Cavco Homes Cost: Prices and Guide

Last updated on January 7, 2024

You’ll want to explore Cavco homes price list because it guides you through affordable and sustainable living options that fit your budget and lifestyle.

When pursuing the wonders of manufactured housing, Cavco Homes is a name that frequently surfaces due to their dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

We can consider the factors impacting your final bill, such as unit size, level of customization, and your location.

The estimated price range for these homes is between $88 and $113+ per square foot. These estimates are all-inclusive, covering the cost for manufactured homes as well as shipping and necessary site preparations such as clearing the site, laying a foundation, and preparing utilities.

Pricing ranges:

  1. AU 14401A (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 533 Square Feet): $55,305 – $84,899
  2. Economy Plus 14401A (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 533 Square Feet): $59,810 – $90,358
  3. AU 14441A (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 586 Square Feet): $61,000 – $91,800
  4. Edge 20302A (2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 600 Square Feet): $63,125 – $94,375
  5. AU 16401A (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 625 Square Feet): $63,125 – $94,375

Key takeaways:

  • Model and Size: Larger models cost more due to increased materials and labor.
  • Custom Features: Upgrades can elevate the price.
  • Regional Factors: Prices vary based on local building codes and labor costs.
  • Market Demand: Fluctuations in the housing market can affect pricing.
  • Permitting and Site Preparation: Costs differ depending on site complexity and regulations.

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Factors Influencing Cavco Homes Prices

factors influencing cavco homes prices

Several elements play a pivotal role in shaping the final cost of a Cavco Home:

  • Model and Size: Larger models with more square footage generally cost more due to increased materials and labor.
  • Custom Features: Upgrades like hardwood floors, granite countertops, or bespoke cabinetry can elevate the price.
  • Regional Factors: Prices may vary based on local building codes, transportation fees, and labor costs.
  • Market Demand: Fluctuations in the housing market and raw material availability can affect pricing.
  • Permitting and Site Preparation: These costs can differ significantly depending on the complexity of the site and local regulations.
  • Energy Efficiency: Opting for energy-efficient systems or solar panels can impact initial costs but lead to future savings.
  • Finishing Touches: Elements such as decks, porches, and exterior aesthetics will also contribute to the price tag.

Understanding these factors can help you better anticipate the investment needed for your desired Cavco home.

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Base Price Ranges for Cavco Homes

Cavco Homes offers a variety of models that cater to different budgets and needs. The base price typically spans from around $50,000 for modest single-section models to over $200,000 for more spacious and luxurious multi-section homes. These figures are starting points and include standard features:

  • Structure and Design: A basic price includes the core structure, essential building materials, and standard layout.
  • Factory-Included Features: Standard fixtures, fittings, and finishes defined by Cavco’s base model specifications are covered.
  • Craftsmanship: The construction quality and attention to detail that Cavco is known for are part of the initial cost.

Remember, the base price is the floor for budgeting purposes and does not include land, site preparation, or optional enhancements. Location and market conditions can also lead to price fluctuations. It’s important to consult with the company or authorized dealers for the most accurate and current pricing information.

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Floor Plan Options and Price Variations

Selecting the right floor plan is pivotal in tailoring a Cavco home to individual needs while also influencing the total cost. The diversity in design options means that each buyer can find a layout that suits their lifestyle, be it a compact single-section unit for efficiency or a sprawling multi-section home for larger families.

Single vs. Multi-Section: Generally, single-section models are more affordable, but offer less space. Multi-section versions provide more square footage and layout complexity but at a higher price.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: The number of bedrooms and bathrooms directly impacts cost. More rooms typically equal a higher price.

Overall Size: Square footage is a primary cost driver. Larger homes with more living space will be costlier than smaller, cozier options.

Open Concept vs. Traditional Layouts: Open-concept floor plans might come with a premium due to the popularity of this modern design which often requires larger, uninterrupted spans of space.

Understanding these variables allows for a more informed decision when balancing budget constraints with the desire for a personalized and functional living environment.

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Customization and Additional Feature Costs

Choosing a Cavco home affords the flexibility to tailor your living space to match your lifestyle and tastes. When you opt for customization, the costs will vary based on the features and finishes you select.

Upgraded Materials: Opting for granite countertops or hardwood flooring over standard materials can enhance your home’s aesthetic but will add to the total price.

Additional Rooms or Extensions: Expanding the floor plan to include extra bedrooms, a garage, or a deck impacts the cost proportionally to the scope of work.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades: Investing in better insulation, high-efficiency HVAC systems, or solar panels will have upfront costs but can lead to long-term savings.

Appliances and Fixtures: High-end appliances or designer fixtures are available at a premium and should be factored into your budget.

Exterior Customization: Costs will also be influenced by choices in siding, roofing, and external features like porches or landscaping.

Remember, investing in additional features not only personalizes your home but can also increase its value and functionality. It’s essential to balance your desires with your budget to achieve the most satisfying outcome.

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Delivery and Installation Expenses

Understanding the costs associated with the delivery and installation of Cavco homes is crucial for prospective owners. These expenses are influenced by several factors:

  • Distance: The farther your site is from the Cavco manufacturing facility, the higher the transportation fees will be.
  • Access: Difficult site access can necessitate specialized equipment or additional labor, adding to the cost.
  • Site Preparation: Preparing the land for installation, which may involve leveling, foundation work, and utility connections, is a separate cost that varies widely depending on location and terrain.
  • Permits and Fees: Local regulations may require permits for transport and installation, with costs differing by municipality.
  • Installation Complexity: Homes with multiple sections or that require crane placement will have higher installation costs compared to single-section homes.

It’s essential to get a detailed quote from your Cavco dealer that includes these costs for a complete financial picture.

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Financing Options for Cavco Homes

Selecting the right financing plan is crucial when purchasing a Cavco home. Buyers can choose from a variety of loans tailored for manufactured homes, including:

  • Conventional Mortgages: Available through banks and credit unions, these offer competitive rates for buyers with strong credit histories.
  • FHA Loans: These government-backed loans accommodate lower down payments and are more forgiving of lower credit scores.
  • VA Loans: For veterans and service members, featuring favorable terms like no down payment and no private mortgage insurance.
  • Manufacturer Financing: Sometimes manufacturers provide direct financing options, which can be more streamlined and integrated with the purchase process.
  • Personal Loans: An option for smaller or lower-cost models, these unsecured loans are based on creditworthiness but tend to carry higher interest rates.

It’s essential to compare rates and terms from multiple lenders and consider the total cost over the life of the loan, not just the monthly payments. Pre-approval can also give buyers a clear picture of their budget before shopping for their new home.

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Ongoing Maintenance and Utility Costs

Owning a Cavco home comes with ongoing costs necessary for upkeep and comfortable living. Regular maintenance such as roof inspections, HVAC servicing, and exterior painting help preserve your home’s condition and value. These costs vary by size and model but are essential to prevent costly repairs down the line.

Utility costs in modular homes can be significantly lower than traditional homes due to energy-efficient designs and appliances. Cavco’s integration of features such as insulated windows and energy-saving fixtures reduces electricity and water consumption.

To budget effectively, homeowners should anticipate monthly utility bills based on the local rates and the home’s energy performance. Additionally, setting aside funds for annual maintenance tasks and unexpected repairs will ensure financial preparedness for the homeowner’s responsibilities.

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Warranty and Service Plans Pricing

Understanding the details of warranty and service plans ensures peace of mind when investing in a Cavco home. Here are critical points you should know:

  • Coverage Length: Typically, Cavco offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, extended warranties might be available for purchase to cover your home for a longer period.

What’s Covered: The warranty generally includes construction defects and materials. It’s essential to check the specifics, as coverage for appliances and systems may vary.

Service Plan Options: Beyond the standard warranty, Cavco might offer additional service plans at a cost, covering maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

Price Factors: The cost of service plans will depend on the level of coverage and the duration of the plan. More comprehensive plans with longer terms will be pricier.

Transferability: If you’re considering reselling your home, check if the warranty or service plans can be transferred to the new owner, as this can be a valuable selling point.

Always read the fine print and clarify any doubts with the provider before finalizing your warranty or service plan purchase.

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Depreciation and Resale Value Considerations

Just like any other asset, manufactured homes such as those produced by Cavco can depreciate over time. However, certain factors may influence their resale value:

  • The initial quality and reputation of the Cavco model, with higher-end units generally holding their value better.
  • The home’s condition, with well-maintained homes often fetching a higher resale price.
  • Location can significantly affect value; homes placed in desirable or appreciating areas may see less depreciation.
  • Upgrades and renovations can contribute to maintaining or enhancing the home’s value.
  • Market demand, with fluctuations in the housing market impacting resale prices.
  • Homes affixed to a permanent foundation may appreciate similarly to traditional homes, unlike those that remain mobile.

Understanding these factors can guide your long-term investment strategy and help you make informed decisions when purchasing a Cavco home.

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Current Special Offers and Discounts

Maximizing affordability, manufacturers like Cavco often present limited-time deals that make owning their homes more accessible. Keep a lookout for:

  • Seasonal promotions: Timing purchases to coincide with seasonal sales can lead to substantial savings.
  • Show model discounts: Models displayed at shows may be sold at a reduced rate to clear space for new inventory.
  • Bulk purchase incentives: When developers buy multiple units for a housing project, they may receive a per-home discount.
  • Previous year models: Homes from the last model year might be offered at a discount to make room for new stock.
  • Referral programs: Existing homeowners could gain benefits from referring new customers.
  • Military and first responder discounts: Appreciating their service, some deals are exclusive to these professionals.

Staying informed through Cavco’s website or subscribing to newsletters can lead to catching these opportunities as they arise.

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Cavco Durango Floor Plans: The Home Outlet AZ

Cavco Durango homes, offered by The Home Outlet AZ, showcase a variety of floor plans tailored to meet differing lifestyle needs and preferences. These options range from compact and economical single-section homes to expansive multi-section designs.

  • Variability: Choose from one-bedroom models suited for individuals or couples, to larger three or four-bedroom layouts perfect for families.
  • Design Features: Open-concept living spaces, master suites, and modern kitchens are some of the highlights found within these plans.
  • Customization: Potential buyers can select unique finishes and fixtures to personalize their space, ensuring their new home reflects their style.
  • Efficiency: Durango homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating features that help reduce utility bills and environmental impact.
  • Construction Timeline: These floor plans are pre-designed, which can streamline the construction process, leading to quicker move-in dates compared to fully custom homes.
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Cavco West Floor Plans

Exploring Cavco West’s collection of floor plans uncovers a diverse array of designs tailored to meet various lifestyle needs and preferences. From compact, single-wide models starting around 400 square feet, perfect for individuals or couples seeking a minimalist lifestyle, to expansive, multi-section units exceeding 2,000 square feet that comfortably accommodate larger families or those desiring extra space for home offices or entertainment areas.

Each plan is precision-engineered to optimize living areas, with options for open-plan layouts that foster social interaction or segmented spaces for privacy. Eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances are standard features, aligning with sustainable living values. Moreover, the mix of classic and contemporary aesthetics ensures that each Cavco West home is not only functional but also visually appealing.

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Showing 1-12 of 39 Manufactured Homes

Exploring the first 12 options in the Cavco range offers potential homeowners a diverse snapshot of what’s available. This initial selection represents various sizes, design layouts, and amenity levels, showcasing how Cavco caters to different needs and preferences.

  • Size & Space Variation: From compact units ideal for singles or couples to larger family-oriented designs, the variety addresses different spatial requirements.
  • Design Layouts: The assortment features unique floor plans, from traditional to contemporary, highlighting the versatility in Cavco’s design choices.
  • Included Amenities: Each home may come with a different set of standard features, which can include modern appliances, built-in storage, or energy-efficient fixtures.
  • Upgrade Potential: Some models in this segment may offer the ability to incorporate additional upgrades or modifications, which can influence the final price.
  • Price Points: The selection is strategically grouped to give buyers an overview of the pricing spectrum, allowing for better budget planning and expectation management.
  • Sustainability Options: For individuals interested in green living, these models might include homes with sustainable materials and energy-saving designs.

Each option within this segment has been carefully chosen to represent the quality and diversity one can expect from the entire range of 39 manufactured homes offered by Cavco.

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Search Cavco Homes of Texas

Navigating the portfolio of Cavco Homes in Texas necessitates a targeted search strategy that takes into account regional offerings and market-specific designs.

Begin by exploring the manufacturer’s website or visiting a local dealership where you can request a catalog of available models.

Look for filtering options that allow you to refine your search based on home size, number of bedrooms, and amenities.

Consider utilizing interactive tools or virtual tours if they’re available online to get a better feel for the layouts.

Keep in mind that local dealers may also offer unique customization options suited to the climate and culture of Texas, so inquiring about such adjustments can yield a home that’s tailored to your preferences.

Lastly, don’t forget to check for any state-specific promotions or financing deals that could make your Cavco home investment even more advantageous.

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Beautiful On-Sale Manufactured Homes & Modular Homes

Manufactured and modular homes represent a cost-effective housing solution, frequently featuring sales that can provide additional value to homebuyers. Here are some points to consider when looking into on-sale options:

  • Timing: Sales often coincide with inventory clearing, model updates, or holiday promotions, allowing buyers to secure deals.
  • Condition: Some discounted homes may be showroom models or have minor imperfections, translating into significant savings.
  • Features: Sales do not mean settling for less; many homes come with a range of modern amenities and design options.
  • Investment: Purchasing a home during a sale can bolster the home’s future resale value due to the initial reduced cost.

Monitoring sales events and staying in touch with a Cavco dealer can lead to great opportunities to purchase a beautiful home at a reduced price.

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Skyline Homes Prices and Cost

When considering a Skyline home, it’s important to understand the various factors that contribute to the total cost. Prices are largely dependent on the floor plan, size, and region. Skyline offers a diverse range of models with varying features, which can affect the base price. Typically, starting prices can range from the mid-$30,000s for smaller, single-section models to over $100,000 for larger, multi-section units.

Key points that will influence the final cost include:

  • Model Selection: Each Skyline home model comes with different standard features and square footage that influence the starting price.
  • Custom Features: Opting for additional amenities such as upgraded finishes, appliances, or eco-friendly options will add to the cost.
  • Site Preparation: The expenses related to preparing the site where the home will be placed can vary. This may involve foundation work, utility hookups, and landscaping.
  • Delivery and Set-Up: Transporting the home to your property and the complexity of the installation process will contribute to the final cost.
  • Location: Prices can fluctuate based on geographic region, local demand, and transportation distance.
  • Sales Tax and Fees: Don’t forget to factor in the sales tax and additional legal fees required by your state or locality.

In summary, to get an accurate estimate for a Skyline home, consider the base model prices, personalization options, and additional costs associated with site preparation, delivery, and regional factors. Contacting a local Skyline dealer directly can provide the most precise pricing for your situation.

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Fleetwood Homes Prices and Cost

Understanding the pricing dynamics of Fleetwood Homes involves several key factors. Firstly, the base cost of these homes typically depends on the size, model, and floor plan you choose. Smaller, single-section homes may have a lower starting price point, while multi-section or luxury models will increase the investment.

Customization is another contributor to the final cost. As you add premium finishes, high-end appliances, or additional architectural details, the price will rise accordingly. Keep in mind, upgrades that enhance energy efficiency or durability can also lead to long-term savings, despite the initial outlay.

Delivery and setup fees cannot be overlooked. These costs vary depending on the distance from the manufacturing location to your site and the complexity of the installation process.

For an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, it’s best to consult with a Fleetwood dealer. They can provide you with the most current pricing, taking into account any promotions or financing options that could benefit your budget.

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Palm Harbor Homes Prices and Cost

Understanding Palm Harbor Homes’ pricing involves more than just the base cost of the building. Here are key points to consider:

Model Types and Sizes: Larger models or those with a higher-end finish will typically run at a higher price point. – Customizations: Upgrades such as granite countertops or hardwood floors influence the final cost. – Delivery and Setup: These fees vary depending on the distance from the manufacturing facility and the complexity of the home’s installation. – Land Preparation: Costs associated with preparing the land for installation, such as foundation work or utilities, are not included in the sticker price. – Additional Expenses: Permits, inspections, and any landscaping or exterior amenities will add to the overall investment. – Price Ranges: Generally, expect to start from the low $100,000s for single-section homes and move upwards of $200,000 for multi-section or higher-end models.

Explore financing options Palm Harbor offers to find a budget-friendly path to homeownership, while also considering potential long-term savings from energy-efficient designs.

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Is Cavco a good manufactured home?

Yes, Cavco is a good manufactured home as it meets or even surpasses the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s code requirements and undergoes rigorous quality standards testing and inspection.

How much do most modular homes cost?

The average cost of a modular home typically ranges between $180,000 to $360,000, with many homeowners spending approximately $270,000.

What is the average cost of a manufactured home in California?

The average starting cost for a manufactured home in California is approximately $162,000 for a 1,800 square-foot property.

How much does a modular home cost in PA?

The cost of a modular home in Pennsylvania typically ranges from $50 to $90 per square foot.

What are the energy-efficiency features in a Cavco manufactured home?

Cavco manufactured homes are equipped with energy-efficiency features such as properly aligned and sealed duct systems, LED lighting, double-pane windows, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and programmable thermostats.

How does the cost of traditional on-site building compare to modular home construction?

Modular home construction often proves more cost-effective than traditional on-site building due to the efficiency of factory-based production and elimination of potential weather-related delays.

What factors can influence the final price of a manufactured home in different states?

The final price of a manufactured home in different states can be influenced by factors such as local regulations, land value, transportation costs, customization, and installation fees.

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