The Top 48 Prefab Horse Barns

Last updated on July 13, 2023

Prefab horse barns are a convenient and cost-effective solution for horse owners looking to provide comfortable shelter for their animals.

Are you a horse owner looking for a functional yet stylish solution to your equine housing needs? Look no further than prefab horse barns!

These pre-constructed structures offer convenience, durability, and customization options that traditional on-site builds simply can’t match. Let’s explore the benefits of prefab horse barns and why they may be the perfect choice for both you and your four-legged friends.

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Horizon Structures

Horizon Structures Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Horse Barns
  • Run-In Sheds
  • Residential Dog Kennels
  • Commercial Dog Kennels
  • Barns

This company is a leading manufacturer of prefab horse barns, run-in sheds, and residential dog kennels. With a wide selection of barn styles including high profile and monitor barns, they also offer financing options for customers.

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Deer Creek Structures

Deer Creek Structures Prefab Horse Barn

Contact phone: (254) 546-2276

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Pre built portable horse barns for sale
  • Two sizes available: 10 FT and 12 FT
  • Suitable for horses, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, and mules
  • Made with hardworking American craftsmanship
  • Customization options available through online builder tool

Deer Creek Structures is a trusted manufacturer of pre built portable horse barns, providing horses with the healthy life they deserve. These prefabricated barns come in two sizes and are great for any kind of equine, made with durable American craftsmanship that ensures longevity.

Customers can choose from standard options or customize their own barn online.

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Sunset Barns


Contact phone: (610) 476-2256

Services and products:

  • Small Horse Barns
  • Run In Sheds
  • Large Modular Horse Barns
  • Handcrafted by Amish craftsmen
  • Quality materials and attention to detail

Sunset Barns is a highly reputable and experienced manufacturer of high-quality Horse Barns. They provide durable, handcrafted barns designed for farms, training facilities or for small horse-keeping at home.

Their Amish craftsmen build each barn with great attention to detail, using the best materials and construction techniques to create a timeless masterpiece that will last for generations to come.

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Modular Horse Barns by Fisher Barns

Modular Horse Barns by Fisher Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Monitor
  • High Country
  • Lancaster
  • Run-In
  • Lean-To

Fisher Horse Barns is an exceptional horse barn manufacturer that stands out from competitors. With a focus on durable and low maintenance structures made from high-quality materials, they provide barns built to last for decades.

Fisher Horse Barns boasts helpful customer service, ensuring a smooth experience for each client.

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Groffdale Barns

Groffdale Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom horse barns
  • Portable sheds
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Post and beam bank barns
  • Restoration work

Groffdale Barns is a manufacturer of custom horse barns, sheds and agricultural buildings. They have been serving customers since 1984 and take pride in their high-quality craftsmanship.

They offer savings by eliminating overhead costs related to storage or sales lots as they deal directly with clients.

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Buck and Bossman Construction

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Pole Barns
  • Horse Barns
  • Metal Commercial Buildings
  • Storage/Shop Buildings
  • Airplane Hangars

Walters Buildings is an award-winning prefab horse barn manufacturer based in Michigan. They use patented laminated columns and offer a range of building features and accessories for pole barns, metal commercial buildings, storage/shop buildings, pole buildings, airplane hangars, and more.

Build with confidence when you choose Walters Buildings.

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Amish Built Horse Barns

Amish Built Horse Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Amish-built horse barns for sale
  • Modular horse barns
  • Wooden horse barns
  • Shed row horse barns
  • Run-in barns with lean-tos

This company offers a variety of Amish-built horse barns for sale, including shed row barns, modular high country horse barns, and monitor style barns with various lean-tos and full lofts. Their bigger barn options are designed with communal space in mind to ensure horses get the interaction they need.

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The Barn Raiser



Contact phone: (845) 834-3455

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Modular Horse Barns
  • Stall Barns
  • Run-In Sheds
  • New England Style Painted Wood Sheds
  • Standard Vinyl Sheds

Barn Raiser Sheds is a professional manufacturer of high-quality prefab horse barns, sheds, garages, chicken coops, dog kennels and gazebos. Their website showcases an extensive range of products available in various styles and price ranges with financing options also available to meet individual needs.

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Delivered Barns and Sheds


Services and products:

  • Rent to Own option
  • Horse Barns
  • Storage Sheds
  • Garages
  • Carports

This modular horse barn manufacturer offers high-quality and healthy options for housing horses. Their prefabricated barns promote good air quality, reduce stress levels, and protect from harsh weather conditions.

Customers can choose from a variety of structures including horse barns, storage sheds, garages, carports, and more with the added convenience of rent-to-own options.

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J&N Structures

Modular Barn Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Prefab horse barns in various styles and sizes
  • Custom-made stairs and wooden doors
  • Vinyl windows and insulated fiberglass doors
  • Steel mesh stall doors and stall door yokes
  • Board and batten style siding and shingled roofs

J&N Structures is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality prefab horse barns. They provide customized solutions that meet clients’ needs and surpass their expectations.

With years of experience and top-notch craftsmanship, they offer reliable and durable structures that come with excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

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Avery Building & Barns


Contact phone: (646) 774-1416

Services and products:

  • Horse barns in different sizes and styles
  • Barn and roof insulation to keep the barn cooler and prevent moisture issues
  • Custom horse shelters with various options such as tack rooms, gates, and doors
  • Hardwood interior kick wall (optional)
  • Metal colors for sides, trim, and roof customization

This horse barn manufacturer offers a wide variety of sizes and styles as well as customization options, including insulation and hardwood interiors. Their website features in-stock products, rent-to-own options, delivery details, and easy account access for customers.

They emphasize their own love for horses and knowledge of the needs of horse owners.

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Jim’s Amish Structures



Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Horse stables, run-ins, and barns
  • Pre-built horse runs and barns available for delivery
  • Customizable wood or metal barns to fit specific horse needs
  • Delivery of single and double wide horse barns throughout Michigan and surrounding areas
  • Available designs and in-stock options with discounts up to 10% off

Jim’s Amish Structures is a well-established manufacturer of pre-built horse stables, run-ins, and barns that cater to the specific needs of horses. They offer a wide range of customizable wood or metal barn options to choose from.

One can purchase in-stock enclosures or customize their own based on their requirements from their available designs.

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MD Barnmaster

mdbarnmaster barns


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom designed barns
  • Horse housing
  • Professional equestrian facilities
  • Horse stalls
  • Pre-engineered barn kits

MD Barnmaster is a reputable and reliable company, being the foremost pioneer of pre-engineered modular barn building technology. They offer custom-built barns, equestrian facilities, horse stalls, and other modular buildings of unsurpassed quality using high-performance cold-form and rigid steel framing systems.

They offer pre-engineered barn kits that are readily available in four or six stall gable options.

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Hilltop Structures Horse Barns



Services and products:

  • Horse barns
  • Run-in sheds
  • Horse stalls
  • Rent-to-own option
  • Factory direct purchasing

This company offers high-quality, portable horse barns, run-in sheds and stalls that are built with durable rustic board & batten siding and feature energy star metal roofs. They offer a rent-to-own option and sell factory direct to customers.

Their satisfied clients rave about the sturdy construction and quality workmanship of their products.

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Triton Horse Barn



Contact phone: (800) 918-6765

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Cost-effective and simple installation of high-quality horse barns and stalls with a roof system
  • Modular horse stalls that can be insulated and finished on the outside
  • Prefabricated steel welded frames that are easy to erect
  • Customizable options for insulation, siding, roof, and trim colors
  • Installation services available (additional cost)

Triton Barn Systems is a highly affordable and reliable horse barn manufacturer that offers prefabricated steel welded frames that can be erected easily within an hour. They provide multiple options for customers to choose from, such as insulated modular horse stalls, wooden pole buildings, DIY engineered barns or non-engineered EconoBarns starting at only $2,500 per stall.

With Triton Barn System’s variety of customizable features like steel siding and roof colors to pick from or sidings available for your barn, making the perfect horse shelter has never been so easy!

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Jamaica Cottage Shop

The Prefab Horse Stall or Prefabricated Horse Barn from Jamaica Cottage Shop Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Skids, Joists, Decking & Insulation
  • Millwork such as doors and windows
  • Insulation and Framing Options
  • Style options for colors and materials to beautify your cottage
  • Rafters, Sheathing, and Insulation to finish your cottage

This company specializes in customizable prefab horse barns, with options for floor plans, wall and roof systems, siding and roofing materials, as well as various customization options. They also offer financing, shipping and warranty information on their website.

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New Holland Supply Horse Stall Kits

New Holland Supply - Horse Stall Kits for Sale Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom horse stall kits design
  • Horse stall building materials and accessories
  • Custom wood tack room cabinets and saddle racks
  • Hardware for stalls and stall doors
  • 4×6 pressure treated posts and other building materials

New Holland Supply is a reliable and comprehensive provider of equine materials and accessories. With a complete line of horse stall building materials, including hardware and stalls, they offer customizable solutions for your custom horse barn needs.

They also carry wood tack room cabinets, saddle racks, hay racks, rubber stall mats along with providing all the necessary components to build the perfect pole barn!

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GenSteel Metal Horse Barn Kits

GenSteel Metal Horse Barn Kits Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Steel building kits for horse stables
  • Design flexibility to reflect specific needs of horses
  • Quick construction timelines
  • Framed openings and sectional doors for easy access
  • Accommodation of unique features of a horse stable

General Steel is a top-tier prefab horse barn manufacturer that offers customized steel building kits for modern horse stables and barns. With a wide range of sizes and design options, they cater to the individual needs of each customer ensuring horses are always their top priority.

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Salem Structures Horse Barns



Contact phone: (530) 334-0237

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Affordable Amish horse barns
  • Expert craftsmanship by Amish builders with years of experience
  • Portable modular design for ultimate flexibility and convenience
  • Customizable options to suit specific needs, including layout and combination of run-ins, tack rooms, and enclosed horse stalls
  • Comfort and safety for horses with sturdy construction

This company offers high-quality, portable horse barns that are expertly crafted by Amish builders with years of experience. The shed row horse barns have a sturdy construction and come with customizable options to suit specific needs.

With their portable modular design, these barns offer flexibility and convenience for those looking to start a small horse farm or need reliable shelter for their horses.

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NCS Barns

30x30 High Country Modular Horse Barn Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Monitor Horse Barns with standard features
  • 10×10 stalls with a 10×30 center aisle
  • White pine board & batten siding-unfinished
  • #1 tongue and groove southern yellow pine on stall fronts w/ powder-coated steel grills
  • Full loft w/ powder coated ladder

This company offers top-quality prefab horse barns with standard features such as pine board & batten siding, sliding doors, and lifetime architectural shingles. Their 10×10 stall with 10×30 center aisle configuration is available for $60,030.00 and comes with a full loft and powder-coated ladder.

Customers should note that freight costs and setup are an additional charge.

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Modular Horse Barns by Glick’s

Modular Horse Barns by Glick's Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Prefab/modular horse barns for sale
  • Energy-efficient construction
  • Shorter build time
  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality materials and construction by Amish barn builders

Glick Woodworks is an experienced Amish barn builder that provides high-quality pre-built horse barns for sale. Their modular construction offers a range of benefits including cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and shorter build times.

They also offer attractive and durable run-in sheds that can withstand harsh weather conditions to keep your horses safe and comfortable.

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Premier Structures Custom Horse Barns

premier structures horse barns


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom-built modular horse barns
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Functional features for working farms or ranches
  • Cost-effective construction method
  • Assistance with design, pricing, and delivery arrangements

This company specializes in the custom-built modular horse barns which are not only elegant but also practical. They incorporate iconic, eye-catching designs with functional features that matter on a working farm or ranch, at an affordable cost.

The process of designing, getting a quote and receiving your barn is hassle-free with their expert guidance throughout.

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FCP Barns – Oregon Barn Kits

FCP Barns - Oregon Barn Kits Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom modular prefab barn kits
  • Design and engineering services
  • Prefabrication and kitting of barn kits
  • Delivery of barn kits to build site
  • Hay building and equipment storage solutions

FCP Barns and Buildings is a trusted name in the equestrian industry since 1982. They offer custom modular, prefabricated barn kits that are designed, engineered, kitted, and delivered to your build site.

FCP’s Oregon Barn Kits provide high-quality structures backed with an industry-leading warranty. Their services include designing the perfect barn kit according to your requirements and providing everything you need for hay building or equipment storage.

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FARM + YARD Horse Barns

FARM + YARD Horse Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Locally-built horse barns for hobby farms and ranches
  • Pre-built horse barns delivered to the customer’s property
  • Free delivery for the first 100 miles
  • Metal horse barns in partnership with Eagle Carports
  • Portable Isle Barns with completed on-site features

Farm + Yard is a reputable horse barn manufacturer that provides pre-built and locally built horse barns for hobby farms and ranches. They offer free delivery within the first 100 miles of your property and also partner with Eagle Carports to provide a variety of metal horse barn options.

Their high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service receive glowing reviews from satisfied customers like Kevin in Allen, TX.

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High Country Horse Barn

High Country Horse Barn Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • High Country Horse Barn with full loft and customizable layout
  • Amish Crafted using #1 Grade Materials
  • Built to local snow and wind loads with stamped engineered plans available
  • Second story can be used for storage or turned into an apartment
  • Endless options for customization and design discussion with The Carriage Shed team

The Carriage Shed is a reputable manufacturer of Prefab Horse Barns, offering their most popular style – the 8 Pitch High Country Horse Barn. They use only high-quality materials to build durable structures that endure local snow and wind loads.

With endless options for customization, The Carriage Shed can help make your property stand out while perfectly accommodating your animals and hay storage needs. Contact them now to discuss your new High Country Barn.

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Backyard Outfitters Prefab Horse Barn

Backyard Outfitters Prefab Horse Barn Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • High-quality modular barns
  • Customizable designs
  • Variety of styles including lofted barns, horse barns, metal barns, and cabins
  • Prefab horse barns with stalls, tack rooms, and barn doors
  • 3D builder for designing the perfect barn before purchase

Backyard Outfitters is a reputable prefab horse barn manufacturer offering high-quality modular barns that are sustainable, customizable and affordable. They provide a 3D builder for designing the perfect fit for your needs.

They offer various styles of modular barns including horse barns, metal barns and even cabins to cater to diverse customer requirements.

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The Backyard N Beyond Horse Stall Barns

The Backyard N Beyond Horse Stall Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Manufacture of prefab horse stall barns
  • Assistance in finding the right horse barn for customers’ needs
  • Use of quality materials and workmanship in building horse barns
  • Honest and caring customer service
  • 40-year paint warranty on the metal used in the barns

The Backyard & Beyond, based in Versailles, Missouri, is a local prefab horse stall barns manufacturer committed to providing its customers with high-quality horse barns. They offer various sizes of horse stalls and take pride in constructing buildings using superior materials and workmanship.

With 40 years of paint warranty on the metal and 23 colors to choose from, customers can be confident that they will get what they need at no extra cost.

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Keystone Barns

amish shedrow


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Keystone Shedrow Barns made with high-quality materials
  • Safe and horse-friendly structures
  • Different sizes, configurations, and options available
  • Built by Amish craftsmen from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Summer specials on 10′ and 12′ wide barns with various stall configurations

Keystone is a distinguished prefab horse barn manufacturer that constructs high-quality, safe and long-lasting Shelter Row Barns using the best materials. The barns are custom-designed by Amish experts, surpass building codes and come in various sizes and configurations to meet clients’ needs.

With summer specials currently available, it’s an excellent time to invest in their animal-friendly structures.

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Hill View Mini Barns



Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Pine Horse Barns (modular, shed row, run-in, or lean-to)
  • Wooden play sets
  • Log Home Pricing
  • Stick built garages
  • Rent to own

This company offers durable and high-quality pine horse barns in various styles, from modular to lean-to. They are committed to providing discerning horse owners with top-of-the-line features such as steel hardware, dutch doors, and oak kickboards on the interior.

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Overholt and Sons Horse Barns

Services and products:

  • Prefab horse barns
  • Accommodation for various animals such as llamas, donkeys, and alpacas
  • Protection from natural elements
  • High-quality, durable, and attractive designs
  • Stalls lined with kickboards for durability

Overholt and Sons is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality, durable, and attractive horse barns for horses, llamas, donkeys or alpacas. Their prefab horse barns are designed to provide shade during hot summers and warmth during cold winters while ensuring the safety of your animals.

With each stall lined with rugged kickboards, rest assured that they have everything it takes to accommodate your livestock.

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Ontario Horse Barns

Ontario Horse Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Quality, prefabricated Shed Row, Run In Barns, and Modular Horse Barns
  • Deluxe-style traditional horse barns
  • Premium-Series Barn benefits including horse stalls, Oak kick-boards, feeding troughs, and traditional-style wooden windows
  • Additional Barn features including lifetime shingles, metal roofing, and beautiful barn stain colours
  • Specially designed equine barns to withstand harsh weather of Ontario and Western Quebec climate

Ontario Horse Barns is a trusted Canadian-source for top-quality, prefabricated wooden horse barns. These deluxe-style traditional structures offer exceptional features such as Oak kick-boards, feeding troughs, beautiful barn stain colors and lifetime shingles.

Specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions prevalent in the Ontario and Western Quebec area, these equine barns are capable of handling heavy snow loads and extreme temperatures.

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Prefab Steel Horse Barn Buildings

Prefab Steel Horse Barn Buildings Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Customizable metal building options
  • Horse barns
  • Safe and reliable space for livestock and horses
  • Durable stables
  • Multi-purpose metal buildings

American Metal Buildings is a reliable prefabricated horse barn manufacturer that offers the most customizable metal building options in the industry. They provide durable and safe space for your horses, gear, equipment, livestock and more with their high-quality metal building horse barns that can be used for various purposes.

Their expert advice on dream buildings and quick assistance makes them a go-to choice for all your customization needs.

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Barn Pros

Barn Pros Prefab Horse Barn

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Barn homes and apartments for full-time living
  • Barns for equestrian, agricultural, livestock, recreational or multi-purpose use
  • Shops for storage of large vehicles and farm implements or as a man-cave
  • Flexible building system to fit lifestyle and land
  • Rigorous engineering and quality control for less guesswork, less time building, and less waste.

This manufacturer offers a smart approach to building with three types of structures: living spaces, barns, and shops. Their flexible building system allows for the right scale and layout to fit any lifestyle or land.

With rigorous engineering and quality control, their pole-built barns are easy to construct with less guesswork and waste.

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Castlebrook Barns


Contact phone: (210) 721-1019

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • High-quality Raised Center Aisle Barn design
  • Shedrow Barn for warm weather climates or limited space
  • Round Pens with easy-to-use pin system design
  • Round Pen panels in a variety of options
  • Round Pen covers for beauty and functionality

Castlebrook is a leading manufacturer of horse barns that prioritizes the safety and comfort of horses. They use high-quality materials and innovative technology to produce premium barns at competitive prices.

Their Raised Center Aisle Barn and Shedrow Barn are popular designs, while their Round Pens/Covers are stylish additions to complete any setup.

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Coffman Barns

Coffman Barns Shedrow


Services and products:

  • Complete turnkey horse barn solutions for equine professionals and backyard enthusiasts
  • Design and installation services for modular barns, equestrian facilities, and AG buildings
  • Wood-sided barns, RCA modular barns, covered arenas, equestrian facilities, metal buildings, and agriculture/commercial buildings
  • FCP Barns and Buildings, Banger Steel Buildings, and Outback Buildings
  • Honest and knowledgeable representation, premium products, and exemplary service at a competitive price.

Coffman Barns is a highly reputable prefab horse barn manufacturer that has been serving the equestrian industry since 1983. The company specializes in complete turnkey solutions for horse barns and equestrian facilities, providing premium products, knowledgeable representation, and exemplary service at competitive prices.

Coffman Barns’ experience and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a trusted choice among leading equine professionals.

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Prefabricated Metal Horse Barns

Prefabricated Metal Horse Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Contact phone: (539) 567-4614

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Steel Riding Arenas
  • Prefabricated Horse Barns
  • Dog Kennels
  • Steel Hay Barns
  • Grow Houses

This company specializes in manufacturing prefabricated metal horse barns and other agricultural buildings, such as steel riding arenas and dog kennels. They also offer a variety of commercial, storage, recreational, and residential building options with coverage areas across the United States.

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Modular Horse Barns from Teton Structures


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Modular horse barns constructed in three sections
  • Transportation of barns to customer’s site
  • Customizable layout plans to fit ranch needs
  • Rent to own program with no credit check and flexible payment plans
  • Home improvement loans with no impact on credit to apply

Teton Structures is a leading manufacturer of modular horse barns that can be quickly transported and easily set up on site. With customizable layout plans, they provide the perfect solution to fit your ranch needs.

Their Rent to Own Program offers flexible payment options without early penalties or credit checks.

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Rhino Steel Stables and Horse Barns

RHINO Barn Buildings

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Steel horse stables
  • Metal horse barns
  • Open air or indoor riding arenas
  • Hay sheds, equipment shelters, feeding sheds, tack sheds, and other buildings for horses
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings for various equestrian structures

RHINO is a leading prefab horse barn manufacturer that provides top-quality metal horse barns and steel stables for its customers. They offer superior strength, unobstructed space, and economical prices in their horse stable buildings.

RHINO’s pre-engineered metal building spans up to 300-feet without any interior support columns making them an ideal choice for equestrian needs such as riding arenas, hay sheds, feeding sheds among others.

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Tri-County Barns


Services and products:

  • Barns (RCA Barns, Gable Barns, Shedrow/Inline Barns, Free Span Buildings)
  • Color Chart
  • Barn Warranty
  • Round Pens
  • Fly Spray System

Tri-County Barns is a reputable manufacturer of prefab horse barns with multiple styles and options to choose from. They serve areas around Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Their website offers extensive information about their products as well as a contact number for inquiries.

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AZ Horse Barn Builder



Contact phone: (480) 250-9922

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Equine facility design and construction
  • Fencing installation
  • Remodeling and renovation of existing horse facilities
  • Customized layout planning for smaller lots
  • Expertise in building any type of horse facility

Curt Boyd Barns and Fencing is a reliable manufacturer of prefab horse barns that prioritize the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of their clients’ equine facilities. They offer expert advice on designing and building structures that balance affordability with high-quality standards.

Their satisfied customers attest to their ability to work around existing structures while creating an excellent layout for the rest of the facility.

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VersaTube Horse Barn



Contact phone: (800) 810-2993

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Highlander Series DIY horse barn kit
  • Traditional center-aisle-with-wings design
  • Roof purlins and side girts for all-around vertical sheet metal application
  • Pre-cut frame components and patented Slip-Fit frame connections
  • Made in USA with the highest quality materials

Green/Stone is a horse barn manufacturer that offers the ultimate protection and comfort for horses. Their DIY barn kit, Highlander Series, is made up of pre-cut frame components with steel sheet metal application to ensure durability, resistance to fire and termites.

The company uses American Steel in manufacturing their products making them highest quality materials in the USA.

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Ulrich Horse Barns

Shed Row Horse Barn Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Factory Direct Horse Barns in America since 1972
  • Shed Row Horse Barns with customizable stall sizes and porch options
  • Choice of 7 exterior siding colors and 6 roofing colors
  • Galvanized finish on all exterior wall trim, posts, and pipes
  • Heavy Duty Corrugated Rib roof with rain gutters and end roof trim included on all buildings

This company is a reputable manufacturer of prefab horse barns, celebrating over 50 years in the industry. They offer a range of customizable options for their Shed Row Horse Barn models, including varying stall sizes and exterior colors.

Customers can also take advantage of factory direct pricing and financing options.

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Brush Creek Structures

Marshall General Store Horse Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Services and products:

  • Buildings & Cabins
  • Garages
  • Horse Barns
  • Chicken Coops
  • Dog Kennels

Marshall General Store is a leading manufacturer of high-quality horse barns available in North Carolina and Tennessee. They offer custom options to build the perfect structure for your horse shelter needs, including run-in sheds, shed row barns and modular barns.

With manufacturing locations across the country, they can easily ship their products nationwide.

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Imperial Barns


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Trailers for various needs (new, used, consignment)
  • Full service maintenance and warranty department
  • Trailer tires, paint jobs, livestock equipment, panels, pipe, mats
  • Centrally located for accessibility to Arizona residents and winter visitors
  • Authorized dealer for various brands including Logan Coach, CM, WW, Innovative, Ironstar Truckbeds, and CM Truckbeds

Imperial is the go-to company in Arizona for all of your trailer needs. They offer an extensive inventory of new, used, and consignment trailers ranging from horse to cargo to flatbeds, as well as a full-service maintenance/warranty department.

With their expertise in insurance jobs and ability to restore even the most wrecked trailers to like-new conditions, Imperial is a trusted choice for all Arizonians.

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Horse Stalls

schnieders modular stalls


Services and products:

  • Prefabricated horse barns
  • Stall kits
  • Galvanized stall kits
  • Customizable barn designs
  • Installation services

Galvanized Stall Kits on sale! This Prefab Horse Barn manufacturer offers a range of durable and sturdy kits for horse stalls with galvanized finish. Take advantage of their special offer now to ensure your horses are housed in top-quality stalls that will last for years to come.

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Noble Panels



Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Horse Stalls & Barns
  • Shelters & Loafing Sheds
  • Horse Fencing
  • Noble Gates
  • Other Noble Products

For over 36 years, this company has been providing quality and affordable horse barns to meet the needs of their customers. With a range of products including feeders, paddocks, and fencing options, they have everything you need to organize your barn.

Their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make them stand out in the industry.

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Garden Time Horse Barns

Garden Time Horse Barns Prefab Horse Barn

Contact phone: (518) 793-8555

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Modular horse barn construction
  • Customizable designs and finishes
  • Stall and lean-to barns
  • Run-in buildings
  • Convenient installation at competitive prices

This company offers superior quality horse barns with modular construction that can be customized to meet your individual needs. Their design team can help you seamlessly match your property with multiple finishes and options at the best prices.

They also offer stall and lean-to barns, as well as run-in buildings for those seeking a more compact option.

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Windy Hill Sheds

windy hill sheds


Contact phone: (717) 284-3803

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom-built large modular barns
  • Pole barns
  • Run-in barns
  • Shedrow barns
  • Hay feeders for equine customers

Windy Hill Sheds and Barns is a reliable and experienced company based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that prides itself on building custom structures, including large modular barns, run-in barns, shedrow barns and hay feeders for equine customers across the Eastern United States. They also provide storage barns and garages of excellent quality service at competitive rates.

With delivery options ranging from already assembled sheds to finished large horse barns built right at your site or their workshop, Windy Hill Sheds and Barns promises to provide top-notch quality service with attention to every detail.

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