How Businesses Can Equip Their Restrooms in 7 Easy Steps

Last updated on September 26, 2023

Are you planning to re-do the restrooms in your business? When it comes to your company, every little detail matters – and that includes how you equip your restrooms. 

This is often something that managers and business owners overlook. However, an underequipped restroom can cause consternation among both staff and clients, so it’s essential to make sure everything’s in perfect shape. 

If you’re wondering what needs to be in your company’s bathrooms, no matter what, you’re in the right place.

Here is how you can equip the restrooms in your place of work in 7 easy steps. 

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Baby Changing Stations

If you’ve got a customer-facing business, have clients visiting the office, or allow new parents to bring their little ones to the office, having baby changing stations in the washrooms is crucial. This goes for both women’s and men’s bathrooms – you don’t want to have to navigate a situation where a man needs to change his little one and has nowhere to do it. While it may seem a bit unusual, we promise you you’ll get appreciation – from both staff and clients!

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Refillable Soap and/or Hand Wash

The soap and/or hand wash dispensers in your bathrooms should be filled at all times – there are no two ways around this. Given the rising popularity of sustainability-focused washroom accessories, we recommend refillable dispensers to reduce waste. Stay away from bar soaps – they can often transfer infections from one user to another. 

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Feminine Hygiene Dispensers

This is another must-have, especially in women’s bathrooms (and unisex ones, if your business has any). Though you may think most women usually have what they need on their person, most women report requiring menstrual products unexpectedly at least once. Having a discreet solution will make things easier for both clients and employees. 

A dispenser is a must, even if you do not have a client-facing business. Research indicates that lack of access to menstrual products can lead to loss of productive working hours, and having free dispensers solves this issue in a flash. More than that, no one should feel inconvenienced by their body’s natural functions, and having these in stock in your business’s restrooms helps convey exactly that. 

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Grab Bars

These should be placed in locations where people are likely to need help to sit or stand up, such as showers and toilets. They’re an essential safety feature and they ensure you don’t have to deal with the consequences of a customer (or a staff member) having an avoidable accident that injures them. 

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Odor Control Products

This one’s probably another given, but it’s an important thing to note – use the best odor-controlling products you can get your hands on. A smelly restroom isn’t just unhygienic, it can also lead to customers simply walking out of your store and a bad business reputation – neither of which you want. 

Make sure that the products you choose are strong but not overwhelming – they need to be able to “drown out” any bad smells without being so strong that they themselves cause a reaction among people who use the restroom. Additionally, make sure to check if your staff have any scent allergies and avoid products that trigger common allergens to be on the safe side. 

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Waste Dispensers/Rubbish Bins

Ideally, you should have more than one waste dispenser in each restroom, and they should be cleared frequently. It’s extremely inconvenient to discover that the bin in a restroom is overflowing with rubbish, and more than that, it makes the space look disheveled, unprofessional, and dirty. 

If the restroom in question is a smaller one, you can likely get away with just a single dispenser. However, no matter how many rubbish bins you stock in your business’s bathrooms, make sure they’re cleared frequently. 

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Working Locks

Most restrooms start out with locks – however, these locks often break or become dysfunctional over time. This is not only a bad look for your business, it is also usually against the law. 

If you notice the locks in your business’s restroom are non-functional or are coming loose, make sure to act immediately and get them replaced as soon as possible. When choosing a lock for your restrooms, make sure they’re easy to use and meet ADA requirements. 

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Additional Considerations

Other facilities that are a must-have in your bathroom include faucets, sinks, a paper towel dispenser, a toilet paper dispenser, and a hand dryer. Remember to perform frequent maintenance on all of them – make sure the water is running properly and the paper and toilet paper dispensers are full. An unstocked restroom conveys an unprofessional perception and can turn off both clients and staff from your company. 

When building and equipping your business’s restrooms, keep in mind that there are certain legal requirements that you have to meet. Aside from the requirements laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you will also need to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) rules for commercial bathrooms. 

These guidelines can often be complex and challenging to follow, especially as a layperson. However, keep in mind that they are also legally required – which means it’s best to look into hiring professional help and getting it right the first time than being faced with fines due to non-compliance in the future. 

Make sure you have enough space in the restroom for a user to move around comfortably. You should also make sure that you use softer lighting and softer colors (not white) to make the space appear natural and inviting. While this second point may feel like you’re overthinking things, it can actually make a huge difference in how customers perceive your business. 

Finally, make sure your business’s restrooms are always clean. This doesn’t just mean clearing out the rubbish bin, it also means cleaning it daily and ensuring there is no mold growing anywhere. As mentioned above, no one wants to use a dirty bathroom, and uninviting restrooms can lead to the rest of your business looking uninviting as well.

Restrooms are an oft-overlooked part of designing and building a business, but they’re an essential element nonetheless. Getting things right can help set you apart from competitors and make customers (and employees) feel valued. 

The steps above will ensure your business’s restrooms are top-notch and that you’ll never hear a complaint from any visitor.

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