15 Creative ADU Landscaping Ideas for Your Space

Last updated on May 11, 2024

Discover practical landscaping designs that breathe life into your ADU outdoor space, enhancing both its function and aesthetic appeal.

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Sculptural Art Installations

sculptural art installations

Strategically placed, eye-catching sculptures can act as focal points, adding a dash of whimsy or elegance to an ADU’s outdoor space.

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Rooftop Garden Terraces

rooftop garden terraces

Elevating greenery to new heights, a rooftop garden terrace transforms the unused upper canvas of an ADU into a vibrant, aerial retreat replete with plants and panoramic views.

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Leisure Nooks With Hammocks

leisure nooks with hammocks

Carve out a serene pocket within your garden where a hammock sways gently, offering a tranquil retreat for relaxation and daydreams amidst the greenery.

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Butterfly Attracting Planters

butterfly attracting planters

Incorporating colorful, nectar-rich blooms in your garden entices a flutter of butterflies, adding dynamic life and charm to your ADU’s outdoor space.

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Sustainable Drip Irrigation Systems

sustainable drip irrigation systems

Sustainable drip irrigation quenches your ADU garden’s thirst drop by drop, ensuring precious water is directly delivered to plant roots with minimal waste.

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Salvaged Material Pathways

salvaged material pathways

Salvaged material pathways interlace practicality with eco-friendly charm, transforming recycled bricks, stones, and tiles into enchanting walkways through your ADU garden.

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Hidden Rainwater Catchments

hidden rainwater catchments

Tucked beneath the lush foliage, concealed rainwater catchments collect precipitation for sustainable garden irrigation, blending functionality with natural beauty.

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Native Species Corner

native species corner

Embracing the local flora, a Native Species Corner becomes a natural oasis, offering a low-maintenance sanctuary that supports the area’s biodiversity and connects the ADU to its regional roots.

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Vertical Wall Gardens

vertical wall gardens

Vertical wall gardens infuse life into barren walls, creating lush green spaces where ground area is limited.

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Fruit Tree Arbors

fruit tree arbors

Fruit tree arbors not only generate seasonal bounty but also create shady retreats within an ADU’s outdoor space.

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Sensory Herb Spirals

sensory herb spirals

A sensory herb spiral is a compact, vertical garden that allows for a variety of herbs to flourish in a delineated, spiraling design, engaging multiple senses with its aromatic presence and visual appeal.

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Biodiverse Wildflower Meadows

biodiverse wildflower meadows

Embrace a tapestry of colors by cultivating a varied wildflower meadow, providing a lush habitat for local fauna and creating a visually stunning landscape feature.

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Fire Pit Gathering Area

fire pit gathering area

Envision a cozy hub for twilight conversations; the fire pit area beckons with its inviting glow and the promise of shared stories under the stars.

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Low-Impact Exercise Zones

low impact exercise zones

Carve out a serene space for yoga or tai chi amidst your greenery, bolstering both your physical health and mental tranquility.

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Mosaic Tile Stepping Stones

mosaic tile stepping stones

Mosaic tile stepping stones infuse a splash of color and personal charm into your ADU’s outdoor space, guiding guests along a visually engaging path.

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