing with all aspects of construction, they aim to provide an immediate, ready-to-enjoy outdoor experience for homeowners.

Plunge pools, small pools designed for wading or lounging, are a primary offering suitable for relaxation and low-impact water exercise.

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Symphony Pools Plunge Swimming Pools

Symphony Pools Plunge Swimming Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Prefab plunge pool manufacturing
  • Customizable design for limited space
  • Installation of therapeutic elements for physical therapy, such as cooling systems or swim jets
  • Provision of larger and warmer pool partnership
  • Personal health improvement with a focus on relieving joint and muscle pain

The company manufactures Prefab Plunge Pools, optimized for confined spaces and can accommodate therapeutic features upon request.

These pools offer myriad benefits such as relief from joint and muscle pain, and can be augmented to larger pools or spa setups.

Their compact size allows for installation in smaller backyards, making them a viable option for varied customer needs.

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Mission Pools


Contact phone: (760) 743-2605

Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Plunge pools construction
  • Larger poolscape incorporation services
  • Swimming pool design services
  • Swimming pool installation services
  • Dipping pool design and installation services

Mission Pools, a Prefab Plunge Pools manufacturer, specializes in the design and installation of compact, chic pools tailored to small spaces and individual requirements.

Using their vast experience of over 60 years, they offer both standalone plunge pools and as complementary elements within larger pools capes.

Additionally, they provide specialized dipping pool design and installation services that encompass shape, material, finishes, and extra features and ensure a personalized, tranquil space for relaxation.

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Signature Pools

Signature Pools Prefab Plunge Pools


Facebook page: Facebook

They offer:

  • Custom plunge pool production and installation
  • Experienced pool builders
  • Use of high-quality and durable materials
  • Energy efficient builds with innovative technology
  • Free project estimates

Signature Pools is a Minnesota-based company specializing in custom-built plunge pools. The company boasts a team of experienced pool builders and high quality materials to ensure long-lasting, climate-resistant plunge pools.

With over 20 years of experience, they offer energy-efficient, five-star builds incorporating innovative technology. Their service is particularly suitable for customers with limited space, promoting plunge pools as a means to create an oasis in smaller areas.

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