Dvele Home Cost: Prices and Guide

Last updated on January 9, 2024

Understanding the cost of a Dvele home is pivotal because of its sustainable and cutting-edge features, offering both financial and environmental benefits.

Delving into Dvele home costs? Look no further. With an emphasis on sustainability and high-end modern designs, Dvele has been turning heads in the prefab luxury homes market.

Prices vary depending on the model and customized options, ranging roughly from $300,000 to over $1 million. However, the upfront cost is just part of the whole story.

The article on Prefab Review provides an overview of the prices and costs for new modular homes from Dvele. The estimated price range for these homes is between $468 and $647 per square foot. These prices are for turn-key homes produced by Dvele and installed in their west-coast service area. It’s important to note that this estimate does not include the cost of land, and actual costs will vary from project to project, especially in terms of site preparation costs, shipping costs, and optional design upgrades.

Pricing ranges:

  1. Fernie (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 705 Square Feet): $456,000
  2. Comox (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 893 Square Feet): $542,600
  3. Finlay (2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1,167 Square Feet): $638,400
  4. Windermere (2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1,282 Square Feet): $691,400
  5. Beaufort (3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,553 Square Feet): $797,600

Key takeaways:

  • Base price breakdown: Base, customization, site preparation, delivery, additional costs.
  • Emphasis on sustainability, health, and technology in design.
  • Dvele offers compact, family-sized, luxury, and bungalow models.
  • Base prices start in the lower $300,000s.
  • Energy efficiency, health-centric design elements, customization options available.
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Dvele Home Cost Overview

dvele home cost overview

Understanding the cost of a Dvele home requires familiarity with what constitutes its pricing. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Base Price: Reflects the standard model without add-ons or site-specific costs.
  • Customization: Tailoring a home can influence the final price, with options ranging from interior finishes to layout changes.
  • Site Preparation: This varies by location, including foundation work, utilities, and permits, and is not included in the base price.
  • Delivery and Installation: This is calculated based on the distance from the factory to the building site and the complexity of the install.
  • Additional Costs: Consider factors such as land purchase, landscaping, driveways, and decks, which are separate from the Dvele home package.

By understanding these points, potential homeowners can better anticipate the overall investment.

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Dvele Home Features / Design Focus

Dvele sets itself apart by emphasizing sustainability, health, and technology in its home designs.

These homes are constructed with non-toxic materials to ensure excellent air quality, integrating advanced filtration systems.

Energy efficiency is engineered into every aspect, from ultra-insulated walls to high-performance windows, slashing utility bills and carbon footprint.

Smart home technology comes standard, empowering homeowners to monitor and control their living environment effortlessly.

Additionally, Dvele’s designs are modular and sleek, boasting a modern aesthetic that maximizes natural light and blends harmoniously with various landscapes.

The company actively pursues a mission of enduring comfort and environmental harmony, crafting homes that are as intelligent as they are inviting.

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Dvele Prefab Home Models

Dvele offers a range of prefab home models designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Each model is characterized by its modern aesthetic, functional layouts, and eco-conscious engineering. The homes are classified by size and style, providing options for individuals, couples, or families.

  • Compact models are perfect for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle or a smaller ecological footprint.
  • Family-sized designs offer more space, accommodating multiple bedrooms and larger living areas.
  • Luxury homes feature upscale amenities and expansive floor plans for those desiring premium living.
  • Bungalows with single-story layouts appeal to those with accessibility needs or a preference for no stairs.

Every model incorporates smart home technology and high-quality materials, ensuring both convenience and durability. Open floor plans and large windows are standard, emphasizing natural light and a seamless connection with the outdoors. Despite the diverse models, all prioritize sustainable building practices and energy efficiency.

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Base Price Range of Dvele Homes

Dvele’s prefab homes cater to a variety of budgets and preferences, with the base price fluctuating depending on the model and the square footage. Prices typically start in the lower $300,000s and can extend into the millions for larger, more elaborate designs.

Included in the base cost are architecturally designed plans, high-quality building materials, and the standard features specified for each model.

Key points to understand regarding the base price:

  • The starting figure covers the home’s core structure and basic features.
  • Site work, transportation, and foundation are additional costs to consider.
  • Upgrades and customization can increase the overall price.
  • Dvele’s transparent pricing structure ensures clarity from the outset.
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What Dvele Home Price Includes

When considering the cost of a Dvele home, it’s essential to understand what’s encompassed in the base price. This typically covers the core structure of the home, including the walls, roof, and floors, as well as standard finishes. You will also find major systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC included. Premium features like high-grade insulation and energy-efficient windows are standard to enhance sustainability and comfort.

An integrated smart home technology package often comes with the price, providing you with state-of-the-art home automation and security features. The base cost also includes high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures that align with Dvele’s commitment to healthy living environments.

It’s important to note that while delivery within a specified range is included, additional charges may apply for distant locations. Site work, foundation, and installation are separate expenses that can vary based on location and the complexity of the project. To ensure full transparency, Dvele provides a detailed cost breakdown after assessing your specific site conditions and requirements.

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Energy Efficiency & Climate Features

Dvele homes are engineered for peak energy performance, integrating state-of-the-art insulation, windows, and sealing techniques to reduce energy consumption. Every unit is designed to meet or exceed strict energy codes, often achieving zero net energy (ZNE) status, meaning they generate as much energy as they use over a year.

Solar panels paired with innovative battery storage systems ensure a reliable, renewable energy supply around the clock. Smart home technologies allow homeowners to monitor and optimize energy use, while high-efficiency HVAC systems and LED lighting further drive down utility bills.

The use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes minimizes environmental impact. Dvele’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability helps mitigate climate change effects and provides homeowners with a long-term, cost-effective living solution.

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Health-Centric Design Elements

Prioritizing the well-being of its occupants, Dvele homes are infused with various health-centric design elements. These features aim to create a living environment that supports both physical and mental health:

  • Indoor Air Quality: Advanced air filtration systems remove pollutants, providing cleaner air for you and your family.
  • Low-VOC Materials: Volatile organic compounds are minimized through the selection of safer, non-toxic building materials, reducing off-gassing and enhancing indoor air quality.
  • Natural Light Maximization: Large windows and thoughtful design ensure ample natural light, vital for regulating circadian rhythms and boosting mood.
  • Thermal Comfort: High levels of insulation paired with climate control technologies maintain consistent temperatures, contributing to overall comfort.
  • Noise Reduction: Specialized construction methods and materials are used to reduce external noise, creating a quieter, more serene living space.

Integrating these elements, Dvele cultivates a home environment that actively contributes to the health and vitality of its residents.

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Customization Options and Costs

Personalizing your Dvele home tailors it to your unique needs and tastes. The base price includes standard amenities, but with several customization options, you can transform your space.

  • Interior finishes: Choose from various materials, colors, and design styles to reflect your personal aesthetics.
  • Layout modifications: Adapt the floor plans to create an extra bedroom, enlarge the kitchen, or add a home office space.
  • Smart home technology: Upgrade with the latest home automation systems for convenience and efficiency.
  • Solar panels and battery storage: Opt for a self-sustaining energy solution to reduce reliance on the grid and lower utility bills.
  • Landscaping services: Enhance the outdoor living spaces with professional landscaping options.

Each customization will affect the final cost. Dvele provides a clear breakdown of these additional expenses to ensure you stay within your budget while building your dream home.

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The Process of Buying a Dvele Prefab Home

Embarking on the journey to purchase a Dvele prefab home involves a well-structured process that ensures a transparent and smooth experience:

1. Initial Consultation: Connect with the Dvele team to outline your vision, preferences, and budget. This step helps tailor your options and address any queries.

2. Design Phase: Engage in the design process where you’ll review floor plans and make selections for finishes and fixtures. Dvele offers expert guidance to align choices with sustainability and wellness standards.

3. Site Evaluation: Experts assess your land to identify the necessary site work, considering factors like foundation requirements, utilities, and access for delivery.

4. Permitting: Dvele handles the acquisition of necessary building permits, liaising with local authorities to ensure compliance with codes and zoning regulations.

5. Manufacturing: Your home starts its off-site construction in a controlled factory environment, which leads to higher quality control and reduced build times.

6. Site Preparation: While your home is being built, concurrent site work progresses, including laying the foundation and preparing for utility connections.

7. Delivery and Assembly: Your home is transported to your lot and assembled by a team of professionals, usually in a matter of days.

8. Final Touches and Walk-Through: Complete any remaining site work, undergo final inspections, and conduct a walk-through to ensure everything meets your satisfaction.

Support at every stage is a hallmark of Dvele’s process; the aim is to make acquiring your sustainable, precision-built home as seamless as possible.

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Lifespan and Durability of Dvele Homes

Dvele homes prioritize longevity, using premium materials and modern building techniques to create structures that endure. Here’s how they ensure their homes stand the test of time:

  • Steel Framing: Many Dvele models incorporate steel framing, which resists elemental wear and tear better than traditional wood, decreasing susceptibility to issues like rot and termite damage.
  • Quality Control: Built in a controlled factory environment, Dvele homes are subject to stringent quality assurance processes, reducing on-site construction errors and material exposure to the elements.
  • Modern Building Standards: Adhering to the latest building codes, Dvele homes are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, from heavy snow loads to high wind resistance.
  • Sustainability Focus: The use of non-toxic, sustainable materials not only contributes to a healthier living environment but also ensures components of the home don’t deteriorate quickly.
  • Innovative Design: The integration of advanced architectural design maximizes stability, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

Dealing with maintenance and potential issues proactively, Dvele considers every aspect of the home’s lifespan, meaning homeowners can expect to enjoy their investment for many years, with less need for repairs and renovations compared to traditional homes.

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Financing Options for a Dvele Home

Understanding the financial investment required for a Dvele home is crucial to making your dream home a reality. Traditional mortgage loans are a primary route for many buyers. Since Dvele homes are built to comply with all local building codes, most lenders view them similarly to traditional homes, making the financing process relatively straightforward.

Construction loans offer another avenue for funding. These loans differ from standard home mortgages by covering the cost of the land and the construction of the home. Upon completion, the loan typically converts into a standard mortgage.

It’s also worth noting that some financial institutions now recognize the long-term cost savings associated with energy-efficient homes. As a result, they offer green mortgages or energy-efficient mortgages with more favorable terms for homes that meet certain energy standards, such as Dvele prefab homes.

In exploring these options, buyers may also consider down payment requirements, interest rates, and the timeline of loan approval to coincide with the home’s construction schedule. Collaborating with lenders who have experience in financing prefab homes can ensure a smoother process.

For the most current information and guidance, reaching out directly to Dvele or a financial advisor can provide personalized insights tailored to your financial standing and preferences.

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Dvele Home Warranty and After-Sales Service

When investing in a Dvele home, you benefit from a comprehensive warranty that underscores the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This peace of mind dovetails with robust after-sales support to ensure your modern living experience remains seamless over the years.

Structural Integrity: Your Dvele home’s structure is typically covered for a substantial period, safeguarding you from any construction-related concerns.

Systems Coverage: Key home systems, such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing are under warranty for a defined timeframe, mitigating the hassle of unexpected repairs.

Appliance Protection: Manufacturer warranties for appliances come standard, adding another layer of protection to your home investment.

After-Sales Service: Dvele also provides ongoing support. Whether it entails maintenance tips or addressing wear and tear issues, the team stands ready to assist.

Remember, warranty specifics can vary, so it’s important to discuss the details with Dvele representatives to understand the full scope of coverage available for your home.

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Comparison With Other Prefab Home Providers

When evaluating Dvele against other prefab home providers, it’s essential to consider several factors. First, analyze the design aesthetics; Dvele offers a distinctly modern and minimalist appeal which may differ from the traditional or varied styles of other companies. Next, assess the technological integration. Dvele homes boast state-of-the-art features for energy efficiency and smart home technology, possibly outpacing competitors.

Quality of materials and construction is another critical point of comparison. Dvele prides itself on using premium, sustainable materials that contribute to the longevity and performance of their homes—compare this with the material quality of other prefab options. Additionally, Dvele’s commitment to health and wellness through air and water filtration systems, along with non-toxic materials, sets a benchmark that may not be matched by all builders.

Price points are variable across the market; while Dvele homes may come at a premium, this reflects their turnkey solution, which includes design, construction, and a suite of green features. Investigate whether other providers include these elements in their standard pricing.

Customization flexibility also varies widely. Whereas some providers offer extensive customization, Dvele combines pre-designed modules with a range of customizable finishes. Lastly, service and warranty are paramount in comparing providers; Dvele’s customer support and warranty offerings can be a deciding factor when looking at the long-term value proposition.

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Energy Independence With Dvele Homes

Dvele homes prioritize energy independence by incorporating advanced sustainable technologies. Here are some features that convey energy self-sufficiency:

  • Solar Panel Integration: Dvele homes often include solar panels, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills.
  • Battery Storage Systems: They come equipped with batteries capable of storing solar energy, ensuring a continuous power supply even during outages.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances: Use of low-energy-consumption appliances further cuts down power usage, complementing the energy produced on-site.
  • Smart Home Automation: With intelligent systems, homeowners can optimize energy use by scheduling and remotely controlling various home functions.
  • Superior Insulation: High-performance insulation minimizes heating and cooling needs, preserving energy generated by the home.
  • HVAC Systems: Innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions improve energy allocation, maintaining comfort efficiently.
  • LED Lighting: All homes are fitted with energy-saving LED lights that require less electricity, contributing to the overall energy-saving design.

Through these features, Dvele homes contribute to a greener footprint and offer a path to energy autonomy for homeowners.

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Contact Dvele for More Details

For personalized information tailored to your needs, reaching out to Dvele directly is your best bet. Here’s how you can get in touch:

  • Visit the official Dvele website and fill out their contact form with details of your inquiry.
  • Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific home-building goals and options.
  • Use their chat feature for quick questions on models, features, and pricing.
  • Review their FAQ section for common questions which might already provide the answers you seek.

Dvele’s team will guide you through the nuances of pricing, design options, and the overall process, ensuring a transparent and informed journey towards your sustainable home.

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How much do most modular homes cost?

The cost of most modular homes ranges from $180,000 to $360,000, with an average expenditure of around $270,000.

Who owns Dvele homes?

Dvele homes are owned by brothers Kurt and Kris Goodjohn.

How much does a modular home cost per SF?

The average cost of a modular home ranges between $100 and $200 per square foot, with the final price varying due to factors such as site location, land preparation and accessibility for delivery and installation.

What is the difference between a modular home and an ADU?

A modular home is a box-like structure with walls, floors, and plumbing, built off-site and transported in sections, whereas an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) follows traditional construction principles, complete with slanted roofs and beams, and is typically built on-site.

What factors can influence the cost of a modular home?

The cost of a modular home can be influenced by factors such as design complexity, size, location, materials used, and the builder’s pricing.

How does the construction process of a Dvele home contribute to its overall cost?

The construction process of a Dvele home, which uses innovative prefab techniques and includes bespoke, high-quality materials, contributes significantly to the final cost of the home.

Are there specific designs or modules in Dvele homes that can significantly alter the price?

The inclusion of customization options such as smart-home technology, additional square footage, or high-end finishes can significantly affect the final price of a Dvele home.

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